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Hello Everyone first of all thank you all for the well wishes and the emails , messages etc etc .



I have a small little proposal here , thinking of working for myself ,starting a small little venture So Am looking for some talented young people who are good in Programming.  We have a few clients here who want a system written, Which I have already started on.

So if anyone can refer Hard working-Capable- Loyal people who know  C#, , Sql Server or even if they have skills in PHP using open source , etc etc Then I am looking to hire a couple of people who can work remotely in India and who can be trusted to work without a lot of supervision, because I don’t have time to supervise them at moment neither the funds to Hire a Supervisor.

Please do send your contact details etc. so we can set up some Skype meetings and take it forward.  I am planning to come to india shortly for the same purpose as already have a few people lined up.

The reason I am asking openly is because Since I am starting new I can’t afford to be duped hence all you lovely people refer me some genuine people.  I have heard a lot of stories how things have gone wrong for some who have earlier tried to set up something like this back home.

I will spec the project out and also can send over the work that I have done so far, I just did not get enough time with full-time work and my part-time stuff. But this project is very important and I am in process of signing on about a dozen clients, hence the need to send work offshore so it is completed on time.

A good opportunity for new graduates to try their skills.


We should be lucky and Thank god for all we have .. Some need to go out in the dark and read under the street light..

Chandigarh, Sukhna Lake 2014. This young girl is trying to study in the dark as probably doesn’t have the facilities at home.. I wish – hope and pray she succeeds in everything she does, all her hard work pays.

PS:- Could not find a appropriate title, Anyone wants to give it a go..

Right from the last almost two weeks I have been trying to keep it hidden, But today is the day when I can Finally say I GOT IT.. as of 1st april I shall be transferred over to a department which I have been longing to do for the last 4 years (will start work on 16th april over there).

As with the line of work I can’t disclose what it is , I am sure many of you would have already guessed it.

Due to the some of the problems I had two years ago ( The time when I should have actually got this) , I ended up messing up everything thanks to the person who put me into that SHITE at that time.  Life is funny but I do think that if one pursues what one wants with all heart and hard work  you can achieve what you want, Even if  other people (especially the ones who say they care for you and love you) do their best to ruin it for you. 

But anyway Thanks to THE ONE, for putting me through this, hope you realise one day what you have done, I also wish and pray that God DOESNOT give you the opportunity to Repent it too.

Hard work always pays , maybe late but it does pay, No matter how much, people do their best to make your life miserable and leave you standing alone knowing pretty well that they have let you down or MAYBE doing it deliberately at that precise moment was their sole Motive … BUT that has gone , Bad times have gone waving way to good times fingers crossed..

So Let me take this opportunity today to thank god almighty, Family and Friends who stood by me when the times were not good, to all the beautiful – lovely people who visit this blog. Making me smile all the time

A special Thank you to the one who listened to my Rants, Enquiring about me when I did not even know them properly , telling me all will be fine, You know Who you are. (let me be Sarcastic here , even though you don’t come to my blog often or comment in spite of me harassing you he he he he 🙂  )

Put it this way ladies and gentleman that all those whom I keep saying come to uk,  Let me say this to you that if you land near where I live, I might just be standing at the door of the plane to receive you If  I am working that day 🙂

I need all your best wishes and prayers please, So do send them my way, I need them all.

and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Keep it hush… 🙂

Have you ever dreamed or thought what life would be if some moments in life that have gone by turned out different…

Well lately I have been thinking about it a lot , I know I have written about what if this or what if that … anyway have had some pretty tough days in the recent past, hence the thought of what if..

I was the only male child in my family hence spoilt, my grand parents loved me to bits, Daddy as I called my grandpa had a second marriage, my dad being the son from the first marriage, Things were not good but for some reason my grand ma and pa loved me to bits, I remember an episode that I am reminded a lot many times By my Bhua (my dads step sister) she had come from USA to visit us, with her son and daughter, who were same age as me 4 or 5 years old.. I am reminded to this day how there was snake in the courtyard of the house and my grand-ma ran and picked me up , took me inside, I take it for the love for Me. Anyway the reason why I said this was what if My Dads mum had not died and my grand pa was not married again, will there be still the same problems that we had Once my grand pa passed away.

My grand ma loved me so much, I was practically raised by her since my mum was very young when she got married, and suddenly to change. I remember when I was in hostel my grand pa and Ma both coming to visit me every other weekend, The money I got for the festivals… Anything I wanted if my dad said no, I would get it from my grand parents. I spent more time with my grand parents all the time. But all that changed once my grand dad passed away, I remember getting the call early morning about 3 am from my dad telling me about my Daddy, thankfully there was a flight at 9Am, got that ..

I mean my cousins they are all born and live in USA, hardly visited India ever, Suddenly when my grand pa passed away it was like All flights come to india, that’s when the problems started the property, the shops etc etc.. why is there so much greed in people, Why is the sudden love and affection comes into the Fore when someone dies, where were they all when Grand pa was alive. Anyway I am not sure why I am writing this. I have been under a lot of stress with the other side of the family asking me to sell off a part of the property but I don’t want to , after all that is what we have inherited from our parents. How can you just sell it away.

I asked this question from my cousin and I got a mouthful regarding it, I asked them I would buy it off them if they are so keen to sell it off, the calls I got , the threatening calls telling me I dare not come to india, I mean WHAT THE F____.

Hence all this problem and the QUESTION WHAT IF..

What if my real grand mother had not died.. but on other hand the question is why this sudden change in my grand mother suddenly, have I changed or has she.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH relations and relatives why did we have them.. Am I wrong if I want to keep my part of the property, I don’t want to SELL. Moreover why would anyone want to take what is given to them on a silver platter, I have worked hard for where I am now, bought my own house, it is such an elevation a thrill to sign on the dotted line and getting those keys to YOUR OWN HOUSE. I guess it’s the thrill of easy money, the hard work put in by our elders to make the property and other stuff we don’t see, till we have to do it ourselves and have to work hard to earn it ourselves.

Anyway I am glad I wrote this , I have had my rant…. 🙂