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Ready for Summers

Bank holiday long weekend Well spent… Now I need a week off to help my back recover 🙂

I was trying to find something to go with “P” and found these pictures , one of my favourite flowers the Gladiolas..

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PS:- Please don’t copy the photos..

Thursday Challenge :“FLOWERS” (All Kinds, All Colors,…)

The sun has been out for a few days , Thank god its been nice and warm perfect for the flowers to bloom , the lilies are all bloomed, I cant wait for the gladiolas to bloom and other flowers too, but it will be a few days for them .. so here are some pictures of the different colors of the Lillie’s in my garden :).. Hope you like them


Two shades


Bright Orange

Pink beauty

Ps:- More flowers can be seen here
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July Photo A Day 2014 challenge :- Day 5 is here and I seem to keep missing days in the middle, Day 4 was Stars .. I went out in the dark to click the pics but everything was BLACK.. so i gave up.. thankfully day 5 the topic is very easy.. It says “on the table” (What’s on the table? Share a photo. Get creative; shoot from above or down below. Have fun with it.).. Well as you can see I am not very creative so I have chosen some Random pictures of different tables that I get to use during a typical day ..

First is the Table at WORK

My new monitor :)

They make me work too hard 🙂

Second is Table at Burger king , I have been so very bad at cooking that all i eat is junk food .. so this is what I had last night 🙂 No Drooling please

Triple Whopper large fries and Caramel Cappuccino Milk shake :)

Triple Whopper- large fries and Caramel Cappuccino Milk shake 🙂

and A desert to wash it down with 🙂

Yum yum.. Don't disturb too busy eating :)

Yum yum.. Don’t disturb too busy eating 🙂

and last is the table at my home 🙂 .. (Old Pic)

My favourite - Roses

My favourite – Roses

PS:- I have not had time to watermark the pics .. So please don’t copy without permission.

Shopping experience from the previous article has made me say this and put on offer the buy one get one free offer 🙂 so here’s a Wordless Wednesday as I don’t have words to explain the beauty of nature and off course the Thursday Challenge : “BRIGHT COLORS” (Things that are brightly coloured…) .. I hope the colours in the pics are BRIGHT enough to make this theme now..

Something from my garden… its been raining a lot so haven’t had many flowers come out yet .. hopefully it will get warmer soon..



Went on a nature trail and some pics from there ..




The following I had taken last year when i had gone to wales .. but there are some beautiful pic’s of the same species put up on Shail Mam’s blog much better pictures and more brighter tooo .. titled The Scarlet Skimmer and The red Dragon Fly and Crimson Marsh Glider


Thursday Challenge :-“THREE” (Triplets, Trio, Triptych, Triangle,…)

Pink trio

Three Cheers

Three + 1

Bhangra time