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Posted: July 14, 2017 in Colours, Photos, Skywatch
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This was supposed to have gone on Wednesday But never got round to publishing it , so thought of doing so now .. I saw a beautiful pic of the sky here  and here ..which reminded me of some of the clicks I had taken ..





This one looks like a Giant Scorpio is coming towards.. with arms wide open…



IMG-20170714-WA0016Linking this to Sky Watch Friday






Can you See what I see 🙂

Friday Skywatch, My entry for this week

Barnmouth in Wales

Barnmouth in Wales



Friday Skywatch, My entry for the Topic



July Photo A Day 2014 challenge :- Day 6 is here , it seems I am on the roll .. two days in a row .. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 getting there .. getting there .. slow and steady .. I think I am too old thats why it is taking time to warm up. The engine is starting slowly he he he he.

Right day 6 , the topic says “View” What can you see from where you are? Share it.

This is again going to be cheating as I dont have a pic of the view where I am, but I have some pics of places I have been to so here are some of the places.



End of the Road is Home ..

Home is at End of the Road


Mirror Mirror who is beautiful

Mirror Mirror who is beautiful

Speech less ..

Breath Taking .. KFR 3135



My sister sent these to me .. On flight to Srinagar..

Please dont copy the pics.

Thursday Challenge WINDOW (Reflections, A View Through a Window, House Windows, Car Windows, Glass,…)

And also for the Skywatch as suggested by Rek .. Thankyou

Driving back from Edinburg.. Entry for Skywatch

My car.. Oh yes SAFARI on Uk roads ... 🙂 Neela Ford Zameen wahun nu.. Rakhi hai SAFARI ghuman Ghumaun Nu 🙂