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Thursday Challenge SPRING (New Life, Green, Melting Snow, Pleasant Weather,…).. This weeks topic is Spring. and My garden is ready with the saplings and shoots shooting .. just wish its remains warm for a couple of days and flowers will be ready to bloom 🙂

Ready to Bloom ....

Shooting up


Ready to Burst

Look at them Bursting out .. (corn flowers)

Another Lilly

  Thursday Challenge :-  “GREEN” (Plants, Cloths, Cars, Toys, Houses,…)
My dear darling bestest friend Ravi sent me these picture so I could participate in the Thursday Challenge .. The river was coloured Green for St. Patrick’s Day.. I was told the irish had a lovely day in chicago that day here are some of the picture ..
Thank you Ravi 🙂

Chicago river

:)Good Way to watch the proceedings

My Man.. Dressed in Green tooo

wish I was there

Thursday Challenge  “MANY” (Candies, Crowd, Paperclips, Coins, Collections,…)

One is not enough.. So much WORK 🙂


Just to Show off how much I have to work .. 😦

PS:- I got interviewed by a great blogger , do go and check it out if and when you get time 🙂 Click here to see it 🙂

Thursday Challenge :-  CARS (New, Old, Sedans, Convertibles, Station Wagons, Sports,…)

dont look at the guy .. Check out the CAR in back and the number plate 🙂

Singh is King 🙂

 Thursday Challenge  TREES (Saplings, Gnarly Trees, Snow Covered, Bonsai, Dead Tree, Shade Tree,…)

Ways Of Nature

Thursday Challenge “COLD” (Ice, Snow, Windy, Beverage, Food, Ice Cream, Cold Weather Clothing,…)

I have put a lot of snow and ice pictures but this one was when UK was hit with SNOW in december 🙂

Thursday Challenge WINDOW (Reflections, A View Through a Window, House Windows, Car Windows, Glass,…)

And also for the Skywatch as suggested by Rek .. Thankyou

Driving back from Edinburg.. Entry for Skywatch

My car.. Oh yes SAFARI on Uk roads ... 🙂 Neela Ford Zameen wahun nu.. Rakhi hai SAFARI ghuman Ghumaun Nu 🙂