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Thursday Challenge :-BEAUTIFUL (People, Animals, Flowers, Cars, Houses,…)

The title says Beautiful, What more can be beautiful than this Place.. God’s HOUSE


PS:- I wrote “HOUSE” because there is a reason behind it, will explain in a post coming up 🙂

Here we go again… Around 125 kg of gold, costing nearly Rs 23.75 crore (as per the current market rate) will be required for the ambitious project.

This is what we need as devotee Sikhs, to go to Gurudwara sahib and walk around the walls made of gold.. that’s what Sikhism means, thats what over the years speaking about the religion, studying the religion, the caretakers of the religion have realised.

For them loosing the culture, heritage is of no value, Working for the uplift of the poor or the needy is NOT what our Gurus taught us…

For them the Glitter is of more value then saving our basic Human values, which was held esteem by our Gurus.

but then what do I know, I am just a common man trying to think or make some rationale out of such decisions made by some.. maybe I am wrong OR AM I….

According to the piece of news “Bangla Sahib was built in 1783 and is associated with the Eighth Sikh Master, Guru Har Krishan. Originally a bungalow stood at the site, hence the name “Bangla Sahib.“.. So not only have we lost the heritage building associated with the eighth Guru sahib.. we are now wasting all this money .. which can be used for a lot of good.

This is not the only place where this has happened, At Fatehgarh sahib I distinctively remember when I had gone in 1985 , I could see the Wall where the Two Sahibzada’s,  Sahibzada Fateh Singh and his elder brother, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh were martyred .

Sahibzada  Fateh Singh is probably the youngest recorded martyr in history who knowingly laid down his life at the very tender age of 6 years, I would rather let my kids and the next generation know and See the historic place then the marble, how so ever costly or beautiful it may be.. In summers its So hot you can hardly walk on it.  Yet we have spoilt our heritage, the Sikh heritage .. When I went in 2001, It has been DECORATED with marble and you can hardly see it.

All over the world when every other religion is trying and doing there best to conserve there heritage we on other side are not ashamed of spoiling it.

I would have preferred to see the money spent on the restoration of the place instead  see gold plated walls, What are we trying to portray how rich the Sikh religion is.. No wonder all the officer bearers are no one but the politicians.

There are umpteen issues that can be solved with all that money if spent properly Hospitals, schools, refuge centres, Old age homes. What is worst is the so called leaders hue and cry when the court case comes about the 1984 riot victims , Should this money not be spent on the rehabilitation of such people.

If it was the Government in power doing this the same leaders would say Govt. is not looking after the interests of Sikhs , Yet we ourself don’t care.

Sikhism is the youngest of the religions yet ours is the only religion which is full of so many bad people, Bad influences, bad ideas..

Education in punjab is at lowest, A school in Gurdaspur district has earned the dubious distinction of having the lowest pass percentage in Class X examination conducted by the Punjab State Education Board (PSEB) as only one of its 139 candidates managed to pass. Should we not think about that ? 
If the govt is not doing anything then why can’t the Gurudwara committees think about it , after all most of the Sikh population is in Punjab.

Water scarcity in the state, Why cant we spend this money in helping get water to the needy?

Electricity scarcity in the state, Why cant we spend this money in helping generate more electricity which will help millions ?

Farmers are committing suicides, Why cant we help them ?

Or do our leaders think with so much heartaches, depressions and every other bad feeling, we should come to Gurudwara sahibs , feel proud to see gold plated walls, feel elated touching it. It is indeed a shame that the people who we have chosen to be our representatives take such silly decisions.

It is quiet strange that we get so emotional , angry when someone talks against sikhism yet we are the same people who do nothing or have done nothing for our next generation, it indeed is a pity.. All the teachings told by our gurus have indeed fallen on deaf ears.. because we definitely have not followed them at all.

I am afraid that the youngest religion is running downhill….