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Right from the last almost two weeks I have been trying to keep it hidden, But today is the day when I can Finally say I GOT IT.. as of 1st april I shall be transferred over to a department which I have been longing to do for the last 4 years (will start work on 16th april over there).

As with the line of work I can’t disclose what it is , I am sure many of you would have already guessed it.

Due to the some of the problems I had two years ago ( The time when I should have actually got this) , I ended up messing up everything thanks to the person who put me into that SHITE at that time.  Life is funny but I do think that if one pursues what one wants with all heart and hard work  you can achieve what you want, Even if  other people (especially the ones who say they care for you and love you) do their best to ruin it for you. 

But anyway Thanks to THE ONE, for putting me through this, hope you realise one day what you have done, I also wish and pray that God DOESNOT give you the opportunity to Repent it too.

Hard work always pays , maybe late but it does pay, No matter how much, people do their best to make your life miserable and leave you standing alone knowing pretty well that they have let you down or MAYBE doing it deliberately at that precise moment was their sole Motive … BUT that has gone , Bad times have gone waving way to good times fingers crossed..

So Let me take this opportunity today to thank god almighty, Family and Friends who stood by me when the times were not good, to all the beautiful – lovely people who visit this blog. Making me smile all the time

A special Thank you to the one who listened to my Rants, Enquiring about me when I did not even know them properly , telling me all will be fine, You know Who you are. (let me be Sarcastic here , even though you don’t come to my blog often or comment in spite of me harassing you he he he he 🙂  )

Put it this way ladies and gentleman that all those whom I keep saying come to uk,  Let me say this to you that if you land near where I live, I might just be standing at the door of the plane to receive you If  I am working that day 🙂

I need all your best wishes and prayers please, So do send them my way, I need them all.

and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Keep it hush… 🙂