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Hello Everyone, I been missing in action again. But thank you all for keeping me in your prayers and asking about me. I am recovering perfectly fine and doing great as always. 🙂 Thank you for all the emails and messages. I am truly blessed God has been kind to me for providing such lovely people around me.

and hey all those who did not realise I was gone Dont worry you have not missed anything he he he he he 🙂 so don’t beat yourself for not worrying about me HA HA HA HA HA 🙂 I am sure you have more important things to worry about than a measly mortal MOI!!!! 🙂 he he he he Anyway

It is Diwali today so wishing you all a VERY HAPPY DIWALI to everyone who read here, I so wanted to celebrate but a lot is happening this side which I will share sometime when the right time comes.

Here is wishing everyone out there a VERY HAPPY DIWALI.



Hope you all are having a Safe and Happy day .. be Safe and have a pollution free Diwali. Even I am not burning crackers this year, which is a First as I love fireworks, Rather we have all bought tickets to go on a bonfire night next week, to see a firework display.

God bless all and Enjoy.