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The WeekEnd- WHY ME !!!!

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Funny Life, Hiking, Life, Sudden

Well I have already written an article on how life changes in a flash of a second, How life Changes(click if you haven’t read it), I had a second experience this Saturday… Makes me wonder how or why the hell it has got to happen with me…

We planned to hike up a mountain (a hill basically, mountain sounds Nicer 🙂 .. ) , six of us decided to go for a weekend camping, YES YES YES I know December, . Not a good idea would have frozen to death… but anyway we decided that… Friday took off after work, down the motorways, (Why do all roadwork’s have to start at same time, spent hour or more sitting driving at 5 or 6 MPH).. It was so late by the time we reached the venue. Got the tents out… sleeping bags luckily for us Jay had made it on time so he had done all the dirty work set the stuff… and got the meat out for us to cook it… SO the night went in a couple of beers a bit of Bar-B-que and freezing…

Next morning started early the plan was to reach the top, then get down by 4pm, there was this pub we had seen while driving where we intended to eat food… there was small brooke , trickling which we had crossed on way up, no one thought or gave it a thought . .we were too engrossed in who will make it to top first , joking at Dave for panting all his way up, and Georgie boy almost falling every step he took. It all went pear shaped on way back, first we got late… it was already dark, it had been raining very hard we were soaked to the inside… Very cold, hands were frozen… everyone was cursing Jay to have decided to come and MADE US COME too 🙂 poor guy.. He always gets in the neck if something goes wrong.

We did not realize that the brook we had crossed was not a trickle anymore, Jay was leading me behind him, then the others, we were looking forward to reaching the Dryness of the tent, get some brandy in ( psstt. Well the situation demanded, it was cold… so all reading this dont frown.) As jay put his foot in water , swish he was on his bottom, he made such a big noise, I must say I laughed as a reaction, then I could see Jay struggle as he got washed away a few feet, ooops I had no option other then Run after him, to get hold of him there was lots of debris, As I put my hand forward , Jay grabbed it but the pebbles, mud, sticks , leaves had made it all so slippery DHAAAAD I was on my Butt, water all over me , my back hit ground, as I splashed hard, my head hit something.. I was splashing like mad, got hold of a branch, held it, while jay was holding my foot…

It felt funny for Dave and George as they were having a laugh, Manny was the only sensible person who actually thought we might have got hurt, torches shone in our eyes and me hurling choices words… then the other realized that it was not funny, Jay had a broken arm, I had my head split in two places, blood had trickled over my eyes, I could not see anything, my glasses had broken.. dirty mud water was in my mouth… YUCK.., there was a drop of a few feet just a yard or so away, had we not recovered it would have been far worse accident.

Jay was in pain, luckily I always carry my first aid kit with me, since I am a trained first aider at work, so WE put a sling around his arm, Dave put some bandage on my head, and my back was bruised pretty nice.

I mean a small brook, no one had given a thought, look at the damage it had done. Small incidents turn nasty. The worst thing none of us had our mobiles, all were nicely packed and DRY at base, it was so dark, could not see our way… God had gotten too angry at earthlings, so he had opened the sky hurling water at us. We decided to stay put at that place, BAD IDEA… but we did not want to risk it again, because there was too much water around… If we slipped again we would have had it…

Anyway after hours god had mercy on us, it stopped to rain… and we decided to move… Luckily for us we all managed to make it back…Where the bottle of Brandy awaited us … Phoned the emergency help, they were soon there, attending to us, I had a crown on my head where they glued the two cuts, Jay was taken to hospital for more X-ray etc, I was fine by then. Then the Giggles started… and I again became centre of jokes.

So next weekend we have decided to go do it once again, I am sure Jay will not be joining us, I have already had a Threatening email from Jamie his wife to not take her husband with us.. Boooo hooooo…Ah well he can have a weekend off with his wife… 🙂

The End.