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After being in various ups and down in the past couple of years .. I have realised that LIFE has this circle with me .. Two years of peace then TWO years of upheaval. This has become a routine now since the last decade, 2010-2011 were bad , then 2012 and 2013 was a Blisssss again everything went downhill.. BUT I also have this little philosophy which seems to be tested every now and then that without these ups and downs life would be so BLAND..

BUT.. please god I have had enough of all that , I want a Easy simple Carefree Life .. whatever is left of it 5-10 years or as much, need to have a NO TENSION life.. 🙂 hope someone is listening .. Anyway here is ONE good thing that happened after this in 2012.. I got another one In April 2015.




Linking this to ABC Wednesday .


Posted: April 20, 2012 in Celebrations
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Talking to One who you love -care  for THREE HOURS ON PHONE .. after 15 years 

AND know they love you too AND remembered you the same …

THAT is priceless…

Life looks Beautiful…

20th April is a beautiful day.. April has been great month .. thankfully the phone battery lasted tooo 🙂 I love my mobile tooooo 🙂