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Indian team has been found wanting in the match, they have had to play some tough cricket and look what happened.. What amazes me is the way we have lost the match ..

India needs a firm grip over the way things are going on , a lot of patching needs doing , we have spent so much time on the IPL that the matches where it matters .. well we have seen what has happened .. the so-called top 3 did not do well at all, I don’t want to be mean to the little master but will he ever perform when the Indian team needs him the most .. I don’t see many matches where he has dug his heels and said I AM NOT GETTING OUT ..

Bhajji came and hit some shots but it was too late for anything ..

I know test match is a tough cricket .. India did not look tough enough.. I don’t know how the politics works in the team, but we never looked like a winning team, While watching the match in the first innings when things were not going the english way , Yet they looked a TEAM. a tough team..  and they all worked together , Not One player or top 3 or whatever .. they worked together .. If strauss could not make runs the tail ender Broad was taking india for a ride.  The english opener did not score many runs but the other players picked up ..

Indians had a sorry score card.. first innings Broad took us apart and this innings Bresnan took us apart.. I feel sorry for our boys and I hope they get there act together ..

We have the talent but why are we not giving them the chance, why are the likes of rohit , virat not there , we play a lot of cricket the ipl , the one dayers and then we went to the Caribbean , we should have been on the ball raring to go but alas it did not happen…  I know many of the players will make it a excuse of too hectic a schedule , well all i will say to them is say no to IPL… which i doubt any of the players will do because of the Moolah involved..

Sorry if i sound harsh but It was hurting watching the matches and the way we have played , A few players did not go to west indies what were they going back home should they not have been preparing for this tour, I a ma big big fan of Zaheer and Yuvraj but I felt they looked Unfit , they had not been going to the Gym while in india .. working out , keeping fit.. Our team is not as fit as the english team.

We are a team of individual stars hoping that they will perform, it seems we can never play as a TEAM.  Look at the fitness of both the teams and I am sure anyone can see ..  One side ready to perform at the highest level, the other side individual left to their own devices HOPING they will perform ..

When we are a top team a number one team .. a lot depends on the bench strength but we have been found wanting ,  when it loses a pace man who has a lot of variety in his armoury we don’t have a replacement …

Sehwag is to come in the next match lets see what he brings .. He is a great player we all know but what can he alone do, Yet I do have this feeling that with him in the team the opponents bowlers will have something to think about so that might work in our favour.  I hope Gambhir comes back too..

What I mean about being tough and fit is that on the first day of the second test match Gambhir was rolling and diving in the nets on the arm supposedly with a bad injury or broken,  yet he is sitting outside injured , where is the theme gone when the going gets tough the tough get going,  Thats when boys become MEN, I would have expected Gambhir to walk out and Play, there have been players who have actually played with broken bones, I remember Kumble bowling with a broken jaw.. Now that man was tough he would not sit outside miss a game .. Thats the type of players we need when we have such high-profile tours, Winning west indies we were complacent.

The english team has put us right where we are, sitting on glory majority of the time.. I hope the third test brings something new and our boys forget this loss and come out raring and playing as a team .. I know we can’t win the series now but lets not lose it boys .. GET up and DO your best …

There has to be some toughness that needs to come, it is a big test about our character we have been very sloppy in every department of  the game , its time we showed the world why we ARE the number one team in the world and toughen up..

Hopefully Sehwag will bring that toughness in the team..  We are a side known for our batting and batting is what has let us down , the bowlers though not at par with the english yet did a good job for india..  its time the players did something with the bat and showed that they deserve to be in the team..  It is time to perform boys… All the best …  .. See you at edgbaston, birmingham.. Hopefully I will see you play on the weekend … My tickets are on way ..



I am devastated, angry and god knows what .. It amazes me , YEAH it does amaze me everytime i read a story like this that how much more can we stoop down to..

In mumbai a girl , a newly born girl is left with the mothers sister, while the parents divorced and left to settle somewhere else, this girl grows to 12 years old and now it is revealed that she has been continously RAPED for a year and half.. by her own cousin, The mother’s sister SON. The son then involves others too.. Including a 71 year old.

This was all in the news on 23rd march 2010, what has irked me more is that all the 5 or 7 accused have been granted bail, and the The 71 year old ailing bastard who could rape a girl younger than his grand-daughter get bail, the defense lawyer wants bail for him… “Sharma is ailing and has to overcome the trauma of facing the allegations against him” the lawyer said.

Is this Defense lawyer MAD or what .. has he not got any sort of heart, has he not got females in his household, or is the MONEY that he will get for fighting this case so important.

Can some SANE person please tell me , why did the JUDGE grant him bail, how pathetic can it get..

The lady judge, Malwani Pawar, granted bail to the five arrested persons—Jamuna Prasad Sharma (71), Jitendra Yadav (25), Vinod Yadav (27), Vakil Ahmed (27) and Premchand Pandit (35)—after each of them paid Rs 35,000 as bail surety.

– First of all this is going on for so long, where was the AUNT.. did she never suspect anything…

– Then there is the school which had the following statement to make

“The staff informed me that the girl was very innocent and an average student. But there were occasions, they said, when she would take 2-3 days leave without informing the school. But we did not realise the matter was so serious. Had the school management learnt about it we would have taken severe action against those guilty,” principal (Marathi medium) S M Deshmukh

Should they not have enquired from the GIRL herself, when she did come back to school , Where was she, informed her AUNT at least about her missing the classes and school

I really want to give a STANDING SALUTE to this school, they are doing a wonderful job with the schooling.

– The lodges where the girl was taken for the pure-beautiful-lovely work, The owners did they not ask why a 12 – 13 year old was coming with different MEN. Will someone ASK them this, They are as much responsible…

– The parents When will someone hold them responsible, is it not a duty of the PARENT till the child is ADULT.. Should they not be questioned.

Police not sure what they are doing, but thankfully they are not torturing the poor girl to change her and make money from the accused, I am assuming this , I dont know.

Then on 2nd april there was another case against a 25 year old woman and The Pune gang rape case will be shifted to a fast track court, home minister R R Patil said in the legislative assembly.

NOW look at the situation a home minister involved, and in the case of the 12 year old nothing , the accused get BAIL..

When will we hang our heads in shame.. WHEN ..

What do we think should be the punishment, Rather HOW CAN WE PUNISH them when the so called lawyers who have read law and know its abouts .. they get the bail done with a pathetic statement that “Sharma is ailing and has to overcome the trauma of facing the allegations against him,” . WHAT TRAUMA what the F&%$ was he doing when he was inflicting the TRAUMA on the little girl..

All these political parties, The Thackreys, The Congress The rest of the CLAN.. create a ruckus over pathetic things as we know… NONE of these so called leaders have said anything.. DO they not read these news, How come they are all shut , I guess too busy in doing things for the prosperity of Mumbaikers.. Or finding something to be in the NEWS… This is what is happening in the City is someone interested or bothered …….

What has this world come to OR AM I TOO STUPID TO THINK OF THIS

Moral from a relation

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Angry, Hurts, Life, Love, My Thoughts., Rant, Soch

A man hated his wife’s cat and he decided to get rid of it. He drove 20 blocks away from home and dropped the cat there. The cat was already walking up the driveway when he approached his home.

The next day, he decided to drop the cat 40 blocks away but the same thing happened.. He kept increasing the number of blocks but the cat kept coming home before him.

At last he decided to drive a few miles away, turn right, then left, past the bridge, then right again and another right and so on until he reached what he thought was a perfect spot and dropped the cat there.

An hour later…. The man calls his wife at home and asked her, “Jen is the cat there?” “Yes, why do you ask?” answered the wife.

Frustrated the man said,” Put that damn cat on the phone, I am lost and I need directions to reach home!!!


“How much ever we dislike somebody, someday we will need their assistance. So never worry how many people dislike you … ”

and Loads will be there who dislike you.. even the people who say they love you will dislike you.. they will be thinking of someone else when saying they love you..
But be BRAVE and STAND TALL… Because everyone will match there alike .. if they break your heart someday someone will break theres .. to make them realise ..

If they dislike you .. then someday someone will dislike them with so much hatred they will have a chill go down there spine …

There is a program on Tv which comes once a month I think (not sure), called CrimeWatch.. It really disturbed me a lot last night.. apart from the usual that comes on it .. burglary, theft, GBH, or attempt.. What really shocked me was

A 13 year old beautiful girl, is sitting on a Bus stop in BROAD-DAYLIGHT, a Guy comes out of no where and sits next to her and starts to Fondle her, do Gross things RIGHT AT THE BUS STOP IN BROAD DAY LIGHT.. then he took her to a secluded place and ___ And then leaves to catch a train Calmly as if Nothing has happened. GET SHOCKED.

What has made me so mad about this is that

Its Broad Daylight..

People are there ,

Bus is stopping,

People are getting on to the Bus and NOONE gives a F&*% about what is going on Right there in Front of them. They are watching, This Guy almost drags the poor girl, people are on the Road.. ARE THEY F*&%$£& BLIND..

What has this world come to .. ?
Is no one interested in anything anymore.. ?
Have we become so F%&$*£$ Cowards.. ?

I am raging at the moment, god knows why , I feel really angry, VERY ANGRY.. Why would a Man do such a thing.. He want to have SEX with someone , Bloody hell Go to a corner of a road, find a bloody prostitute, pay her 10 bucks and get yourself releaved.. For F*&* sake… There are ample of prostitutes on british streets to do the favour for 10bucks… If you are so bloody aroused use them.. HOW will you feel if I did this with your daughter , your wife….

Such people dont deserve to Live.. they need to be caught and there ___ cut off.. Ridiculous.. a 13 year old girl.. What is this bloody world coming to.

The people who saw all this need to be ashamed of themself, as they say in hindi.. CHULLU BHAR PAANI MAIN DOOB MARO… If someone did this to your family you guys will be the first one to blame police, people everyone.. Now it is happening to someone else you are mere spectators..

What does it take to dial 999, Even if it a BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND… HUSBAND/WIFE… So what.. Ring the police tell them “You think it is an Assault happening.. “ It becomes a Response call or immediate then .. the police Has to do something.. Worst case scenario.. the couple (IF THEY ARE) will get a nasty surprise and a telling off to Do it indooors.. BUT on other hand a Innocent 13 year old is Saved..


If you dont have Phone.. you are in a Bus.. which is about to move.. If you are so afraid of yourself.. JUST SHOUT at top of your voice .. “OYE .. what do you think you are doing”.. THATS ALL IT TAKES… if its a genuine couple fine you will get a abuse back or a middle finger.. But if they are not .. The guy might get afraid and run away .. YOU save a innocent 13 year girl..

The police should find out who the people were at that time on the bus stop , who saw and TAKE THESE PEOPLE TO TASK.. These idiots, cowards are worst then offender.. at least we know the offender.. But these people are equally involved and are equally responsible.


God please please give me the strength that I dont chicken out if I see anything like this PLEASE…..

Parting .. Moving On

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Hurts, Love, Parting, Soch

Relationships are made and broken, I am sure we have all experienced these sorts of stuff all the time, (hopefully not too often), So what happens When a relationship ends, I have seen that when two people part or break up, its always easier for one person to shed it off faster, while the other wades through the pain and grief of parting.

I think how one takes it depends on the personality of the person, But a lot depends on the manner in which you break of. There could be a lot of reasons

1. Constant arguments.

2. Or was it falling out of Love

3. Or not able to show it to the other

4. Or simply could not be bothered

5. Or did not want to work on the relation.

6. Was there respect in the relationship?

7. Did one cheat on the other.

8. Sometimes there is this Arrogance or Ego.. To say Sorry or to take the first step, Why does it matter who said sorry first.

How can it be helped, well if the break is up for the RIGHT REASON.. then it is easier, sometimes it so happens that one person has found someone else to love, while the other is smarting under disbelief and grief. The hurt may fall in a relation a Temporary one often called “on the rebound.”

But as they say TIME HEALS IT ALL. A time comes when tears dry up, The constant checking of the Phone for a missed call or sms stops, Emails , the heartache stops.

The only thing that remains is a regret for what could have been.

Everyone Moves on, That’s life, No matter how hard or bitter the parting is, This is the reality. But somewhere in the heart it remains that


Sometimes a beautiful relation gets spoiled by personal Ego, or Personal attitude IF you love someone then This EGO or Attitude Should not have a place.

Does it matter if Ms. A comes and holds Mr. B’s hand and says Sorry Or vice versa.
Does it matter is Mr. B says I love you and Ms A leaves everything (even if it is for a Second) to come to him

DOES IT MATTER WHO SAID WHAT WHEN TO WHO… because its easier to Part then remain together.. That’s the biggest challenge to Stay then MOVE ON..

Ah well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I had a horrific day yesterday and it was not snowing either. On my way to work, I had just finished talking on the phone. I usually take the motorway in mornings so as to reach office on time, in evenings i go through the town, as I am in no rush can afford going at a leisurly pace.

Well it had just gone past 6:20pm, dark outside, single lane traffic, clear sky. The speed limit on the road is 30MPH, thats 30 miles an hour, At the roundabout, I was to go straight on, I could see about 60 yards there is a set of traffic lights, which had just gone to amber ready to go to Red, Suddenly a flash motor car, Yeah you guessed it a BMW sped , overtook my stationary car, the car in front of me , did not give two hoots to traffic from right, the guy on the roundabout coming from right had to break sharp.

This guy went over and then a loud bang, I mean this was right in front of my eyes, The speeding car had went straighton, meanwhile the traffic lights had gone to Red, a young girl was crossing the road, BAM .. the car hit her, then the driver probably breaked hard , skidded went into the back of another car parked on the road.
I went over, parked my car , put the hazards on a few people had collected around the girl, Went to her , she was hurt, I rang 999 called for the ambulance and police.

A few people had gone over to the car, the driver was hurt, had a split head, clutching his harm, But I felt no remorse for him, wish i could just get up get the hockey stick from the boot of my car and BEAT the Shite out of this guy. What was the Rush that he drove so fast, Why cant people be more careful and drive within the limits, I can understand the rush to drive fast, do it .. Go to the car racing circuits get the animal out of you , unleash it there. Roads are not meant to drive rashly, they have been made to let people drive sensibly , to reach from one place to another.

The reason why they don’t go to the racing circuits is because there are better drivers then them out there, with better cars So they get to show off on the road. The speed limits are set for a Reason, Please follow them. Its 30MPH for a reason, A person has more chances of surviving the crash if hit by a car running at 30MPH or less, but the chances of survival reduce dramatically on a higher speed.

These are the Statistics…

20 mph – in a car accident involving a pedestrian at this speed there is a one in 40 chance the pedestrian will be killed.

30 mph – in a car accident involving a pedestrian at this speed there is a one in five chance the pedestrian will be killed.

35 mph – in a car accident involving a pedestrian at this speed there is a one in two chance the pedestrian will be killed.

40 mph – in a car accident involving a pedestrian at this speed there is a nine in ten chance the pedestrian will be killed.

Please Think. Watch it to see the impact.

Please be safe, If you are not interested in your own safety then you have no right to put others in danger. THINK before you go on speeding.

The poor girl was taken to the hospital, where she was found to have broken her pelvis, her shoulder and had other injuries all over. The guy he can rot in hell, was home after a few stitches.. While this girl would be in hospital for a long time , once she gets out it will be a long road to recovery not to mention the pain she, her parents, her well wishers will have to go through.

I am going as a witness to this accident I hope and prey the judge sends this guy to prison for a long time , takes his license away for ever, impounds his car send it to the crushers to be crushed. People who are reading this please if you see anything like this make sure you are a witness and dont be afraid to go in front of the jury, We all have a sense of responsibility and duty towards others. If we use the road then we should stand up against such attitude.

I wish harder sentences are given and people are brought to the book for such senseless driving, they should be tried for attempt to take life, as I wrote in my previous article. THE CAR IS A LOADED GUN, a tool to do serious damage with, it is a serious WEAPON.
Drink and Drive.

Beware this is gonna be a RANT.. and I am not in a good mood today, took me hour and half to reach work.. roads are icy.. and people dont know how to drive ahhhhhhh!!!!

I am sick and tired of this phrase. Especially when a fellow Indian asks me that question… Don’t get me wrong… its fair enough if a white guy asks me that… He does not know because for him all brown skin people are the same…

But when an Indian asks me I usually reply from where you are….

This is a common thing you enter a pub, if you meet someone for first time they will be like

“Kehda pind hai apna” (what village are you from)…

Reply- “Muktsar”…

Malwai hain ke Majhe da … (these are areas in Punjab; it is divided into areas… MALWA – DOAB- MAJHA etc)

I must say when I was in India I did not have a clue about this, but here in UK it is like that, further divisions nation-state-area… I bet it’s gonna go to neighbourhood too 🙂

So I have no idea what Muktsar falls under still… Depending on the area you are from, the circle you sit changes a lot especially in pubs or wedding halls.

I would like to reply to these people when they ask me Where am I from That

” Sat samundaron paar mera sohna watan

jida mishri warga paani
jithe zare zare which pyar

Yaar main uthon da
Jithe Jamiya Bhagat Singh Sardar

Does it matter where I from am?

Will it make me a better or bad person depending on the area?

OH YES… dont smile or think I have gone mad writing this… It does matter because it really is a big issue here in UK, among the Asian (Indian) community… I was surprised when “M” (short for Muthu) a friend from Tamil-Nadu found out that I was actually from Punjab, don’t know what he was thinking I was from originally, I guess a lot of people in south have names like Bikramjit SINGH 🙂 (Ok that was sarcy)… but If I am from Punjab does it make me a bad person or what… He stopped coming to my house, stopped taking my calls.

Till I was “BIK” it was fine, later I got to know from his girl friend who worked in the same office as me, that his parents were Brahmins, since I ate meat they had aked there son to stay away from me.. These are the same parents who stayed in my house for two months when there Son could not afford to buy a house and was living on rent, Why was he stupid enough to get his parents over dont ask me ?… I mean that’s hypocracy.. He went to pubs with me to drink… Here I must say he was/is ok with white people, I see him now and then in pubs with that group and its ok cause gora’s eat beef and Beef is not meat and not at all against his religion :).

I am really surprised in today’s day and age this sort of racism still exists, wonder how it is in India.

The problem with meat, I must laugh, here at McDonalds we get cheese burgers, If you ask for a cheese burger, it has a slice of MEAT in it, that meat is BEEF… So Mr. “M” has gone with me a hundred times for a quick bite, ordering cheese burgers… where did the religion go then eating all that Beef.

I really find it funny. If it is to be thought in region way then Punjab has always been higher in the chain, I belong to a JATT/Sikh which if I am not wrong was martial race equivalent to Kshatriya’s So I am higher in the chain in that sense too. So why would it be a problem to be friendly with me. This is not just my story I am sure it happens to a lot others too or has happened, I was chatting with another mate who is in chicago , he too had the same views, he was a bit over dramatic and said dont be friends with anyone other then same caste, same religion, same region.. But thank god I am not like that.. I feel all Humans are equal END OF.

I mean Mr. “M” when you bought your first car and borrowed money from me to pay for it, should you not have thought about asking which area I belong to at that time, the money was tainted.

It’s really sad that living in a foreign place we are so divided, we don’t find this in Pakistani community they stick together whatever region they are from, but Us Indians it is Punjab-south-north-east… Sikh-Hindu-Muslim Jatt-Majhbi-Brahmin
poor-rich etc etc etc…

Ah well I guess I have had my Rant for the day.. so I should shutup maybe there is something wrong with me , I am from Punjab not from India..

Samajwadi Party leader slapped for taking oath in Hindi; 4 MLAs suspended for 4 yrs Mumbai, November 9
Eager to prove that they meant business despite their insignificant strength in the Maharashtra Assembly, the 13 MLAs of Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) marked the first day of the new Assembly session by assaulting Samajwadi Party (SP) MLA Abu Azmi inside the House.

While Raj Thackeray has threatened “action”against MLAs who take their oath in any language other than Marathi, Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi has stated that he would do so only in Hindi

And this is from the GUY who had a Statement the other day saying that the muslims who have problems with VANDE MATRAM should go to Pakistan, This means that what the clerics say about Vande Matram is correct, they have the right to air there views, We dont have any right to tell them they are wrong. I mean What is this .. A MLA is being slapped for taking oath in HINDI. How stupid can that be.. As far as i remember the constitution of India gives every citizen the Fundamental right of free speech, to make matters worse the guy who is slapped is a CHOSEN candidate, CHOSEN by the people. So basically these people have slapped the people who chose there representative worst of all is One Member took OATH in English.

So what are we saying Hindi is below English, which is not even OUR Language, When i wrote a blog saying we are in so much of a AWE of white skin, I was right then. We slap a elected representative for taking oath in hindi, But not the one who took it in English.

How can this be going on, Why are we not doing anything against it.
I think In punjab every body coming from Mumbai should be forced to talk in punjabi or asked to leave the state, same for Haryana and the other States.

The question is What is the national language of India. Is it HINDI or is it state driven, It really disgusts me , If I fly to India, Land in Mumbai will i need to speak in marathi. Or if I land in Delhi I will need to talk in hindi ,Punjabi if I land in Amritsar.

Mind you all this happened inside the Assembly, I mean do these people have NO SHAME for what they do, Inside the very house they are chosen to represent. What is happening to this country have we fallen so low that we try to pick any issue to get headlines, targetting the VOTERS .

Will the Leader of this PARTY take Moral responsibility of what has happened, WILL HE OR WILL HE NOT. Will these people do anything just to be in headlines. Who gives them the right to do this and get away with it. If we insult our national flag it is a punishable offense by law, THEN why should this not be punishable, This same leader had problems with the indian cricket team doing some sort of act against the national flag in a foreign country, he had a lot to speak then. Why have these people not been arrested and SHAMED. There fundamental rights should be withdrawn , they should be treated like a common criminal, brought to justice and JAILED.

I am from punjab so what should be my mother tongue PUNJABI cause i am from that state or should it be HINDI cause I am indian.

EVERY indian should know the honour of there country, should respect their country, NO one is above the country, NO ONE. I strongly believe that every indian should serve in the army for a few years, it should be compulsory. There should be rules and LAWS which should not be spared for anyone. EVERY one has to be answerable to LAW. Every citizen has to give something back to the country.

This news has really disturbed me a Lot. What say people when I say that we indians always put our fellow indians down with pleasure, We feel proud of doing anything and everything in doing it, It seems we will never learn from our mistakes, We will keep doing the same things over and over again.

Next we will be hearing how a person was slapped cause they were talking in hindi especially in Maharashtra, oooops I might be in the firing line for writing this blog in English.

Good night guys its 9:40 PM here in my part of the world Hope we can wake up if we want our country to progress but with leadership like these MLA’s , political parties like the one who do such acts, WE DEFINITELY CAN’T.