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Disclaimer: This is a repost, as in the previous one this part got lost I think.. So sorry if you are reading it again .. You can see how I am trying my best to write something and not coming up with anything.

Shopping.. I had a funny experience when I was going to buy my shoes , Never go for shopping with your partner-gf-wife-mother or even a female friend, I have my reasons oh BOY what a mistakeeeeeeee… They stand there , looking at you.. and make you wear the Shoe and Ask you “TO WALK UP AND DOWN”..


Now THIS WALK is That walk, that No man will ever walk once he gets out of the shop,  you know the one I mean where we walk bending the toes or the shoe forwards to check if it bends properly, (which man ever walks like that generally, bending their foot).. Then we might be asked to even sit down and Feel the Toe’s inside , Wiggle your Toe.. pinch the top of the shoe to see if there is enough space between the tip and the big toe.. When you do that YOU have this EXCITED look on your face

“Oh yes I can feel the Toe.. ” .. it is right there where it should be , well all normal humans have them

         On your foot  .. Inside your SHOE.


and then you stand in front of the mirror to check how they look, We always look from the SIDE, Now tell me do you ever see other people in their shoes walking towards you and YOU WATCHING THEIR SHOE FROM THE SIDE..

Your friend is approaching you, and as he comes you are stepping sideways to get an angle of the SIDE OF THE SHOE.. have you every done that , how do you do that.. you always see the front .. and the sides that you WILL never ever see for as long as you have those shoes .. I mean why Oh why do we do that ..

The Funniest part is that , the shop people always give you ONE shoe, you have one old shoe (which you obviously now hate as you are getting new ones) and New Shoe, (the beauty and the beast scenario).. and you are walking up down the shop.. This is still OK.. but sometimes you Take both your old shoes off, Have just ONE new shoe walking , that is a funny walk indeed from far it looks as if you have a LIMP. This was my experience But what about the Ladies who have Hundred inches tall Heels, imagine them trying that walk in just one sandal 🙂

The same also happens when we buy new trousers .. you wear them and then you try to squat and what not .. I mean how many times have men bought trousers and squatted while wearing them, In the Shop we do different movements just to make sure the trousers fit us properly, Why can’t we just go and try them on as we would wear them normally, isn’t that more important 🙂

.. FUNNY things we do……..

The Shop people are also Very intelligent, They always design their Shop in a way to attract people to Buy things which they have not come to buy, Like for example have you ever noticed that this is especially for men, that the Beer or Alcohol corner always comes first , right before household stuff or WORSE its right before the Children Nappies etc section .. The mentality being that if a man comes to buy lets say Nappies or Milk then he will also see the ALCOHOL and just might buy some for the lovely weekend that has been predicted 🙂

The good stuff or the Fresh stuff like the Bread or cereals will always be on the last counter.. you have to walk all through the shop to get there .. All the Junk food will be right there in the front , staring at you .

Also as you are checking out they will always have a rack of sweets,chocolates,crisps Everything that is NOT GOOD FOR HEALTH right there , just in case you have forgotten to buy , you can buy more junk on the way out, or if you have kids they can scream their head off to buy those sweets .. Why cant the shop guys put healthy food there , some fruits etc.

and then another thing is Why do supermarkets make the sick, walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. I mean you enter a super market the Counter for Tobacco or cigarettes are mostly in the front at least much more ahead of the pharmacy.. .. Oh I guess they want people to buy it and then have a nice little stroll to the pharmacy while have that Smoke .. ahh Bliss .

So what have your experiences been..

ps:- Photos courtesy Google.