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Dosta Tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
Dosta eh Dosti rishta hai bahut hi ajeeb  
                                                            (Friend you are strange,
                                                              Friendship is a relation  which is
                                                             quiet strange)

Khad-jana mere modhe nal modha Jod
Bina mere hungara bhariya
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                            (You stand by me shoulder to shoulder ,
                                                              without asking
                                                              Friend you are strange)

Mere te kita waar laina hai tu apne wal Mod
Bina mere naal kitiyan salah
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                            (You change the direction of any
                                                              attack on me towards
                                                              Yourself, without discussing with me ..
                                                              Friend you are strange)

Muh modan lagiyan KYUN nahin si tun khyal kita
Bina tera ton kaun banoo mera YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                             (When you turned your face from me ,
                                                              WHY did you not think then
                                                               Without you who will be my friend
                                                               Friend you are strange)
Inna v kyun karda hai gussa
Badalan to pehlan das taan dena si YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                              (Why are you so angry,
                                                               Before changing yourself you should
                                                               have at least TOLD ME
                                                               Friend you are strange)
Dostaan bina ki zindagi ,
Gham ghat jaande Tainu vekhke..
Gham de ke , Muh mod ke kithe hain YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                                (No life without friends
                                                                  Pain goes away seeing you
                                                                 You have given me PAIN now,
                                                                  turned your face
                                                                 Where are you …
                                                                 Friend you are Strange)

Bahaan da zor hain tun
Modhe te chukan da Mainu Wada se tera YAAR
Dosta tun hain bahut hi ajeeb
                                                               (You are the strength of my arms
                                                                 You had promised to pick me on
                                                                 your shoulders when the time comes
                                                                  Friend you are strange)

Chal Rab Rakha, Jis which teri khushi hove
Use which hai meri manjoori
Tun khush rahen
Abaad rahen mere yaar
                                                      (God bless you, and you live in hapiness
                                                        thats what i want
                                                        live you life fully God bless you )

Gurdas Mann a famous punjabi singer says

Yarri Wich Nafe Nuksan Nahio Vekhide
Manzila De Samne Tuffan Nahio Vekhide
Yaaran De Gunnaha Da Hisaab Nahio Jorrida
Apne Pyarriya Da Dil Nahio Todi da …
                                             ( We should not see any profit/loss in friendship
                                                In front of destination dont see the storms
                                               Shud not keep a record of friends GUNAH/ JURM
                                               Should never  break the heart of your friends)

Saw at a Friends Profile :-

Wishwas ban k log zindgi me aate hain…….
wo khwab banke aankhon main samaa jaate hain…….
wo pahle to yakin dilaate hain ki wo hamaare hain………
fir na jaane kyun tanha bana jate hain………….  (thanks to Dinesh Sahib for such lovely lines )

Life is so worthless, it holds no meanings sometimes .. anyone and anything can take it away in a jiffy… 
What do we make of it .. What is Life .. do we know whats gonna happen in the next moment.. or DO WE EVEN REALISE WHAT EFFECT The PAST minute will have on the NEXT minute..

Harsh world out there..

God we say god protects those who are true or are good .. Then why do things happen like this ..

What is the meaning of all this ….

A car is going at high speed , when the idiot of the driver thinks he is Schumacher or something driving at a high speed on a single carriageway with a speed limit of 30MPH .. Which seems to be a SLOW for this driver so he decided to overtake and that results in loosing control for what ever reason…

The same time a 15 year old  male kid, who is a Jehovah witness , is standing on the Pavement , minding his own business OR maybe talking about GOD , he has no idea whats going to happen, His past minute was maybe sharing a joke with a friend, Talking to a friend.. ANYTHING it could be ..

The car smashes into this Boy, hits him around abdomen , takes him along as it smashes into the front wall of a shop behind the boy…

I cant imagine what would have gone through this Boy.. who had his whole life in front of him.. THE WHOLE BLOODY LIFE.. someone might have called ambulance.. ..

The boy had to be airlifted to a hospital more suited for such accidents there is a hospital just one mile down the road.. Helicopter medics took him to hospital about 7-8 miles away..

Then there was another problem , since he is a Jehovah witness , he refused to receive blood its against the religion.. news says the doctors pleaded for him to take it but he was adamant and his family supported his decision.. Resulting in his death…

The driver was arrested and later bailed ..

So WHAT THE HELL is this … do we stand a chance… we say bad things happen to bad people, what possible wrong thing could this 15 year old boy be doing.. Why did he have to end up like this.. and die in such horror.. while the driver had nothing… WHY

I have been really upset over this, people reading this you may call me a WUSS or a chicken or WHATEVER , I am not ashamed that i shed a tear when i heard this .. or i feel anger against God or the driver.. For taking away such a precious life…

And Anger against the parents who supported the boys decision not to take blood.. DAMN the religion.. All religion does is make people FIGHT.. Look what is happening in the world in the NAME OF RELIGION.

Please lets get together and prey for the departed soul hope he rests in peace away from this CRUEL-BAD-DIRTY world… and Also prey the people with cars know how to drive, learn patience on road.. and respect traffic rules , they are there for a REASON.

And yes HANG THE DRIVER…. its not a accident its a MURDER….  because A mother has lost her son, and Joshua had a brother. He has lost his brother, he was there in the morning and then gone by the afternoon. How do you explain , or how do we put this in perspective..

The doctors need to have a automatic right to override parental wishes or that of a minor for a LIFE.

Am I Jinxed

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Angry, Life, My Thoughts., random, Sudden

I was reading a post from one of my favorite writers, where she mentioned about life coming back to a Circle after the holiday season got over. The late sleeping-getting up late just relaxing… Anyway

I have been feeling since a lot of time that I am jinxed or something cause mishaps – one of those things – knocks – accidents etc happen a lot with me, as we know the weather has been playing havoc here in UK, it’s not the weather but I think people have forgotten how to drive in such weather, have become less patient driving especially people with these luxury cars, sports cars they think they can cut in, drive fast basically do what they want to even on these treacherous conditions.

I have a sports car but I don’t do this ( OK now I know I am being modest about this ), no really I don’t, I do speed yes cause that’s the reason why I bought the car, but I know when not to. Anyway so there is me today morning woke up, the usual morning chores got ready for work, the roads were icy, the car was snowed under, cleared the pathway, put some hot water on the windscreens to get the ice off, started the car to warm up, while I watched tele to check on the news, nothing was reported .. So I set off, visited the gurudwara sahib on way, and hit the motorway. I have been starting off half hour early these days to cater for conditions.

Merrily driving listening to some punjabi music got the signs about an accident on the motorway at junction 5… Phewww I get off at junction 4 Saved… the slip road leading off the motorway was jam-packed, I thought maybe everyone is wanting to get off because of accident, So I got off, traffic lights go green, turn right to my dismay the exit I take was jam-packed, it was stand-still.. I am in the middle lane, carried on to take the third exit back to the motorway to go the long way to work.

Now there is a Set of lights to enter the roundabout, then another set of lights to leave the second exit (which is mine) and the Third set of lights to take the third exit to go back to motorway, HOW easy can it be OR how difficult can it be, anyway there I am Now in the FIRST lane to turn left easy peasy.. OH NO it is not cause there is MR. ARSEHOLE with his flashing two door Merc, who thinks so what if he is in the middle lane, he can put his foot down on the accelerator, cut me off, what is or was the rush I don’t have a clue, to his bad luck since I got a sports car mine also probably accelerates at same speed, So this Mr. HI FI.. Does that cuts me and I have to break sharp… what happens is anyone guess, Icy roads my car goes for a SPIN… and dham hits the barrier…

So a perfectly fine day gets ruined, I wish I was in uniform and in India should have got down and given a nice walloping to this person, he did not even get out, slowed the car and then zipped off… I am left with the front lights smashed, a dent on the side of the car and my head hurting cause I bumped it, I am very bad at this I don’t wear a seat belt , I know I know it’s so bad of me I am just not used to it.

But one good thing happened Lucky me, I rang the recovery guess what, they say oh we have a van out on the fourth exit he he he, so they were there and since my job is like that I have to go and report to a hospital so I was taken for first aid, and an hour later I was at my work, my car brought to the car park, it will be picked up on Saturday for repairs.

What a Start to the beautiful day, everything white and sun shining. I also learned something new today how people react or how much they care for you, I rang a friend (well i thought of them as friend, what they think, I know now) of mine at least 8 times, because how do I put it (which will not hurt my MANLY sentiments 🙂 ), I was a bit shaken it happened so sudden, they could not be bothered to reply back anyway We learn from every incident in our lives. Next time I should call somebody else ha ha ha.

So I thought I shall write this and get some sympathy votes he he he he … But it makes me wonder how things change in a second, AM I Jinxed or AM I JINXED, Ah well all part of life I guess… Wonder what is in store next time… Though I should thank the almighty god that I have not got hurt badly so far, its always been a knick here and there… But then god knows what’s gonna happen next will I be lucky or WILL I BE LUCKY 🙂

So please all reading this drive safe even in your posh cars we all know they drive very smooth and FAST.. Be safe, think of yourself and others on the road, Better be late then never AND PLEASE WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS 🙂 (look who is talking I know). Take care all and yes when someone is desperate to get hold of you do answer back it may be a emergency :).

The WeekEnd- WHY ME !!!!

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Funny Life, Hiking, Life, Sudden

Well I have already written an article on how life changes in a flash of a second, How life Changes(click if you haven’t read it), I had a second experience this Saturday… Makes me wonder how or why the hell it has got to happen with me…

We planned to hike up a mountain (a hill basically, mountain sounds Nicer 🙂 .. ) , six of us decided to go for a weekend camping, YES YES YES I know December, . Not a good idea would have frozen to death… but anyway we decided that… Friday took off after work, down the motorways, (Why do all roadwork’s have to start at same time, spent hour or more sitting driving at 5 or 6 MPH).. It was so late by the time we reached the venue. Got the tents out… sleeping bags luckily for us Jay had made it on time so he had done all the dirty work set the stuff… and got the meat out for us to cook it… SO the night went in a couple of beers a bit of Bar-B-que and freezing…

Next morning started early the plan was to reach the top, then get down by 4pm, there was this pub we had seen while driving where we intended to eat food… there was small brooke , trickling which we had crossed on way up, no one thought or gave it a thought . .we were too engrossed in who will make it to top first , joking at Dave for panting all his way up, and Georgie boy almost falling every step he took. It all went pear shaped on way back, first we got late… it was already dark, it had been raining very hard we were soaked to the inside… Very cold, hands were frozen… everyone was cursing Jay to have decided to come and MADE US COME too 🙂 poor guy.. He always gets in the neck if something goes wrong.

We did not realize that the brook we had crossed was not a trickle anymore, Jay was leading me behind him, then the others, we were looking forward to reaching the Dryness of the tent, get some brandy in ( psstt. Well the situation demanded, it was cold… so all reading this dont frown.) As jay put his foot in water , swish he was on his bottom, he made such a big noise, I must say I laughed as a reaction, then I could see Jay struggle as he got washed away a few feet, ooops I had no option other then Run after him, to get hold of him there was lots of debris, As I put my hand forward , Jay grabbed it but the pebbles, mud, sticks , leaves had made it all so slippery DHAAAAD I was on my Butt, water all over me , my back hit ground, as I splashed hard, my head hit something.. I was splashing like mad, got hold of a branch, held it, while jay was holding my foot…

It felt funny for Dave and George as they were having a laugh, Manny was the only sensible person who actually thought we might have got hurt, torches shone in our eyes and me hurling choices words… then the other realized that it was not funny, Jay had a broken arm, I had my head split in two places, blood had trickled over my eyes, I could not see anything, my glasses had broken.. dirty mud water was in my mouth… YUCK.., there was a drop of a few feet just a yard or so away, had we not recovered it would have been far worse accident.

Jay was in pain, luckily I always carry my first aid kit with me, since I am a trained first aider at work, so WE put a sling around his arm, Dave put some bandage on my head, and my back was bruised pretty nice.

I mean a small brook, no one had given a thought, look at the damage it had done. Small incidents turn nasty. The worst thing none of us had our mobiles, all were nicely packed and DRY at base, it was so dark, could not see our way… God had gotten too angry at earthlings, so he had opened the sky hurling water at us. We decided to stay put at that place, BAD IDEA… but we did not want to risk it again, because there was too much water around… If we slipped again we would have had it…

Anyway after hours god had mercy on us, it stopped to rain… and we decided to move… Luckily for us we all managed to make it back…Where the bottle of Brandy awaited us … Phoned the emergency help, they were soon there, attending to us, I had a crown on my head where they glued the two cuts, Jay was taken to hospital for more X-ray etc, I was fine by then. Then the Giggles started… and I again became centre of jokes.

So next weekend we have decided to go do it once again, I am sure Jay will not be joining us, I have already had a Threatening email from Jamie his wife to not take her husband with us.. Boooo hooooo…Ah well he can have a weekend off with his wife… 🙂

The End.