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Thursday Challenge :-BEAUTIFUL (People, Animals, Flowers, Cars, Houses,…)

The title says Beautiful, What more can be beautiful than this Place.. God’s HOUSE


PS:- I wrote “HOUSE” because there is a reason behind it, will explain in a post coming up ūüôā

Thursday Challenge¬†:¬†Orange(¬†(Flowers, Produce, Candy, Signs, Clothing, Vehicles,…)

Although the hints¬†don’t¬†have what I am going to put for Orange .. yet I hope it works ..




Now that I have seen the pictures , they¬†don’t¬†look THAT ORANGE.. but original one’s do look orange ..


Thursday Challenge : WONDERFUL ((Anything you think is or looks )

Well friends tell me isn’t nature Wonderful here is some proof of it all .. ¬†I did think for a moment to give some captions or descriptions to the pictures But Could not find the right words to do justice to the beautiful – WONDERFUL nature…