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The following is the comment that I got via a email in response the post And so it ended – The year was 1931, by Sukhwinder singh,  I could not reply to the question he has asked so I put it up as a post , so that my dear readers can reply to this please .. Thank you.


“Hello Bikramjit

I have been following your blog for almost more than a year now. This is the first time I have written to you.  The reason is that Often while reading some of your posts I have gone through the comments section just following your post.  The recent post on Bhagat singh had about 60 odd comments till the time I was writing this email and other than a few people many have not even answered the question you have asked.

Dont you think this is the attitude of the indian population in reality, No one has time to read about such people who are dead, who cares for them.  They are DEAD END OF.  I also went back to see a post where you had put a picture of a Women’s butt so many replied there.  Here you have written about a person who has helped us to get our freedom, Thats it,  Dont you think this is the mentality of indian people the BUTT is more inviting than reading about someone who is the reason why every indian now breathes in free air. Has a country to call his own…

A butt got more, than a post that talks of patriotism.

To answer you questions ..

jisme na nijh gaurav  na nijh desh ka abhiman hai woh nar nahin hai mritak hai nira Passu ke samaan hai..

You can see for yourself how much ABHIMAN an indian has in his own country , Sidhu is right on an average each indian is nothing but DEAD an ANIMAL 

When will the time come when we will all stand up together and do something , or have we gotten so shameless that we are not dreading the day when we will also reach where these martyrs are now looking down upon us, what will we say to them when they ask us “IS this why they gave their lives”..  HOW – WHAT will we say to them ….

Yes we have become shameless.. YOU ARE WRONG BIKRAM, to say that we will also reach where these martyrs are , NO SIR these martyrs are somewhere , a special place where Waheguru is taking care of them, WE will never be there as we have made our nation a hell hole.. and so to HELL we all shall go ..

When will the time come when indians will start to think that Time has come to re-sow the guns in our fields.. as the little Bhagat singh did ..   That will never come sir.. as indians are too biased the moment one person thinks of sowing a gun in the field they will grass you , so they are in the good books of the authorities. or worse still use that Gun to kill you so they can take over what you own.

Not just the netas majority of the indians also wake up on 23rd to know someone was hanged, majority say WHO BHAGAT SINGH and I doubt if anyone remember Sukhdev or Rajguru.. if people dont know about Bhagat singh what all will they know of the other two Desh bhagats.
14th february went by, majority of us celebrated it as the day of love, but there was history made on this day especially for us indians, let me ask a question how many can remember what it was that happened , this day years back..  and please no googling.. no shame in accepting if you dont know, I did not know about it myself sadly, But I wont forget it again that is for sure

I am sorry here Bikram, But reading your replies to the comments I think you have got it wrong, the judgement was delivered on  7 October 1930, sentencing Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru to death by hanging.  This judgement was of 300-pages saying that Bhagat Singh’s participation in the Saunders’ murder was the most serious and important fact proved against him and it was fully established by evidence.

On 14th february mercy appeal was filed before Irwin. An appeal was also sent to “desh ka sitara, Gandhi” by prisoners to intervene, Irvin had recorded the following lines on this

“While returning Gandhiji asked me if he could talk about the case of Bhagat Singh, because newspapers had come out with the news of his slated hanging on March 24th. It would be a very unfortunate day because on that day the new president of the Congress had to reach Karachi and there would be a lot of hot discussion. I explained to him that I had given a very careful thought to it but I did not find any basis to convince myself to commute the sentence. It appeared he found my reasoning weighty.”

This also adds to the conspiracy or the Truth how much Gandhi helped, Gandhi was more bothered of the karachi congress session which was to be held on 24th march the original day of hanging of the revolutionaries. No wonder he was shown black flags and boo’ed off in that session, He had no answer to the questions posed by the young indians.

We are a group who organise a Akhand Path  on the Death anniverasy of Shaheed Bhagat singh, Shaheed Sukhdev and Shaheed Rajguru each year on 23rd march, It would be a pleasure if on your visits you could come over ,  We also have similar Paths for other revolutionaries.

I hope and wish more indians know about them. Hopefully with the likes of you who are very active in the blog world more and more people will know about the revolutionaries.  I liked your post on the Slut walk you are right people have nothing better to do then go on these rally’s when the people who actually go through the pain still dont know what it was all about, Where were all these people on the black day in history of India did any of them even remember that the Freedom they have to go on such rally’s is all because of young revolutionaries who gave their life for the air of freedom ?


Inquilab zindabad…



Sukhwinder Singh.