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WE ARE THE POLICE … WE WILL PARK ANYWHERE WE WANT.. public put to a bit of inconvenience Β SO WHAT…




Clicked it on Saturday and am still Wondering Which part is Correct!!!!!!…

I guess the chicken was raised on Strict Vegetarian food hence it being Vegetarian πŸ™‚


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After :-



Ready for Summers

Bank holiday long weekend Well spent… Now I need a week off to help my back recover πŸ™‚



Dare I say anything else πŸ™‚ …………….



I Thought I would shave today as I am sure I had started giving the YETI nightmares with the way I look nowadays. not that it has made any difference but at least the YETI is safe Now I am giving nightmares to normal Human beings. πŸ™‚ and Look what Blobbed out πŸ™‚




As promised in the previous ArticleΒ about Jugaad πŸ™‚ Β here it is SO Now move over BMW,MERC’s, JAGUARS, and All the world renowned vehicle makers, CAN they make this one .. πŸ™‚ I was in India recently and saw this on my way to Amritsar.



All in one, this one is used for transport, for cutting the fodder for animals, for pumping the water out of a tube well and even for running a generator πŸ™‚ One engine for everything .. πŸ™‚


No wonder the Banking crisis is having an effect on our Economy πŸ™‚ Punjab is surly showing the WAY ahead ..

Ps. They got most of the brands πŸ™‚