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I have been reading a few blogs and articles on the famous AIB fiasco.. I call it a fiasco because I want to use the same choices words used by the famous personalities to their face and see how they react to that.. BUT hold on before I do that Let me put a disclaimer here LEST people get offended , we cant have that now can we.

Disclaimer can be rubbished so I have another WEAPON that I can use to Justify the use of the beautiful romantic language used and that my friends are the beautiful three words “FREEDOM OF SPEECH“.. and if that speech hurts someone’s sentiments, or hurts any things then $%^£$%^£%$%%&^&^ you get the hint, yeah I know I am a hypocrite I should have used the lovely word used by the famous celebrities instead and I am sure none of you would have got offended. HOW can you after all freedom of speech, But hold on let me put the Disclaimer ..

Disclaimer:- This POST is not for those who get offended over ANYTHING, the moment you feel offended by what I have written or WHAT I MIGHT SAY ON YOUR FACE, OR TO YOU please look somewhere else or do something else. Anything I say or write or do is my Fundamental right, Don’t ask me to not to. Even more If I am abusing you in PUNJABI or HINDI you cant get offended as I will be using my mother tongue and using my mother tongue is my BIRTH RIGHT. and it does get included in FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

(Any solicitors -advocates or INTELLIGENT people reading the above Disclaimer can you please tell me if this covers every angle , don’t want a law suit against me now for something stupid like this, something so small as using offensive language, after all we are all ADULTS and INTELLIGENT and MATURE).

So my views on the program involving the Celebrities, the people who are in public eye, people whom many idolise and THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SOME RESPONSIBILITY because of the nature of their work or life they lead. So let gets it out of the way first what I think of them, THEY are a BUNCH OF IDIOTS. I did not expect such language from them (another thing I forgot was EDUCATED people), How can someone in SANE mind really support such atrocious language, How can it be justified in the name of Freedom of speech or saying the program had a disclaimer.

Yes we have a choice to listen or see the show , Yes we could have changed the Channel yes this yes that.. Hoo haah.. BULLOCKS..

My question to everyone who is all supportive and going GA GA over the episode.

1. WILL THEY ALLOW THIS LANGUAGE in their own house

2. Will they themselves USE this Language

3. DO YOU use this language Yourself, if NO then WHY NOT.. WHY are you yourself not using it BUT you support this.

4. What would be your reaction if I used this language in front of you.

5. AND to create another Controversy – WILL the same people say or talk about this freedom of speech blah blah the same way if A MAN is using the language for a LADY.. or a MOTHER IN LAW is using the Language for a Daughter in law – Vice Versa.

Why do people start to talk about sexism- the age old MAN-WOMAN issues – After all it could be the right use of freedom of Speech, so what if it offends you, LOOK THE OTHER WAY or better still change your way.

The sole reason and what has made me angry at the show is the participation of these celebrities because I genuinely feel that they have a responsibility being in the public eye, they got to live up-to the expectations of the people, THAT is the Life they have chosen, that is what they are getting PAID for , YES it does not matter to me if a tom-dick-harry talks such rubbish language because he/she is a nobody, BUT these people. NO.. so many people follow them and try to emulate them, Look up to them what sort of message are they sending out.

IF this is me being hypocrite then I AM, this is not what was taught to me or this is not what I have learned, obviously what these guys have learnt is simply pathetic, THEY ARE THE BIGGEST hypocrites trying to be someone they are not.

And then I read another funny thing how some people are being targeted for openly speaking against it Well isn’t that their right , the so called freedom of speech to say what they think, Why are their actions being noted and they being called hypocrites.

In the name of Comedy these people used such atrocious language, what was worse was there were so many in the audience clapping, and I thought that an Actress like Deepika Padukone was sophisticated ALAS she turned out to be just the same , she is definitely off my list. I have been to some beautiful stand-up comedy shows never ever have I heard such a language, I have been in situations where people have used filthy language but never this Filthy. Even a Drunk or someone high on drugs who is about to get arrested does not use this language.

I am sorry that was not comedy it was a SLEAZY SHOW which sadly was being telecast, Another Question (oh god I am asking so many questions, ) to all those

6. Would you sit with your MOM or DAUGHTER or SISTER (if you are a man) .. DAD or BROTHER or SON (if you are a woman) ( got to ask about both lest someone reading points out I am being sexist now).. and Watch this program. You are all adults.

I am sure that GOOD – RESPONSIBLE people would have kept themselves away from this, maybe it was a cheap publicity stunt Actors are like politicians they will do anything for MONEY or to be in public eye, Here is another thought if the same language is used by a Politician will you VOTE for them still.

Ok Now go on Kill me 🙂

Samajwadi Party leader slapped for taking oath in Hindi; 4 MLAs suspended for 4 yrs Mumbai, November 9
Eager to prove that they meant business despite their insignificant strength in the Maharashtra Assembly, the 13 MLAs of Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) marked the first day of the new Assembly session by assaulting Samajwadi Party (SP) MLA Abu Azmi inside the House.

While Raj Thackeray has threatened “action”against MLAs who take their oath in any language other than Marathi, Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi has stated that he would do so only in Hindi

And this is from the GUY who had a Statement the other day saying that the muslims who have problems with VANDE MATRAM should go to Pakistan, This means that what the clerics say about Vande Matram is correct, they have the right to air there views, We dont have any right to tell them they are wrong. I mean What is this .. A MLA is being slapped for taking oath in HINDI. How stupid can that be.. As far as i remember the constitution of India gives every citizen the Fundamental right of free speech, to make matters worse the guy who is slapped is a CHOSEN candidate, CHOSEN by the people. So basically these people have slapped the people who chose there representative worst of all is One Member took OATH in English.

So what are we saying Hindi is below English, which is not even OUR Language, When i wrote a blog saying we are in so much of a AWE of white skin, I was right then. We slap a elected representative for taking oath in hindi, But not the one who took it in English.

How can this be going on, Why are we not doing anything against it.
I think In punjab every body coming from Mumbai should be forced to talk in punjabi or asked to leave the state, same for Haryana and the other States.

The question is What is the national language of India. Is it HINDI or is it state driven, It really disgusts me , If I fly to India, Land in Mumbai will i need to speak in marathi. Or if I land in Delhi I will need to talk in hindi ,Punjabi if I land in Amritsar.

Mind you all this happened inside the Assembly, I mean do these people have NO SHAME for what they do, Inside the very house they are chosen to represent. What is happening to this country have we fallen so low that we try to pick any issue to get headlines, targetting the VOTERS .

Will the Leader of this PARTY take Moral responsibility of what has happened, WILL HE OR WILL HE NOT. Will these people do anything just to be in headlines. Who gives them the right to do this and get away with it. If we insult our national flag it is a punishable offense by law, THEN why should this not be punishable, This same leader had problems with the indian cricket team doing some sort of act against the national flag in a foreign country, he had a lot to speak then. Why have these people not been arrested and SHAMED. There fundamental rights should be withdrawn , they should be treated like a common criminal, brought to justice and JAILED.

I am from punjab so what should be my mother tongue PUNJABI cause i am from that state or should it be HINDI cause I am indian.

EVERY indian should know the honour of there country, should respect their country, NO one is above the country, NO ONE. I strongly believe that every indian should serve in the army for a few years, it should be compulsory. There should be rules and LAWS which should not be spared for anyone. EVERY one has to be answerable to LAW. Every citizen has to give something back to the country.

This news has really disturbed me a Lot. What say people when I say that we indians always put our fellow indians down with pleasure, We feel proud of doing anything and everything in doing it, It seems we will never learn from our mistakes, We will keep doing the same things over and over again.

Next we will be hearing how a person was slapped cause they were talking in hindi especially in Maharashtra, oooops I might be in the firing line for writing this blog in English.

Good night guys its 9:40 PM here in my part of the world Hope we can wake up if we want our country to progress but with leadership like these MLA’s , political parties like the one who do such acts, WE DEFINITELY CAN’T.