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Ready to be busted was here.. Sadly the yellow bud broke with all the rain and wind lashing.. But a few more have come up, will put those soon too ..

Need a few days of SUN.. that’s it, and its sunny today

Thursday Challenge :-EARTH (Water, Mountains, Parks, Trees, Ocean, Beach,…)

Hut in the jungle


Mirror Mirror who is beautiful

Ps:- Thanks AB.

A scorpion is sitting watching a frog .. and asks the frog to come over and give it a ride

The frog say Are you kidding me , you will bite me

Scorpion say “No I wont , I promise”

Frog comes hopping and as he approaches sure enough as he looks back , the scorpion bites him ..

The frog says What the hell, why did you bite me , Now we both are going o Die..

The Scorpion says I am sorry , I know but its in my nature