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I hate going to doctors but as many of you already know I have had to visit the GP a lot of times recently due to one reason or the other, I found the below picture very amusing , could not figure out what they were trying to tell us .. Have a look

do they mean that people between 71 and 77 are immune to shingles ..


A funny thought crossed my mind I was Driving through the city when I saw a hospital named “HOPE Hospital”

is that the best name for a hospital ?

Because HOPE is the last resort.

When there is nothing else there is always hope .. so what sort of signal are we sending , come to this hospital this is the LAST RESORT for you peopleeeeeeee.. come one come allllllllllll 🙂

But lets make it more funny, and if I was at the reception working there,  Imagine someone comes in the hospital and asks the reception  “I came here to check on my relative ” ..

Right Sir.. “You need the FINGERS CROSSED unit .. .. turn right and walk down .. straight.. if you get to the FIFTY FIFTY ward you have gone too far Sir.. walk back..” 🙂


Another think is what’s this about being competitive,  I hate competitive people .. I mean we are all different people and we all have something good and bad IN US, we may be good for some and bad for others, so why do people have to be so competitive especially with friends.

I am sure we all have stories to tell about how people behave especially if its to do with work and they want that particular promotion..

Well When one comes and says .. Bik I am very competitive .. I can’t give up .. I respond

Well mate you are .. an Idiot.. BUT then if it makes you feel better ..You are the BEST Idiot🙂


Lastly this is completely on a Tangent, have you seen the new refrigerators these days you can buy, they have intelligence in them, if you do things properly then apparently it knows when a particular thing is going down in quantity and automatically order it from the superstore for you.. and another good thing It can give you  instant COLD water ..   Can you digest that , EUREKAAAA ..

The Ads that come out, telling how our life can change if we buy one of those massive fridges , how it does this and that ..

Well to cut the story short , bought the fridge although I already had perfect working fridge the only difference was that IT WAS NOT MASSIVE. so now as all of you can add 1 + 1 will know that I have two fridges, but no space for the two, so the old one has to go, it needs to be removed from the house, That was another big adventure which i will talk maybe in next post, as I am sure those who live in uk know for sure the health and safety issues , all the BLAH BLAH BLAH’sssssss  anyway

Coming to the change in life, wow to be honest it has not half changed my life. I dont see how , well what did I do , I put the fridge in place of the old fridge in the kitchen next to the sink.. Hmmm Well sorted .. ACTUALLY

Sorry .. IT has changed MY life for sure because

Now I can save on taking that extra step to get the water from the TAP.. 🙂

I have probably saved myself a YARD of walking everyday 🙂 ingenuousness  .. the EUREKA MOMENT for sure 🙂


Ps:- Sorry I have not been able to visit many of your blogs.. I was away , Will surly look up all you lovely people have written when I was gone.


I got this as a comment on my article  Satayamev Jayate – 1- My thoughts:- female Foeticide, Women, Men, India.

Have a read and get Shocked, more then the program itself , well at least I was shocked.. but then maybe I get shocked easily

There is another side to the same coin of massive socially customary female infanticide:

In Indian society a dead female is socially accepted but an infertile one is not. As a result there are practically no effective mechanisms for population control. Indian population will not stop growing even up to and beyond 20 Billion ( when the increased death rate due to aging might equal the births due to fertility of youth ), except that if Indians continue to practice female infanticide on a massive scale then due to reduced numbers of fertile citizens the population growth will come down, and it might stabilize at around 10 Billion eventually.

To further explain this, if all female Indians were to become irreversibly infertile today then about nine months later the birth rate would be exactly zero. Population would be around 1300 million and going down at a rate of about 15 million per annum due to deaths. In just 20 years the population would be below 1 Billion, and still going down. That is the desired effect that official efforts at family planning could not produce in about seventy odd years of trying.

Female infanticide is India’s only known effective method of population control. Although by international standards even 10 Billion is a very big number, India really has no choice. The ages old habits developed in an uneducated people can neither be wished away nor safely ignored. As of now India simply cannot afford to let all the natural born girls live on to fertile adulthood.

An ages old habit of an uncivilized people has a good chance of doing what all the seventy odd years of Intra Uterine Devices ( IUDs ), Loops, Copper Tees, Pills, Saheli, and official propaganda could not till date achieve. Being an almost entirely uneducated people, the ancient Indians could not put their reasons in scientific form, but like the so called Lemmings they simply adopted a habit suiting the need.

Nature seems to have evolved a simple way of dealing with the bigger problem of unbridled population growth ( which too is driven by unstoppable social practices ), thereby making a balance between the sacrifice and the benefit.When we criticize a naturally evolved custom of a largely uneducated people, we should not ignore the evolutionary factors driving their habits.

What say you all ?



Well What can i say to this theory its out of my stupid mind. dont know what to say .. I am really flabbergasted at this mentality .. no wonder India is where it is at present..

So what happens when in few years time its only MEN left and no women …

Will multiple men start to share a women…

Are such people ok with this happening to the women in their own family, I mean how sickening is it to just think about it ..

What do you think will happen and why is nature only evolving like this in India and not in other countries ..  I would like to tell this person that this is not a naturally evolved custom its a HUMAN BEING evolved custom and its called MURDER in simple words 

I saw this new serial that has started , the producer is AAMIR KHAN a big bollywood actor, I must say I was impressed that he has taken upon himself to show us people of india what is the reality that is taking place. the first episode was based on female Foeticide, a couple of stories were told about how people in our nation have gone so bad.  The people who go on and on about India shining need to look at the hard facts and work towards it , Just by saying its india shining things will not work .

The most amazing part that I liked( i am being sarcastic, it made me so angry ) in was the replies given to a question by common people who is what the mentality of indians is , and the one that I keep harping on and on wherever I make comments or write a post , We who live in cities and big metros and consider ourself educated, we all say oh the problems start from small towns , from villages from the not so educated , or if some feminists are to be believed its the MEN.. YET the Reality is different most of the evil of killing a girl child inside the womb of a mother , Or killed once she is born are done by the EDUCATED , The clever lot.  It’s the Rich , the educated, the ones living in the cities who started this all and its not just the MEN who do it , Women are also involved in this and in a big number too…

What was again more horrific was a story where the lady says that it was her MOTHER IN LAW who pushed the baby in the baby chair from the top of the stairs , since the Daughter in law gave birth to twin girls..

How the mother in law helped in doing the wrong against the daughter in law.

WHY are women doing this to other women.. PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE DONT SAY THAT IT IS BECAUSE OF THE WAY WOMEN ARE TREATED IN SOCIETY OR because of How men treated them. (which by the way is the latest trend) ..

There were clips shown where majority of the WOMEN doctors are helping in killing the child, So why is a women killing another Female.. The doctor is supposedly educated.. WHY are the Feminists who go on and on , on various issues Why don’t they get together and do something about such women .. it is estimated that the killing of a girl child in the womb is in lakhs about 10 lakhs of them a year .. and all for 2 thousand rupees.

I go to a lot of blogs and read the article and also read a lot of Comments by a LOT of EDUCATED, INTELLIGENT people .. they make me laugh for I think those people do only one thing which is COMMENT, or press the thumbs down buttons , They don’t have the audacity to know what actually is happening, You say one word against a female and you become the worst person living and if by chance you are a male who has written it , all hell breaks loose…

140 doctors were found who would help you get rid of a baby girl, majority of the doctors are WOMEN doctors,  It was shown LIVE 7 years ago yet none of those doctors have been charged they are still practising their profession freely, YET NONE OF THE WOMEN oriented organisation have done anything to stop these women.

It is true men are responsible for all that is wrong happening to the women in india BUT there are a LOT a LOT of women too who are equally responsible , Yet most of the effort that is made to bring women up to par is by showing or telling how men are bad.

The show was really an eye-opener, brings out a very dark dirty bad side of the nation.

EACH ONE OF US has to open the eyes , EACH one of us need to start TODAY and change ourself, How many of us have stopped , or made an effort to stop something going wrong, majority of us have actually turned our backs and walked a different way , rather than stand up and MAKE SOME NOISE.

I leave you with this beautiful song, 

WE all need to wake up and stop wasting time on useless issues and concentrate on issues which are almost trying to change the whole Indian generation, for 1000 boys there are 900 girls .. and if you take this to lakh or crore boys imagine where it goes . As shown in the episode there are men who are not getting girls for marriage , so they are ending up BUYING women from different states or places .. and using them.. This big difference in sex ration has brought a lot of other problems too, It is TIME WE WAKE UP.. else in few years time we will be again wasting time on this issue as it will go cancerous and unable to mend..

The same way as we are wasting time now on issues which in my eyes are maybe not that important as The female foeticide is in the current scenario.. IF all of us put our hands together , things can change BUT only if we want to , if we STOP and DO something about it Rather then looking the opposite way …

5. Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?

and this I am told is a scientific true .. 🙂

6. Why don’t you ever see the headline ‘Psychic Wins Lottery’?

Dont you think they should be able to KNOW what the number are or sorry sorry WILL be .. what good are the psychic powers.. wish i could have them for a week then win the Lotto .. don’t need to do anything after that do I 🙂

7. Why is ‘abbreviated’ such a long word?

JLT – Just like that I was thinking .. should the abbreviation for the word abbreviated be smaller than this .. moreover difficult spellings I had to do a spell check to make sure I don’t spell it wrong…

8. Why is it that doctors call what they do ‘practice’?

Now tell me that .. if they are doing a PRACTISE then when will they actually work.. and also are we the humans who they need to practice upon…  then who will they ACTUALLY work upon.. I think they have got it wrong .. 🙂


In PART 1 a friend asked this question ,…..

Why do we scold our children over a pack of chips while holding a glass of whiskey…  ?

PS:- Important request ..

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I had written this article for Viewspaper ages ago, Was talking to a dear friend who suggested that we should write for our blogs , So I am putting here too 🙂

I am past the stage where I can say I am the youth of India but I have experience to count upon, so I can well imagine what sort of problems plague the youth. When I was studying, the only thing on my mind was what I would do once I graduated. There was no set structure except for discussions on the options one had. Although the advent of technology today has made students comparatively more aware of their choices, a lot of issues still bother them.

The ‘reservation policy’ is creating a divided society and producing a system run by the undeserving and the incompetent. A progressive India, promoting a 50% reservation in the government and private sectors spells disaster – more so, with the OBCs quota. I can understand the noble thought of getting everyone to the same level, but I wonder how this would help. All this has caused a further divide across the country; the rich and the so-called upper castes hate the lower caste more when they see an undeserving (academically poor) candidate getting a seat in a medical or engineering college above the one who deserves.

Getting a seat in a prestigious college requires a lot of hard work.

How can hard work be measured?

I’m sure the kids of the rich and the poor work equally hard, burn the midnight oil and appear for the same exam. Then how come a student who has higher marks loses a seat.  Would this not frustrate the deserving candidates more?

I can understand that the poor can’t afford extra classes or tuitions. The government’s priority in that case, should be to ensure that such facilities are made available to the poor. Free and compulsory education should be provided.

If reservations are to remain, then they should be reduced in percentage and be merit-based, with less difference between the person who gets a seat on merit and one who gets it on reservation. It is unfair that a student at rank 800 gets a seat preference over a student at rank 500, just because the former has a reservation preference to avail.

Moreover, there are rich people from the lower strata who are unfairly using reservations to get free seats. The social standing of the person should be taken into consideration too.

Reservations create an unfair win-win situation because they use the reservation card throughout their lives, to get a seat, then a job and thus, an undeserving student who cannot differentiate a dissection from a dissertation becomes a doctor. Imagine how many people’s lives would depend on such hands that pick up the knife on the basis of a reservation.

The worst thing is that this reservation system passes on to the kids of such people too, and thus, this becomes a vicious circle that goes on and on. The students, who lost their seats to reservations, would be the ones who stand there, dazed and shocked, thinking of how much hard work they put in for a seat that they lost to someone’s caste.

I’d say that reservations actually encourage caste system and magnify the whole divide within the society

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