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Terrorist have struck again, Killing so many innocent people.  Again this day freedom and everything else along with it came under attack from fanatic people. I am still wondering what religion teaches all this hatred and killing of people. Who is that person who is spreading these teachings.  The people of Paris once again had to face an atrocity after the January attack.

Paris is known to be a Romantic city , a name that brings a feeling of Romance , But today they had to see the brunt of fanaticism. I do wish human beings where-ever they are get together and Join hands to get rid of this all and do a favour to mankind.  I think time has come when ALL governments need to forget their petty issues and work on a bigger factor.

Everyone needs to be very clear who they support and not sounding arrogant but They need to pick up sides are they with the Terrorists or are they against them, if they are against them then they need to speak up , otherwise HOW is it possible that no one knows about the detailed planning that goes on for these acts.  Someone somewhere knows and if they are quiet then they are with those who are killing innocent people.

What a cowardly act, shooting those who are unarmed and without any intimation. These are the same type of people who attacked humanity in Mumbai a few years back.  I am not sure where will humanity get together to face these people and maybe stop them once and for all, It seems no one is safe anymore.

My heart goes out for those who have suffered,  and those who have lost their loved ones to this madness, nothing ever can justify the murders. No doubt this act has been religiously motivated I can’t see any other reason behind it ,

Which GOD has ever preached that killing of innocent is right.

Which God has ever preached that shooting of people who are minding their own business , have a good time , sitting with friends and family at a restaurant having Food , is justifiable.  Even for a minute if we consider these fanatics are fighting or retaliating because of the way foreign governments have treated them, STILL killing the innocent is not right, If they have an issue then target those who are making the decisions , those who are actually doing the damage.




The Gurudwara sahib at Smethwick In Birmingham put the lights on in Solidarity with FRANCE and people of Paris.



A terrible day for free world .. I hope and wish all bloggers speak against this evil that has happened. In today’s day and age one can die if they criticise one religion but killing of innocent people, hijacking , murdering innocent  is STILL RIGHT… Such a barbaric attack which is a threat to the values and freedom of human beings.

Reminds me and brings memories of 26/11 in mumbai, the 7/7 attacks in London and the 9/11 in usa, this is nothing but ANTIHUMAN terrorism

I have a few requests that i want to make and ask  first is kindly do let me know why are you people hell-bent on killing innocent humans, people whom you don’t know, people who you have never seen in your life , what in the world have they done to be treated by you like that, that you don’t give two hoots about them ..

I am sure you have your own reasons or whatever Evil thrill you guys get in killing an innocent human..








Another sad day it was, the day when freedom and everything else along with it came under by attack from fanatic people. I am still wondering what religion teaches all this hatred and killing of people.

Paris is known to be a Romantic city , a name that brings a feeling of Romance , But today they had to see the brunt of fanaticism. I do wish human beings where-ever they are get together and Join hands to get rid of this all and do a favour to mankind.

We live in the year 2015 where a drawing could get you killed. I hope this does not mean that a bullet is stronger than a PEN. I wonder what will happen if every one joins hand to eradicate the evil that lurks around.



A terrible day for free world .. I hope and wish all bloggers speak against this evil that has happened. In today’s day and age one can die if they criticise one religion but killing of innocent people, hijacking , murdering innocent KIDS who are supposed to be God’s face is STILL RIGHT… Such a barbaric attack which is a threat to the values and freedom of human beings.

Reminds me and brings memories of 26/11 in mumbai, the 7/7 attacks in London and the 9/11 in usa, this is nothing but ANTIHUMAN terrorism


We need to fight against fundamentalism but it is important that we dont blame this on muslims as such, because all cant be bad.

#AntiHuman #Charliehebdo #jesuischarlie #parisshooting

I had written this article for Viewspaper ages ago, Was talking to a dear friend who suggested that we should write for our blogs , So I am putting here too 🙂

I am past the stage where I can say I am the youth of India but I have experience to count upon, so I can well imagine what sort of problems plague the youth. When I was studying, the only thing on my mind was what I would do once I graduated. There was no set structure except for discussions on the options one had. Although the advent of technology today has made students comparatively more aware of their choices, a lot of issues still bother them.

The ‘reservation policy’ is creating a divided society and producing a system run by the undeserving and the incompetent. A progressive India, promoting a 50% reservation in the government and private sectors spells disaster – more so, with the OBCs quota. I can understand the noble thought of getting everyone to the same level, but I wonder how this would help. All this has caused a further divide across the country; the rich and the so-called upper castes hate the lower caste more when they see an undeserving (academically poor) candidate getting a seat in a medical or engineering college above the one who deserves.

Getting a seat in a prestigious college requires a lot of hard work.

How can hard work be measured?

I’m sure the kids of the rich and the poor work equally hard, burn the midnight oil and appear for the same exam. Then how come a student who has higher marks loses a seat.  Would this not frustrate the deserving candidates more?

I can understand that the poor can’t afford extra classes or tuitions. The government’s priority in that case, should be to ensure that such facilities are made available to the poor. Free and compulsory education should be provided.

If reservations are to remain, then they should be reduced in percentage and be merit-based, with less difference between the person who gets a seat on merit and one who gets it on reservation. It is unfair that a student at rank 800 gets a seat preference over a student at rank 500, just because the former has a reservation preference to avail.

Moreover, there are rich people from the lower strata who are unfairly using reservations to get free seats. The social standing of the person should be taken into consideration too.

Reservations create an unfair win-win situation because they use the reservation card throughout their lives, to get a seat, then a job and thus, an undeserving student who cannot differentiate a dissection from a dissertation becomes a doctor. Imagine how many people’s lives would depend on such hands that pick up the knife on the basis of a reservation.

The worst thing is that this reservation system passes on to the kids of such people too, and thus, this becomes a vicious circle that goes on and on. The students, who lost their seats to reservations, would be the ones who stand there, dazed and shocked, thinking of how much hard work they put in for a seat that they lost to someone’s caste.

I’d say that reservations actually encourage caste system and magnify the whole divide within the society

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October 1984 was the day when humanity , brotherhood went for a six in a country which boasted of being the biggest democracy and even bigger in diversity.  Its been 27 years now to the day when the mobs were given free hand to do as they please in the wake of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the mob whose one target was to find a Sikh and kill.. neighbours became foes. People who were there with you, for you in thick and thin before that day, The ones who boasted of friendship.

That massacre raises a lot of SERIOUS questions about the autonomy of  law and order machinery,  It all went for a six in those three days. Human rights had no meaning.  Then came another Blow , that too from a chosen leader who supposedly was educated and intelligent , Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, He had the audacity to say in his first public meeting that such things happen or are caused  by the fall of a mighty tree ,  Instead of  condemning it all it seemed he likened the carnage.

In the Drama that has unfolded over the years, lots of govts. came and went , each promising justice but that has never come I mean barely 10-15 people have been convicted for murders committed , the official death toll was 2,733 .. Where is the logic behind all this. How can this be justified ? 

Does this not cast a poor reflection on the integrity of India’s criminal justice system ?

There has not even been a condolence motion to the victims of the 1984 carnage, the human rights in this country has suffered a terrible setback, Such is the disdain displayed by the highest institutions of India,  If such are the deals meted out to the people of this country what can we expect the country to do in case of foreign criminals doing the same to us in our own country.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself acknowledged in Parliament years ago that despite official inquiries into the 1984 carnage, “We all know that we still do not know the truth, and the search must go on.” 

How is it possible, No wonder the indian people are loosing faith in their own country .  When other countries commemorated the 25 years of the bloodshed, India was still quiet as they were too wary of the fact that if  any sort of Commemoration is done for the victims, it would be an insult to Indira Gandhi

Is her Murder bigger then the Murders of  (Official numbers) 2,733?

Even when we were under the RAJ, The british publicly condemned General Dyer for taking the action against the innocent in Jallianwala Bagh, , a Public committee called “HUNTER COMMITTEE” was created, it was endorsed by the house of commons in UK, and Dyer was removed from the army unceremoniously. But India as a country could not do so, HAS NOT DONE SO, in spite of 27 long years gone by. So much so that Independent India has FAILED To measure up to the benchmarks set even by the Raj.

All this has done is give the  communal parties a big thumbs up, well we all know that these are the parties that organised the killings of Muslims in Maharashtra in 1993 and Gujarat in 2002.

We talk of Equality but is there any equality, when there is so much Indifference towards the minorities, I mean if Sikhs can suffer this, imagine what would a Dalit in an obscure village feel.

What does that tell us about the mentality of  the citizens who are still voting for those tainted ministers , I remember the words used by our neighbour in Chandigarh, In those days when the elections took place, She came over to our house and categorically shouted “VOTE PAO HATH NU”.. as the hand was a symbol for congress then and this was the neighbours with whom we had lived since I was born. With whom we were closer than our relatives. Yet when it happened there was only one reality Hindu – Sikh .. all the Love was forgotten.

To this day there are places where more proof of genocide are being discovered, even in January 2011 a place Hondh-Chillar, where 32 Sikhs were killed on November 2, 1984, was discovered in northern Haryana, and in March 2011 another place near Pataudi, was discovered.  The official death toll is much higher than that. 

“The discovery of more Sikh massacre victims after nearly three decades shows the reluctance of successive Indian governments, despite numerous commissions of inquiry, to get to the truth and prosecute those responsible for the anti-Sikh violence,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

It is sad that there are cases being fought on foreign soil against the Congress Govt, Yet no one has batted an eyelid in the country itself.

The 2011 WikiLeaks cable leaks revealed that the United States was convinced about the complicity of Indian Government ruled by the Indian National Congress in the riots, and termed it as “opportunism” and “hatred” of the Congress government against Sikhs.

I wonder what is to become of this great nation, Will the culprits ever be charged for any crime or is it that only the common will have to suffer.

Batti Lal jadon langhe .. Saade maardi hai Dande            (when a car with red light atop comes, we get hit by canes)
Panj Sallan lai appan aape Beeje eh Kande                     (for five years we have Ourself sown these Thorns)
Dangiyaan ch Ujad gaye jihna de Suhaag                        (during the riots , women whose husbands are killed)
Sut dindiyaan ne Sandook Uhle Oh paraandiyaaan …   (they throw the signs of  being a Bride, behind the old cupboards )

Ik Andha kuan hai yaar .. Ik band gali si hai

Ik CHOTHA sa Lamha hai Jo khatam nahin hota ..
yeh Bhasm nahin hota.. Yeh bhasm nahin hota

Beware this is gonna be a RANT.. and I am not in a good mood today, took me hour and half to reach work.. roads are icy.. and people dont know how to drive ahhhhhhh!!!!

I am sick and tired of this phrase. Especially when a fellow Indian asks me that question… Don’t get me wrong… its fair enough if a white guy asks me that… He does not know because for him all brown skin people are the same…

But when an Indian asks me I usually reply from where you are….

This is a common thing you enter a pub, if you meet someone for first time they will be like

“Kehda pind hai apna” (what village are you from)…

Reply- “Muktsar”…

Malwai hain ke Majhe da … (these are areas in Punjab; it is divided into areas… MALWA – DOAB- MAJHA etc)

I must say when I was in India I did not have a clue about this, but here in UK it is like that, further divisions nation-state-area… I bet it’s gonna go to neighbourhood too 🙂

So I have no idea what Muktsar falls under still… Depending on the area you are from, the circle you sit changes a lot especially in pubs or wedding halls.

I would like to reply to these people when they ask me Where am I from That

” Sat samundaron paar mera sohna watan

jida mishri warga paani
jithe zare zare which pyar

Yaar main uthon da
Jithe Jamiya Bhagat Singh Sardar

Does it matter where I from am?

Will it make me a better or bad person depending on the area?

OH YES… dont smile or think I have gone mad writing this… It does matter because it really is a big issue here in UK, among the Asian (Indian) community… I was surprised when “M” (short for Muthu) a friend from Tamil-Nadu found out that I was actually from Punjab, don’t know what he was thinking I was from originally, I guess a lot of people in south have names like Bikramjit SINGH 🙂 (Ok that was sarcy)… but If I am from Punjab does it make me a bad person or what… He stopped coming to my house, stopped taking my calls.

Till I was “BIK” it was fine, later I got to know from his girl friend who worked in the same office as me, that his parents were Brahmins, since I ate meat they had aked there son to stay away from me.. These are the same parents who stayed in my house for two months when there Son could not afford to buy a house and was living on rent, Why was he stupid enough to get his parents over dont ask me ?… I mean that’s hypocracy.. He went to pubs with me to drink… Here I must say he was/is ok with white people, I see him now and then in pubs with that group and its ok cause gora’s eat beef and Beef is not meat and not at all against his religion :).

I am really surprised in today’s day and age this sort of racism still exists, wonder how it is in India.

The problem with meat, I must laugh, here at McDonalds we get cheese burgers, If you ask for a cheese burger, it has a slice of MEAT in it, that meat is BEEF… So Mr. “M” has gone with me a hundred times for a quick bite, ordering cheese burgers… where did the religion go then eating all that Beef.

I really find it funny. If it is to be thought in region way then Punjab has always been higher in the chain, I belong to a JATT/Sikh which if I am not wrong was martial race equivalent to Kshatriya’s So I am higher in the chain in that sense too. So why would it be a problem to be friendly with me. This is not just my story I am sure it happens to a lot others too or has happened, I was chatting with another mate who is in chicago , he too had the same views, he was a bit over dramatic and said dont be friends with anyone other then same caste, same religion, same region.. But thank god I am not like that.. I feel all Humans are equal END OF.

I mean Mr. “M” when you bought your first car and borrowed money from me to pay for it, should you not have thought about asking which area I belong to at that time, the money was tainted.

It’s really sad that living in a foreign place we are so divided, we don’t find this in Pakistani community they stick together whatever region they are from, but Us Indians it is Punjab-south-north-east… Sikh-Hindu-Muslim Jatt-Majhbi-Brahmin
poor-rich etc etc etc…

Ah well I guess I have had my Rant for the day.. so I should shutup maybe there is something wrong with me , I am from Punjab not from India..

Racism- What I think

Posted: December 10, 2009 in My Thoughts., Racism, UK

I have been reading a few articles over how Indians are facing racist comments and remarks abroad, I can fully understand what they are saying about it, I am in UK , I have heard stories about such incidents but touch wood I have never been treated like that. The reason I am writing is not about what happens in USA or UK, Cause I think its not that big a deal if we are subjected to it a bit cause We have on our own decided to come here, no one forced us to come to pastures green.

The thing is we are quick to say this is wrong-that is wrong.. basic human nature, but what we fail to recognise or do is try to change it, Its the same as when a Tiger kills a man he becomes a man-eater, we are quick to pick our rifles shoot it down, But when the same man kills a tiger for pleasure or money, he gets a rap on the wrist a fine, why is it like that.. the same person should be held a Murderer,brought to the book. Just cause the poor tiger cant afford a lawyer or pay the investigating officer should not let his murderer go Scot free.

Anyway I strongly object to people who make a big issue over this that they are treated bad or someone said something to them cause of the colour of their skin, I have lived in India all my childhood, youth, came to uk about 8 years ago. I must say WE AS INDIANS ARE THE MOST RACIST, and I can argue to length over this. If a white guy says to us paki or indian we feel so bad…

But have we ever realized ( I didn’t either till I came here), how we behave ourselves, standing by the roadside in india we want to call a Rickshawala we say
“OYE BHAIYA”… and please don’t tell me the BHAIYA word is meant as brother cause it is not… The word does mean Brother but that’s about it, we do-not call him a brother it is a derogatory word in the context its used end of.

OR going to a restaurant how we call a Waiter… “OYE… “. No one says that to a waiter or a taxi guy abroad.

What we think of humans from UP or BIHAR… I still remember the land labour that comes to punjab during harvest season… the land owners provide food, but when giving the food their utensils dare not touch theirs… I remember getting told off by family elders… How our caste system works… especially when it comes to Hindu-Sikh or Hindu-Muslim.

Look into your own self, If you are a hindu or sikh and have a muslim friend or vice versa, just see how many taunts you get.. You see a Sardar walking people say Oye Sardar.. That is RACISM… If this is what we are doing in our own country then why are we moaning when we are being subjected to same by others.

How we work against FEMALES in our society, How we treat them in our own families, In UK itself I was on a course regarding Forced marriage and honour killing, it is a FACT that out of all this about 12% happens in Indian families. I wont go into the rest but still 12% is a big number girls are being forced to get married between age of 14 – 18 and then there is the honour killing, A sikh girl is seeing a Muslim boy kill her, a Muslim girl is seeing a hindu Kill her.. This is what our society is and We moan on being said a few slurs, Heck I say we deserve it.

I remember the sniggering of my friends when I held the door open for someone behind me, or said thanks to someone or said sorry if I brushed against someone… my friends were like I have become a gora.. But I am saying this is basic etiquettes…

We should work together first in educating people that all humans are Equal irrespective of the colour-cast-creed, and we need to start that from our own backyard.

The problem is that we have come abroad, we have taken the citizenships but in our OWN heart we don’t feel like that, we still call ourselves indians, Heck I do the same… But I think it’s wrong, we work, earn, get rich, eat, here so why do we call ourselves indians… If you know what I mean and that is what the WHITE don’t like which I think is correct, we are being traitors here, we come abroad cause of some reason or other, the common point is to earn money and make a life. We go on dole trying to take or make the most we can, so many people have called their parents over to UK, and I will say HUNDREDS have just for baby sitting or to get the pension money that the Govt here provides for elderly. When british came to india they took all the money back, we hated them, still do BUT are we not doing the same making big bucks and yet saying how this is bad or that is bad…

Lakh Pardesi Hoiye
Lakh Pardesi Hoiye..Apna Desh Ni Bhandi Da…
Jehre Mulk Da Khaiye Usda Bura Ni Mangi Da…..
Lakh Pardesi Hoiye…Lakh Pardesi Hoiye…..

These are just my thoughts… and I don’t intend to OFFEND anyone… but it’s worth a thought what I said. IF i offend someone I am sorry in advance. I am not saying India or Uk Or abroad is bad, I am saying the PEOPLE are what they have made of it.