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These days every retailer is trying to get online more and more of them want us to buy online as it profits them more but the same companies are so bad in sorting their inventory it is appalling.

I been looking for the new Jordan XXX2 shoes since last year the Red ones, been going to the stores every now and then but they are never in stock, supposedly the much sort after shoes. I have been pestering my friend in USA – Canada to keep an eye if they can find but no luck. I do wish someone just tells me they can buy me a pair and courier it to me .. I promise to pay the money 🙂   anyway  Finally after months and months of diligently checking the website to see if they were in stock, I managed to  strike gold.

Yes there were 8 available in size 10 , Immediately I placed my order , I don’t like creating accounts on the retailers website because they start to send JUNK emails , anyway since I liked the shoes so much I created one and paid them off, Very happy to know the shoes will be with me in 5 to 10 days.

BUT as they say good things don’t last for long yesterday got an email from #Footlocker itself , How they as SORRY

Hi Bikramjit singh,

We are sorry to inform you that we have been forced to cancel items in your order XXXXX  since they were not in stock anymore. A refund will be issued shortly and will be credited to the original payment method according to the processing times of your bank.

We do our best to keep our online stock updated in real time, but when multiple orders are placed at the same time, it may happen that a product appears available when it’s actually not.

They still can’t get it right, because If I go and do a search again their website shows there are STILL SomeAVAILABLE , I can order them again, they are willing to take the money AGAIN.




Should I re-order again and see if this time they may actually have them..

What is more silly is I got an email saying Thank you for ordering, They are supposed to have RESERVED the Item

Hi Bikramjit singh,

Great, your order has been registered!

We will start preparing it for shipping as soon as your payment has been received. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as that happens. Just a little more patience!

And don’t worry, the items you have selected will be reserved until then.

Then another email comes 🙂

Hi Bikramjit singh,

All is settled! We have just received the payment for your order XXXXXXX and we will start preparing your items for shipping. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with your track-and-trace number as soon as we hand the package to our courier.

Below is a summary of your order in case you are too excited to remember what you bought

God knows what sort of system they are using,  I am sure if any of you go and do a search on #JORDAN-XXX2 in Red, you will be able to see they are available.

So who-ever sent the email saying they don’t have it in stock they can’t go and change the website to make sure others don’t fall foul of this, maybe they are happy to make a fool of the consumers.

Whats the use of asking people to book and pay online if one can’t keep a watch on their inventory, its called being Inefficient.

It is a shame in today’s day and age when everything is being computerized and the online culture is growing companies like #Footlocker can even sort out their inventory and when there are only a handful in their warehouse, when I ordered it said they have 8 in stock, so in the last week only 2 people have ordered size 10 :).  What rubbish.

Anyway Not very happy as I guess I wont have the Shoes, Pity, I love shoes and have so many of them 🙂 

While writing this post 🙂 I have gone and placed a SECOND order today as their website shows some are still available 🙂 so lets see what #Footlocker do this time already got the emails saying My order is placed and they have got the payment 🙂  the Sooooper efficient Footlocker have also RESERVED the ITEM ..

wooooooo hooooooooooooo fingers crossed …


Hi Bikramjit singh,

All is settled! We have just received the payment for your order XXXXX and we will start preparing your items for shipping. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with your track-and-trace number as soon as we hand the package to our courier.

Below is a summary of your order in case you are too excited to remember what you bought!

Order number


Order date: 1/22/18

Waiting for the EMAIL which says they have posted 🙂 ha High hopes .. Anyone reading this from USA can they find me a pair pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂

Sometimes things happen in life over which you dont have any control.. but still it makes you curse and regret the decisions you might have done or taken .. I am not saying the decision was wrong but situations and things happening in life make you doubt …

Today I was woken up at about 7am in morning because its been hot here…. and I noticed my phone blinking a few txt messages and a couple of missed calls on my phone… on checking the message I found a very bad news my best mates in india had been trying to get hold of me ..

One of my best friend Ashwani lost his wife yesterday at 7pm india time … I was shocked and did not know what to do .. What can one do in such a situation , I cursed myself for being in United kingdom.. My hand was shaking in anger .. I dialled ashwani’s number but did not have the guts let it ring… I cut the phone .. I called my friend who had sent me the txt, they were there together trying to do something and here was I unable to do anything … just worthlesss

My bhabhi had been crushed under a roadways bus as they were driving to amritsar , what a drastic way to go .. Unbelievable .. I remember the last time I was in india we had a small get together and she was there and Ashwani was not there because of some work. she had apologised and was trying her level best to be a good host … All my friends have beautiful wifes and I have a very good repo with them ..

I called ashwani then But what do I say to him. WHAT CAN ONE SAY IN such a situation .. It was the worst phone call I ever made .. I did not know anything that I could say All I could say was “Ashwani , Mann here ” .. and nothing .. I could hear that pain in his words when he said “Mann raje , alls lost “.. I did not know what to say , I could not say anything.

WHAT CAN A PERSON SAY OR DO when such things happens … Recently things have not been going very good this side .. so many mishaps .. Why dont people drive properly on the roads …
Why does this have the happen .. She was just in 30’s , two kids I mean is this it .. What are the kids going to do .. they had gone to states for summer hoplidays .. how are they going to react.. when they come back to India all the time they are travelling .. What THE HECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

I dont know what I am gonna do .. But since recently I have been writing on speeding and driving .. I thought I will write about this .. PLEASE PEOPLE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Think of the people your are putting in danger by driving rashley.. Better be late then never … It hurts people .. IT HURTS A LOTTTTTT beleive me .. I am moaning about my hurt but imagine the hurt my friend is going through at this time .. Imagine the hurt the kids are going through .. Just because ONE IDIOT made a rash decision…

I hope and wish my friend if ok.. he is not picking his phone and the rest of my friends are with him … PLEASE GODDDDDDD

PLEASE why does it have to happen .. why cant people just get old and Die .. rather then like this … I am disgusted and I dont know Why i am writing this here … I have tried to do various things over the day , but everything leads to this …  Hence the start when i said WHY AM I HERE .. Why am I not there with my mate in his hour of need and look at this …

he said to me on phone “Don’t come running..Nothing you can do.. … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Life is so worthless, it holds no meanings sometimes .. anyone and anything can take it away in a jiffy… 
What do we make of it .. What is Life .. do we know whats gonna happen in the next moment.. or DO WE EVEN REALISE WHAT EFFECT The PAST minute will have on the NEXT minute..

Harsh world out there..

God we say god protects those who are true or are good .. Then why do things happen like this ..

What is the meaning of all this ….

A car is going at high speed , when the idiot of the driver thinks he is Schumacher or something driving at a high speed on a single carriageway with a speed limit of 30MPH .. Which seems to be a SLOW for this driver so he decided to overtake and that results in loosing control for what ever reason…

The same time a 15 year old  male kid, who is a Jehovah witness , is standing on the Pavement , minding his own business OR maybe talking about GOD , he has no idea whats going to happen, His past minute was maybe sharing a joke with a friend, Talking to a friend.. ANYTHING it could be ..

The car smashes into this Boy, hits him around abdomen , takes him along as it smashes into the front wall of a shop behind the boy…

I cant imagine what would have gone through this Boy.. who had his whole life in front of him.. THE WHOLE BLOODY LIFE.. someone might have called ambulance.. ..

The boy had to be airlifted to a hospital more suited for such accidents there is a hospital just one mile down the road.. Helicopter medics took him to hospital about 7-8 miles away..

Then there was another problem , since he is a Jehovah witness , he refused to receive blood its against the religion.. news says the doctors pleaded for him to take it but he was adamant and his family supported his decision.. Resulting in his death…

The driver was arrested and later bailed ..

So WHAT THE HELL is this … do we stand a chance… we say bad things happen to bad people, what possible wrong thing could this 15 year old boy be doing.. Why did he have to end up like this.. and die in such horror.. while the driver had nothing… WHY

I have been really upset over this, people reading this you may call me a WUSS or a chicken or WHATEVER , I am not ashamed that i shed a tear when i heard this .. or i feel anger against God or the driver.. For taking away such a precious life…

And Anger against the parents who supported the boys decision not to take blood.. DAMN the religion.. All religion does is make people FIGHT.. Look what is happening in the world in the NAME OF RELIGION.

Please lets get together and prey for the departed soul hope he rests in peace away from this CRUEL-BAD-DIRTY world… and Also prey the people with cars know how to drive, learn patience on road.. and respect traffic rules , they are there for a REASON.

And yes HANG THE DRIVER…. its not a accident its a MURDER….  because A mother has lost her son, and Joshua had a brother. He has lost his brother, he was there in the morning and then gone by the afternoon. How do you explain , or how do we put this in perspective..

The doctors need to have a automatic right to override parental wishes or that of a minor for a LIFE.


Posted: March 27, 2010 in Favours, Friends, Waste

What a Crap day it was ..

It was my day off I was to go for my game meet friends, go for a drink and have a decent sleep but a friend called me up saying he had some work to do could I do him a favour by doing his night shift 4pm to 4am.

I don’t know why I said yes, have been saying to myself no more favours ever, I rarely ask anyone to do my shifts, anyway he told me “Bik don’t worry its a good shift, you will enjoy it .. they are short on shift so it wont get lazy or anything ”

I came to work to realise I was doing a shift which involved watching someone, so he would not do anything to himself.. Well first of all If he is taken in then obviously he has done something wrong, The watch shift was to be in hospital cause apparently the guy had overdosed himself to avoid being taken in.

I mean wtf here I am sitting since 2 hours now watching this person, who is no good, has done so much wrong in all his life , has previous history.. So why should i be sitting here looking at him just in case he doesn’t do anything to himself, I say let him.. Good riddance.. going by previous history he is gonna go out and do the same thing he has been doing.

Here we are Two people, One car .. while this person has had his medicine and Trying to go to sleep, after watching some Tele which is on his bed side.. Each time he has to go relieve himself one of us has to go with him, stand outside the loo just in case he does a runner .. I mean WTF.. what a waste of resource.. over a person who doesn’t deserve it.

And to put matter worse all fun stuff is going ON out there and I am missing out on action .. how much fair is that … so again I am making a mental account of it Not to do favours to anyone .. Favours generally suck…

Ahhhhhhhhh what a waste of Day it was ….