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Thursday Challenge : BROKEN (Something cracked, damaged, broken, or not working…)

This is what happens when CRICKET FEVER takes over on a Sunday.. Wish I could have clicked the pics of playing.. but at least the Result is here to see.. I am sure you all can imagine what fun we had on a sunny british day, which turned rainy and the garden muddy.. but the FIGHT to win over opponents and Score the highest runs .. did not let us stop even after breaking Three windows 🙂 ..


and here’s another link to an older post .. that too fits perfectly on the theme of BROKEN (Something cracked, damaged, broken, or not working…)

Thursday Challenge (48) : ABANDONED – Real Story @Dornier DO 17

Thursday Challenge : “CONTAINER” (Glass, Cup, Bowl, Box, Baskets,…)

Toffees, Peanuts and biscuits – anyone game for a party???

Are you still deciding

I got beer toooo 🙂

and for those who don’t


Got Coffee too.. well will have to make it .. got the MUGS 🙂