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Phatte: So, the monsoons are finally here huh? Don’t you just love the feel of the rains? The beautiful breeze that flows and how everything is green in Mumbai?

Vijay: You mean of what little green is left in the city? I’m not really enjoying the rains. My house is getting more unstable day by day. Imagine what a day of continuous rain will do to it.

Phatte: But didn’t your MLA start off some initiative to rebuild houses in the chawl? I noticed the posters plastered all over the place.

Vijay: Yes he did. Just like he promised electricity, subsidized food tickets for the needy and a school exclusively for the chawl kids. Somehow those “schemes” are yet to be started and it’s been couple of years already since the last elections.

Phatte: Well, I think you should talk to your MLA about this.

Vijay: That will take at least a few years. What to do about my house till then?

Phatte: Why a few years?

Vijay: Well, the MLA comes only a month before the elections and then leaves a month after. And even during the rallies and pre-election chaos, he only visits some chawls, picks up the weakest looking kids and talks to the women. We just wave at him from a distance.

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Shocked , Disturbed , Angry , WTF.. are a few words that come to mind.. After hearing and then reading the news about that Maoist attack on our Security men , how they were lured into a place, trapped and killed..

Well But what is more shocking is WHAT THE HELL IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING.. I have always said and believed that IF Govt wants it can control the situation.. the question is IF.. the problem in our country is every single individual person who can do something about it , has some sort of Hidden agenda behind every Thought or decision they make.

More disturbing is the comments they come out with and the passing the buck starts.. the Home Minister P Chidambaram “I told him (Bhattacharjee) the buck stops with you and he must ensure that the buck stops with the SP or the officer in-charge”.. I am sure the CM will say its state govt.. and so on and so forth THIS will carry on.. Till the next incident.. and Then another Dialogue of our HOME MINISTER “Naxals are cowards. Why are they hiding in forests?” ..

They are not cowards , they are doing the best they can in there situations, they are in forest cause they are SAFE there.. What the hell is our Home-Minister talking about, he expects these people to come out in open ground , maybe have a Loudspeaker or something “We are Naxal, we are here, we are 10 men, we have this, this and this as weapons, we will be here for a couple of hours , having a picnic”… WILL THIS INFO BE GOOD ENOUGH

When will we Learn from our mistakes and actually do something.. ?
A lot of questions need answering but Now its time for action, Our Leaders are as I mentioned earlier mere idiots, who have no reason to solve the problems.. Otherwise How can this happen. We are hypocrite people who still go ga ga over the thought that we won the war again Pakistan , we did this BUT If we stop , think for a moment DID WE WIN … DID WE ?

“If this is war, we will fight back”.. said our home minister.. WHEN .. TOMORROW.. the tomorrow which never comes ..

WHAT are they waiting for?

The so called security agencies say one thing, while the HM says another..

Where is the coordination here.. ? DISGUSTING it is .. SOLDIERS have died Mr. Home minister.. SOLDIERS… and to top it he says that results will be expected in 3 to 4 years ..

The security forces look so vulnerable even after the set up of jungle warfare school and equipped with modern weaponry, Still the Maoist seem to have a upper hand, they are more flexible, agile and Intelligent, Obviously there strategists are better then our’s.

The Govt has to take a stand, if it is WAR which it IS.. and which our home minister also thinks, (Blimey who told him that), casualties are inevitable. Security forces will kill or get killed, Which is understandable but whats troublesome is that despite having more resources, better technology and far superior fire power and training, that is so baffling.

And then saying the men did a mistake going or getting themselves into a trap, but more than the men those who gave the orders appear responsible for the tragedy. It’s time, therefore, for some bureaucratic heads to roll. Because their complete lack of accountability is what seems to be dragging the operation down.

Politics in India

Posted: October 26, 2009 in India, People, Politics

I was reading the online newspaper today , on some issues in Punjab, I had to laugh at the heading Here, Bhindranwale rubs shoulders with martyrs . In punjab a few Posters or Hoardings having photographs of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Udham Singh and Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha, along with Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was killed in Operation Blue Star, have come up.

I am not going to comment on that but what was Hilarious was that some leader or whoever it was of the Shiv Sena (Hindustan) Mr Pawan Kumar Gupta.. saying that it was not right and it was all efforts to revive terrorism in Punjab by misguiding the youth.. I did laugh at this statement.. IF I am not wrong isn’t this the same Shiv Sena which has brought the ways about in Maharashtra telling people of outside state to get out of it.

So the party which has such ideologies to stop someone From India to visit a Part of INDIA to which the Insitution of our country has give the right, they are nice ones to comment on them. Moreover what is this guy doing in Punjab should he not be in Maharashtra, whats he doing in a state which is not his.. Something to Think about
Hence the Joke of the Day for me so here I go HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Politics in india is such a dirty game.. I say game cause you never know when or who will change the party at any given time.. I have this feeling that after a days work and slagging off each other all these leaders get together and have a laugh at my fellow indians fora drink and the Toast is “AAJ KITNO KO BEWFKOOF BANAYA”…


This was the expression made by Mr Rajiv Gandhi who later became the prime minister of india, His qualification he was the Son of Assassinated Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi.

Its been 25 years since 1984 Riots on Sikhs, Yet Justice is no where to be found. I live in UK, I was a couple of years back called for Jury service for a murder case 6 days it lasted and the Result was announced. 6 DAYS… But in india when the MIGHTY TREE FELL, Innocents were killed But Justice is still not done.

The Congress was in power then, it is in Power Now.

Why is that ZEAL…

THAT Emotion of doing something for the country that IT and ITS followers had in 1984to take revenge for the FALLEN MIGHTY TREE, Not shown now to at least get the victims justice.

The Two Sikh’s who shot the MIGHTY TREE, they were soon found guilty and hanged.. NOW THAT WAS FAST…

How is it possible that a nation like india, a NUCLEAR POWER, so called growing country, We can Find water on moon, BUT WE CANT GIVE JUSTICE TO OUR OWN CITIZENS. Every year or so ministers come asking us to and move on from what happened in ’84. Well give justice hopefully people will move on.

It took more than 20 years for a Prime minister of India to apologise for the riots, this was a SIKH prime minister, I feel that it was all done to get some mileage of him being a sikh. We are so shameless us INDIANS we are.. No wonder the rest of the world thinks so lowly of us. I can now fully understand why we have to face racist remarks abroad.

We don’t give a damn about our own IN our own country .. how can we expect to be regarded or respected in a Foreign country that’s the Hypocrisy we have US INDIANS.

How many people are there who think what happened in 1984 was wrong, thousands if you beleive google search, out of those thousands how many have actually voted for the so called tainted ministers or leaders or officers, My guess would be MAJORITY of them, is that not hypocracy. On one side we say what happened was wrong, YET we get the same leaders voted to power, so they can do the same again and AGAIN and AGAIN.

I am a indian, a sikh I am sure when I write here that i am in UK a lot of the readers are going to have a smirk saying I am someone to talk, living abroad not doing anything about the country, Well I dont want to tell here what i have done or not, But I know this much that I am still more faithful to India then a vast number of people living in India.

Anyway all said and done.. I wish the indian government would do something for its citizens , by citizens i mean ALL HUMAN BEINGS .. not a select few.