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I was reading this article on  comfortablynam’s blog.. and that got me thinking

Indeed so very true.. I feel that kids have so much faith on there parents when young… BUT on other side there is a different story that we see happening , I will give a small example

Pity is the state of PARENTS these days who don’t look after there kids, I have some strong values regarding children, Why do parents want to have them when they cant take care of them .. WHY there are plenty of  ways to NOT have them ..

I go MAD when parents don’t look after the kids..

This is the scene, Wednesday night walking down the car park, see a Car alarm go off, walk towards it, What we see is a Posh car, lights blinking, inside a 8 months old baby in a child seat asleep on back seat, and a 6 year old girl on the front seat sobbing.

We stand there for 15+  minutes talking to the little girl, asking what she is doing , where her parents are , manged to get her stop crying.. the baby slept through all this noise Bless her 🙂  awwwwwwwwww

Then walks in a old woman(60+)  , along with a guy(40+)..  They see us and nothing open the door of the car to sit in …

On questioned the reply was  “We went in for a quick pack of CIGGIES”..  (cigarattes)

How can you ..

I can vouch here it was not 2 minutes… its was at least 15+ minutes

Now what I want to ask is What would you do in this case ? 

I will tell you what I did, and beleive me this Parent had a lot of nasty things to say to me … but all that later let me have your views on it first….

DISCLAIMER:- Please carry on reading this article if you are ready to think logically and understand.
If you are one of those people who will not listen to One wrong word against the country PLEASE STOP NOW, I am sorry.. This article is not for you, or for those who have one single track mind..
All those who think our country has nothing wrong ALSO STOP READING NOW.
All those who can only TALK and do nothing also STOP READING. 

ALSO This is not INDIA bashing its towards the INDIAN PEOPLE .. bashing those who wud not od anything but will be the first ones to argue or fight or shout and put others down… Its to people to accept the the fault and work to fix it not sit and bask that we are doing good Thanks

What is this independance day and why do we celebrate it.. This is going to be a SHOCK for all reading this , I am indian and I think we should stop celebrating the Independance day .. the whole idea of or the reason of the celebration has been lost…

In my mind or in my sense we started clebrating this day because the British LEFT us or GAVE us independance , I have said Left us or Gave us because if you think logically , with a cool mind we could not have won it with war and with the Gandhi principles Even if we did manage it would have taken many more years to do so, The british went because they could not see any advantage of there stay Had they wanted they could have stayed anyway thats not the point of this article..

We started to celebrate this day because we became a independent country to be governed by us Indians THATS IT.. But its been 63 years now of celebration no one celebrates events for ever .. Especially when now we can sit back and think DO WE REALLY DESERVE IT ALL.

The few years in the start may have been good inspite of the wars we had to fight, for the sole reason that we had Indians ruling us and No white skin to bow down to. There have been some commendable work done by some indians, I say some because there are only a handful who actually work for the betterment of the country… Rest have just taken it for granted including me .. There were people then who wanted the british to go , who genuinly loved the country Now after so many years all those people have passed away and some are on way .. Which brings us to the new CROP.. That is US ALL .

Where are we now..

Were we not better off when we had british rule..

Over this last week I have read countless articles on independance day some moaning about the conditions , some saying how they love the country, some saying this should happen or that should happen… Come next year or wait Come january we will again do this DHAKOSLA on 26th Janaury.. then it all stops.

We Indians have no , NO excuse of bringing our country to this state, look at Germany or Japan.. world war happened look at the state of those countires completely devastated.. Look at them NOW.. Can we compare even a single thing… India was not devastated True it was poor because of the wealth taken away BUT mind you British gave our country a lot, The roads they built then are still standing , Have a look at the road in each locality – in your own locality that were built just DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY, you will get the idea..

Railways was another thing given to us .

The people who gave their LIVES for the country had the right to say they love their country, How many of the people who have written big articles or commented how they love their country can actually go and give their life, HECK I dont think I can go and die..

Yes our country is corrupt, Yes its far behind, Yes our country is dirty All this is true so time has come to STOP going GA GA over stupid things and shouting at foreigners who says india is dirty YES IT IS, I say so that does not mean I am not indian or you love the country more than ME. Time has Come to WORK and FIX IT

We all each and everyone , people Living In or outside india, EACH ONE has to wake up and stop this FARCE.. IF we start now maybe just maybe in a decade or two we can start to celebrate the Independance day again when we again win our freedom this time from our own people, From US , FROM YOU from ME… it is still a maybe but then there is still hope…

I was reading an article where someone mentioned we should celebrate the day to pay respect to freedom fighters, Come on I say to them, Those freedom fighters did not give their life to get this day , they had different ideas, they gave their LIFE for US the new generation who shout at top of our voice when need be how proud we are to be indians,


Furling the national flag, singing the national anthem is not gonna achieve that. We have to start to WORK on making it better. We need to face the REALITY, till we do that nothing can be changed the first step to start changing or rectifying a PROBLEM is to Accept there IS A PROBLEM… if there is no problem then what are we rectifying NOTHING.

Lets forget of who did what , so what if a foreigner said india is dirty SO WHAT.. if it felt bad then maybe you should have gone and cleaned the place .. HECK I would do that I maynot have the guts to go and die for the country but I can go and clean the place and I have done it ..

The work on making the country a better place has to start, The first thing should be to stop moaning and actually doing something , If each of us take jsut a couple of hours out of a week it can work wonders. The problem is we will not do anything, but the moment someone says this is wrong , that is wrong we all attack them like a swarm of bees.. What we DONT Do is try to rectify the wrongness.

Looking forward to the comments I am gonna get after this article but after commenting do read the article again with a cool mind and think what I have said .. If you dont understand DO ASK….

To be continued :-

Being a MAN

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Age, Experiences, Mankind, My Thoughts., Thinking

This phrase is often heard especially amongst MEN..

It is not that one is strong physically that is considered Manly enough, I have seen a lot of big Strong men become chicken and run away …

Sometimes it makes me wonder was I man enough when I was growing up or am I still man enough… Yeah i know stupid thought but the times i was growing up were different, different in a sense for example if we had a fight the maximum we used were hockey sticks or clubs .. these days kids go armed with knifes or even firearms… I mean a 12 year old going equipped with a knife .. thats the ugly truth of today ….

I remember some funny incidents, funny in a sense I find them funny now .. but when they happened it was not so.. in punjabi we have this word “AUKHA HAIN”.. basically if you want to pick up a fight you go upto someone and say it ..and in punjab you got a fight on your hands 🙂 , usually the other side answers “NO” or “LEAVE IT ” etc etc

We were a big group in my college, and there was this guy with whom we had a problem, I dont know what it was now.. But we had .. One day me and my mates were in sector 17 chandigarh.. saw this guy with his mates.. I am a very straightforward, I thought this is the chance 🙂 so I went upto him and I said “AUKHA HAIN“.. I was not expecting the reply that i got.. a Tall Sardar , Big bloke on the side says

HANN HAIGAAN“.. (meaning yes i am) …

for a second I was taken aback, since I did not expect this reply , lucky for me my friend Babbar who is MAD MAN.. 🙂 stepped in and for some reason it all fizzeled away, suddenly we were all shaking hands ..

The reason for the above is that I felt this new friend was A MAN.. he stood for his friend, did not ask the reasons or anything but just stood up for his mate, incidentally after this little scenario we became very good friends…

I really cant understand what sort of people are those who dont have the GUTS to stand up, Or at least stand up for what they say .. What sort of MAN are they … Especially the ones who hide behind the anonymous tags… I mean if you have something to say then you should say it in the open and at someones face.

So what does it make to be a MAN..


I am not saying that I am always right , But when I am wrong, I put up my hand and accept it .. No harm in saying sorry.. Only the brave can say sorry .. It takes a lot of courage to say sorry .. as they say thats what makes a MAN out of a boy…

I read this article the other day on Apologies, I really loved reading it .. I do beleive that there is no shame in accepting one’s fault .. it makes one a better person and if you are a male definitely a MAN… By accepting the fault it gives us a chance to not do it again..


Another thing that I connect with being a man is that I strongly beleive that one should not accept wrong being done, constantly heard the phrase IGNORE IT .. its fair enough but WHY should we ignore it … Why cant I just find the person who has said something derogatory or done something wrong , Beat the crap out of them or at least publicly humiliate them ..

I mean how long can one ignore it .. and because of someones stupidity why should I change the way I live or change the way I think.. That would be letting into. Whats so manly about it … I really dont understand this..


The above are just a few thoughts randomly jumping around in my head , I have no clue what it means or what it is …