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Indian team has been found wanting in the match, they have had to play some tough cricket and look what happened.. What amazes me is the way we have lost the match ..

India needs a firm grip over the way things are going on , a lot of patching needs doing , we have spent so much time on the IPL that the matches where it matters .. well we have seen what has happened .. the so-called top 3 did not do well at all, I don’t want to be mean to the little master but will he ever perform when the Indian team needs him the most .. I don’t see many matches where he has dug his heels and said I AM NOT GETTING OUT ..

Bhajji came and hit some shots but it was too late for anything ..

I know test match is a tough cricket .. India did not look tough enough.. I don’t know how the politics works in the team, but we never looked like a winning team, While watching the match in the first innings when things were not going the english way , Yet they looked a TEAM. a tough team..  and they all worked together , Not One player or top 3 or whatever .. they worked together .. If strauss could not make runs the tail ender Broad was taking india for a ride.  The english opener did not score many runs but the other players picked up ..

Indians had a sorry score card.. first innings Broad took us apart and this innings Bresnan took us apart.. I feel sorry for our boys and I hope they get there act together ..

We have the talent but why are we not giving them the chance, why are the likes of rohit , virat not there , we play a lot of cricket the ipl , the one dayers and then we went to the Caribbean , we should have been on the ball raring to go but alas it did not happen…  I know many of the players will make it a excuse of too hectic a schedule , well all i will say to them is say no to IPL… which i doubt any of the players will do because of the Moolah involved..

Sorry if i sound harsh but It was hurting watching the matches and the way we have played , A few players did not go to west indies what were they going back home should they not have been preparing for this tour, I a ma big big fan of Zaheer and Yuvraj but I felt they looked Unfit , they had not been going to the Gym while in india .. working out , keeping fit.. Our team is not as fit as the english team.

We are a team of individual stars hoping that they will perform, it seems we can never play as a TEAM.  Look at the fitness of both the teams and I am sure anyone can see ..  One side ready to perform at the highest level, the other side individual left to their own devices HOPING they will perform ..

When we are a top team a number one team .. a lot depends on the bench strength but we have been found wanting ,  when it loses a pace man who has a lot of variety in his armoury we don’t have a replacement …

Sehwag is to come in the next match lets see what he brings .. He is a great player we all know but what can he alone do, Yet I do have this feeling that with him in the team the opponents bowlers will have something to think about so that might work in our favour.  I hope Gambhir comes back too..

What I mean about being tough and fit is that on the first day of the second test match Gambhir was rolling and diving in the nets on the arm supposedly with a bad injury or broken,  yet he is sitting outside injured , where is the theme gone when the going gets tough the tough get going,  Thats when boys become MEN, I would have expected Gambhir to walk out and Play, there have been players who have actually played with broken bones, I remember Kumble bowling with a broken jaw.. Now that man was tough he would not sit outside miss a game .. Thats the type of players we need when we have such high-profile tours, Winning west indies we were complacent.

The english team has put us right where we are, sitting on glory majority of the time.. I hope the third test brings something new and our boys forget this loss and come out raring and playing as a team .. I know we can’t win the series now but lets not lose it boys .. GET up and DO your best …

There has to be some toughness that needs to come, it is a big test about our character we have been very sloppy in every department of  the game , its time we showed the world why we ARE the number one team in the world and toughen up..

Hopefully Sehwag will bring that toughness in the team..  We are a side known for our batting and batting is what has let us down , the bowlers though not at par with the english yet did a good job for india..  its time the players did something with the bat and showed that they deserve to be in the team..  It is time to perform boys… All the best …  .. See you at edgbaston, birmingham.. Hopefully I will see you play on the weekend … My tickets are on way ..



I am crying today .. oh yes , its just one of those days when nothing seems to go your way. I want to go home, let my mum fuss around me. Let her say how good i am , shower numerous praises on me.

Country roads .. take me Home ..
To the place I belong …
I hear a voice in the morning how she calls me
The radio reminds me of my home far away
Drivin’ down the road I get the feelin’

That I should been home yesterday yesterday


I have been a F*%&$£” looser all this time.. AHHHHHHHHHH I would kill someone today
Got up in morning, went the gym and did bugger all, cause the moment I went to do chest press the bloody machine broke…

Then thought leave the weights go for a swim, picked my stuff went to the changing room only to find that I had not got my trunks in the bag, I am very short tempered sometimes so by this time I was fuming at myself.


Ended up going on the treadmill.. shower and came out to find Some Idiot had hit my car, HOW CRUEL can it be, it was parked perfectly fine so now I am without back lights, went into enquire if the cctv has got the number plate of the car for insurance purpose, Guess what a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. the cctv is there but it was not recording.. the idiots had forgotten to put it to record, WHAT USE IS IT TO HAVE THE CCTV…. more AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Came to work to find that last night there was a power cut, so my machine had got rebooted, which meant all the work i had done after the last SAVE, was lost.. especially the SQL queries.. that had been written for testing that makes me MAD , cause it takes ages to get the query right, yesterday I had spent lot of hours optimising a query which was taking more than a hour to run , over internet to 26 minutes , I HAD LOST THAT …. more aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh my manager and a collegue have had earfull of my moaning today…

Its a CONSPIRACY .. a saazish.. it is a PLOT.. to bring me down,, everything is planning to bring me down … I thought I will write it down and take my anger over here… dont know if i will post this or not .. lets seee…

Indians in UK- Loosers

Posted: November 1, 2009 in indians, Loosers, UK

I was having a chat where in I was told that people who leave india to settle abroad are a bunch of loosers also Recently a friend of mine pointed out to me that I work for the BRITS, so why should I get angry at things happening in india. I think why not

If I have come to uk does it mean I have lost my individuality, If I work for a british company then does that mean I have become a traitor or something on those terms.

I came abroad cause I knew i could not have done anything in india. I would not have a Job to start with. Cause I was not a bright student, in india its all about MARKS, SIFARISH, RISHWAT. I had none of the three.. so either i stayed there to somehow manage through my life.. OR I come here to do something.

It so happened that when i arrived here I got a job with a firm as a programmer, I went to the interview the person who interviewed me did not look at my certificates, A few practical problems were put in front of me to solve. Thats it .. I was offered the Job. So all those marks etc were good enough for a Foreign firm.. but not for companies back home.

My granddad had this passion to see me go into army, I cleared the IMA exams appeared for SSB interviews to be told that i was not good enough for the indian army. ( I will give a example here , One person got selected he was known to me , during our four days stay for the SSB, we as a group went to see the city , the SSB was in Dehradun.. We had gone to see some caves and there was a Mandir.. Now this guy refused to go in the mandir saying he is a SIKH.. he still got through and now is a major I think and OH I Forgot he was also the Son of a Lt General.) No more comments on that issue … Pity my dad was not One…

And yeah I also Cleared the Dy Commandant exams , but My bad luck my parents could not afford paying 12 lakh Rs as was the going rate at that time, I guess its there FAULT.. they should have sold some piece of land to pay some Arsehole so I could be selected …

Here in Uk I am working for a multi national firm, I also work for the Police, I managed to get through the interviews everything , I was not good enough for my own countries Army but good enough for a foreign countries Police force.

Just because I am a indian and I DONT work for a indian firm does that make me not Indian anymore. ?

People in India from one state to another, think they are going to a foreign place ask anyone from UP or Bihar they will call there State as there DESH.. They come to punjab to earn a living, They say while returning back home “APNE DESH JA RAHE HAIN”. Does that mean they are not Indians.

So why are we demonised if We have come to UK or USA to work and Earn a living.

Why are we criticised if we speak against something in India, Why ..
We have the same right to speak out.

No one says No to the money I give or the free work I do for Indian charities,
Why are NRI’s so much wanted for grooms or brides, Suddenly we are Indians.
But on the other hand we are not good enough cause we chose to settle abroad. It hurts me when that happens, is that making me selfish or the people who are using me selfish.

I reach Delhi airport, there is me standing along with a foreigner , at customs it takes 2 seconds for his passport to be checked , that too with a SMILE and Good Evening by the Custom Official, My turn comes I takes 10 to 15 minutes to go through my passport, under the UV light, this side that side, A UGLY LOOK as I am a criminal , I say Hi.. No response forget about the smile.. AM I BEING HYPOCRITE HERE OR SOMEONE ELSE. I had the same experience EVERYTIME I came on my Indian passport, Now I got british I get the Same smile and sometimes a SIR tooo.

If I am voicing my views about the corrupt practises in India, I am told that this is not good I have left india so I am a good one to speak about it.

Maybe I AM A LOOSER THEN… hurts me to feel that my own people are saying this about me , ah well I guess another reason to have come here at least here in uk I am not made to feel this way.

Sorry if I hurt anyone’s sentiments.. But then thats what LOOSERS do … I will write other experiences I had in a few days to come. Maybe then someone might tell me that I am not a LOOSER to have come to UK.

thanks for reading this