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Have you been to the new fancy malls that have come up all over our nation especially to the ones where escalators work, the reason I say is I went to about 2 or 3 Malls in Punjab, Bhatinda to be precise, none of the escalators were working, maybe to save energy or fuel or whatever escalators use to work 🙂 , you can see I am not an engineer.. So why do these malls spend so much money on having escalators when they have them shut and expect people to climb up the stairs, because have you seen the height of the STEP it is usually higher than normal steps, which means you have to put in more energy to climb them , Personally I feel it is a good idea as we could or I could do with some exercising , lose some of those extra calories which I keep adding on every now and then ..  

Coming back to Escalators I think the Reason why escalators were built was to help shoppers , to make sure they don’t get too tired walking , they have more energy to visit more shops, shoppers don’t have to walk too much.. AM I RIGHT .. there could be other reasons but I am not that intelligent 🙂

If you go to big malls which has a lot of escalators, it is funny if you just stand and watch people get on-down from them, I know I know you all have a lot of other important things to do then spend time watching people do that 🙂 but do sometimes ..


I went to a mall one of the days and found a few funny things taking place, The first thing I noticed was what a silly way the escalators were designed, the whole idea of having escalators is so shoppers don’t have to walk too much or exercise too much .. I hope I can explain it properly, This is how they were I can best explain , you entered the Mall and go up the escalator First floor , then you had to walk all the way to the other side .. to go from first floor to the Second floor.. and so on till Floor 6th..

I found it weird because If I have to go to the sixth floor , I have to do that 5 times .. I mean why can’t they have escalators that go to a floor above, you turn around and there is another set going up.. then when you are coming down you have all the way Down the same way, This will also take care of Human traffic people wont keep on banging into each other trying to reach the other side of the floor to go Up or down..

.. the whole idea of escalators is so people don’t have to walk .. yet they make us walk..

Another thing I noticed was that people sometimes CHOOSE the step they want to get on  “Not this one .. No not this one either “.. the next one looks much nicer .. They choose a stair.. yes THAT ONE.. I  thought I was going to get crushed standing behind this couple , who were doing exactly that. They fell in love with one Step and off they went .. But funnily when they have to get off , they panic again ..

We had a lady in that panic situation who had a nightmare trying to get on to the step, the people with her would get on and she was left behind .. then I think They would come down and again cajole her to get up .. It was funny watching 🙂 Finally she took the escalator, I could see she had GRASPED the sides SO HARD.. that her arm was getting left behind as the escalator was going up.. She would Leave the side and then GRASP it again a bit ahead.. then the problem came to get off.. ooops.. the floor was Eating up the Stairs.. so she was climbing one step up each time..


I know I should not be laughing but secretly I was smiling my head off watching the poor lady .. This actually reminded me of when my parents came over for the First time to UK to visit me, they were going to go on an Escalator for the First time in their life, and what a pallava it was, My Mom was hilarious, especially in london when we had to go underground to catch the tube, My Mom refused at one stage to go down it was to the second level, So it was a No win situation if we had to go up , it was via escalators – of if we had to go down it was again Escalators.. we had to go one way , IT was me who panicked because I did not know how to take her down, she is not light either , he he he he.. but thankfully we managed to travel .. and WE did NOT end up like this .. phewwwwwwwwwwwwww


Right so this was escalator bit , I know nothing funny about it ,Now coming to Shopping.. I had a funny experience when I was going to buy my shoes , Never go for shopping with your partner-gf-wife-mother or even a female friend, I have my reasons oh BOY what a mistakeeeeeeee… They stand there , looking at you.. and make you wear the Shoe and Ask you “TO WALK UP AND DOWN”..


Now THIS WALK is That walk which is A WALK, that No man will ever walk once he gets out of the shop,  you know the one I mean where we walk bending the toes or the shoe forwards to check if it bends properly, (which man ever walks like that generally, bending there foot).. Then we might be asked to even sit down and Feel the Toe’s inside , Wiggle your Toe.. pinch the top of the shoe to see if there is enough space between the tip and the big toe.. When you do that YOU have this EXCITED look on your face

“Oh yes I can feel the Toe.. ” .. it is right there where it should be , well all normal humans have them

         On your foot  .. Inside your SHOE.


and then you stand in front of the mirror to check how they look, We always look from the SIDE, Now tell me do you ever see other people in their shoes walking towards you and YOU WATCHING THEIR SHOE FROM THE SIDE.. how do you do that.. you always see the front .. and the sides that you WILL never ever see for as long as you have those shoes .. I mean why Oh why do we do that ..

or are you checking them up because of the pet you have home who has this habit of coming running towards you and they come and hug your leg.. They might see it from the SIDE.. the NEW SHOE..

The same also happens when we buy new trousers .. you wear them and then you try to squat and what not .. I mean how many times have men bought trousers and squatted while wearing them .. FUNNY things we do……..

ps:- Photos courtesy Google.