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I hate going to doctors but as many of you already know I have had to visit the GP a lot of times recently due to one reason or the other, I found the below picture very amusing , could not figure out what they were trying to tell us .. Have a look

do they mean that people between 71 and 77 are immune to shingles ..


A funny thought crossed my mind I was Driving through the city when I saw a hospital named “HOPE Hospital”

is that the best name for a hospital ?

Because HOPE is the last resort.

When there is nothing else there is always hope .. so what sort of signal are we sending , come to this hospital this is the LAST RESORT for you peopleeeeeeee.. come one come allllllllllll 🙂

But lets make it more funny, and if I was at the reception working there,  Imagine someone comes in the hospital and asks the reception  “I came here to check on my relative ” ..

Right Sir.. “You need the FINGERS CROSSED unit .. .. turn right and walk down .. straight.. if you get to the FIFTY FIFTY ward you have gone too far Sir.. walk back..” 🙂


Another think is what’s this about being competitive,  I hate competitive people .. I mean we are all different people and we all have something good and bad IN US, we may be good for some and bad for others, so why do people have to be so competitive especially with friends.

I am sure we all have stories to tell about how people behave especially if its to do with work and they want that particular promotion..

Well When one comes and says .. Bik I am very competitive .. I can’t give up .. I respond

Well mate you are .. an Idiot.. BUT then if it makes you feel better ..You are the BEST Idiot🙂


Lastly this is completely on a Tangent, have you seen the new refrigerators these days you can buy, they have intelligence in them, if you do things properly then apparently it knows when a particular thing is going down in quantity and automatically order it from the superstore for you.. and another good thing It can give you  instant COLD water ..   Can you digest that , EUREKAAAA ..

The Ads that come out, telling how our life can change if we buy one of those massive fridges , how it does this and that ..

Well to cut the story short , bought the fridge although I already had perfect working fridge the only difference was that IT WAS NOT MASSIVE. so now as all of you can add 1 + 1 will know that I have two fridges, but no space for the two, so the old one has to go, it needs to be removed from the house, That was another big adventure which i will talk maybe in next post, as I am sure those who live in uk know for sure the health and safety issues , all the BLAH BLAH BLAH’sssssss  anyway

Coming to the change in life, wow to be honest it has not half changed my life. I dont see how , well what did I do , I put the fridge in place of the old fridge in the kitchen next to the sink.. Hmmm Well sorted .. ACTUALLY

Sorry .. IT has changed MY life for sure because

Now I can save on taking that extra step to get the water from the TAP.. 🙂

I have probably saved myself a YARD of walking everyday 🙂 ingenuousness  .. the EUREKA MOMENT for sure 🙂


Ps:- Sorry I have not been able to visit many of your blogs.. I was away , Will surly look up all you lovely people have written when I was gone.


PEOPLE Stop what you are doing.. and check out a innovative way to burn those calories , this is how some ladies in France did it 🙂 

This is way too cute… and it’s short.  So take 45 seconds for this Smile 🙂.

How to  Burn Calories !  Sit back and Relaxxx

Wooooooooo Hooo way to go .. Have a great weekend PEOPLE .. Enjoy and Tell others to watch it tooo 🙂  And tell me did you enjoy the video, I loved it.