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Today is Friendship day, I am sure those who regularly visit me know that I become very nostalgic when it comes to friendship, by the grace of god I have made some very good friends all over. I am very proud of that. The following are my views on what I think about friendship, Let me take this opportunity Just want to say I love you all my friends and thanks for always being there .. and to all the new friends I have made here Online , Blogosphere. God bless you all

Internet has been a great tool, I have met so many people over it all over the world and I must say some of them have become very good friends, a few closer than family too.

Over this blog I met a few people some good, some OK, I wont say bad because I think , No one is bad they are good for someone if not you. Sometimes it makes me think that I am from a very old school, a school where patience, respect , love existed – nowadays I have seen it does not anymore..

Today we have become very unforgiving people. It may be an ethnic problem, or a community’s problem or a country’s, or in your relationships, with your wife, children, parents,Girl Friend, Friends, Acquaintances we get very very unforgiving and we hold that against them. Hold that Grudge for a long long time, We wear it as a badge which says ‘main tujhe kabhi maaf nahi karoonga’.

Everyone has a hidden agenda behind everything, It was not like this always people use to be so good, caring. The words they said meant something , people stood by there words.

Nowadays people are quick to make a relation, even quicker to spoil or break one. What they say is not what they mean. What would it take to go back to the good old days. I mean how can someone say oh we are friends then at next instant go behind your back , I mean what is friendship…

Dosti karo to Jam ke karo
Dushmani karo to woh bhi Jum ke karo
magar khyal itna rahe , ki fir agar Dosti ho
to Sharamindgi na ho….

I think this is where we have reached we have got so busy in our life that we have forgotten or forget what the effects of our actions will have on others, We have become so selfish, I ask god one thing always Please don’t make me so selfish, or careless, uncaring, heartless, Because I don’t know which action of mine might hurt someone, and to those who i have hurt , I am not sure how I will every be able to apologize to. I do hope that some day they can pardon me.


2. Do we respect our FRIENDSHIP/ FRIENDS ?.

How do you show respect towards your friend, Or see if they respect you ?

Is SAYING That I RESPECT you same as SHOWING respect ?

To me a friend is who would stand by you, no matter what, right or wrong is something to think about after the need has got over.. A friend in need is a friend indeed that’s how we respect our friendship, Good friends stand by you Right or wrong.. That is not the criteria here at the moment.. The moment is that your friend needs you and You are there.. THAT TO ME IS FRIENDSHIP

I feel that you respect it when you can Tell them how you feel and ask them how they feel directly, rather than assuming… Respect is shown when you See the whole world walk out and a few Walk IN FOR YOU.

Do people actually mean they are friends when they say they are, or are just making fun of you. If they are then why do they do it. Would they feel the same if this happened with them, or have they become so heartless that it does not bother them anymore. How can they go to sleep soundly, well now I am being a fool because they don’t even know what hurt they have caused.

People are impulsive and say things that hurt other people, they walk over others especially people whom they say are friends. And in all this process they loose friends, I am a bit of a dumbo it takes a bit of time for me to understand people are trying to ignore me , so it gets difficult to loose me :). Loosing a acquaintance or friend over trivial reason, a reason which is non existence. All I would say is such people will one day realize what they lost, by then it will be too late.

Now I have been wondering maybe I was wrong.

Was it that when they first talked to me it was for the sake of it ?

Was it that when they laughed with me at first it was for formality sake ?

Why are they like that, Why are people so selfish. OR AM I TOO NAIVE.. and STUPID and SILLY still thinking of them. It really pains me cause for me a relation is a relation.

Sometimes I wish i had the Ego or Impulse to severe my contact with people. I do pray to god to make me like them as that is the way of the world it seems Now-a-days.

Also how easy it is to Forget these days but more on that maybe some other day 🙂

Anyway today being friendship day Let me wish Please god take care of all my friends, foes, anyone I know .. God bless all and everyone

Here is a little poem i wrote some time back, it is dedicated to everyone all who visit this blog , All who Think of me, All who Thought of me and All who at some stage were my friends 🙂 God bless you all..

PS:- Thank you for all the lovely wishes in the last post, I am yet to reply to the comments Will do that ASAP. Thank you everyone.

Khushiyan-Khede Gidhe
Bhangre te Mele Sab ne Yaraan-beliyaan de naal

Joys, fun, dances and fairs, every celebration has been with friends

Gusse Gille Shikve
Ladaiyan te Jhagde Sab ne Yaraan-beliyaan de naal

Anger, fights and all complaints,all disagreements have been with friends

Dil Jodne-Todna Mohabbat, Pyar
Wafa te Dhokhe Sab ne Yaraan-beliyaan de naal

Broken hearts, mending love,  affection, loyalty and betrayals, all ups and downs have been shared with friends

Daroo Diyaan Shamaan
Gadi de bonnet te murge diya lataan
Bakre Bulaune te Ludiyaan Pauniya Sab ne Yaraan-beliyaan de naal

Evenings with drinks, relishing chicken legs on the car bonnets

Screaming and cheering, we have been high on friendship and danced together

Seep di baaji, Pa Hukam de Begi ch Ikka.. Tera ne Banaune..
Maar maar Thapan fer Hukam de Raje naal 26 hai Banaune
Kotpees te lai ke ikhatiyaan 7 baajiyaan Kot karne Sab ne Yaraan-beliyaan de naal

Those moments when we played card games and made a thirteen, adding a king to make a perfect twenty six

Or wind seven hands in a row, to do a KOT on the others… Every game was played in company of friends

Fad lai- Chak lai – Chadhi na – Thok de
Vekh lange, Aun de – Koi na Sab ne Yaraan-beliyaan de naal

Hold them, declare war, don’t leave them, hit them.. Worry not, Just let them come, bring it on…

All wars were fought with undying support of friends

Bas Idaan kaho Mere yaro – dosto – mitro
Ke Duniya hai Yaraan-beliyaan de naal
Tuhade Sab de naal
That, my friends, is the story of my life
A life that is lived for buddies and friends
My friends mean the world to me
My friends, all of you out there,
My life is with all you friends

Translation of a few other words 🙂
1. Bakre Bulaune – ( I don’t know how to convert this bakre bulauna is when drunks do burrrraaaaaaaaaaa…. )

2.. Seep di baaji, Pa Hukam de Begi ch Ikka.. Tera ne Banaune..

(Seep is a game of cards, where you count the points of the number for cards of spades.. Begi is Queen .. Ikka is Ace.. queen has 12 points and ace has one.. you add both and can pick with a King which is 13 points)

Maar maar Thapan fer Hukam de Raje naal 26 hai Banaune (so 12 + 1 + 13== makes it 26)


PS:- I am sorry not to have replied to all the comments .. or read the posts .. Will do them very sooon

This comes for all my Friends , Blogger Friends.. Everyone who knows me and who i know through whatever way we know each other .. Love you all and lots of Hugs .. GOD BLESS YOU ALL..  and today being valentines let all my enemies and people who loath me too be blessed … Take care everyone  … Happy Valentines…


Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,
Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,
Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,
Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian

Khusian De Dinaa Ch Nachayi Chal Ve,
Dillan Naal Dillan Nu Milaayi Chal Ve,
Khusian De Dinaa Ch Nachayi Chal Ve,
Dillan Naal Dillan Nu Milaayi Chal Ve,
Mittran Naal Miliyan Ne Jago Sardarian,
Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,
Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,

                                                          Happy days make us dance
                                                          let hearts touch other hearts
                                                         With friends we have won this Sardari

Bhabhiyan Nanana Sang Nach Nach Kehan Bai,
Veereyan De Ghar Sada Vassde Hi Rehan Bai,
Bhabhiyan Nanana Sang Nach Nach Kehan Bai,
Veereyan De Ghar Sada Vassde Hi Rehan Bai,
Maawan Naal Nachan O Betiyan Pyaarian,
                                                        Bhabhi and Nanads Dance together
                                                       Let brothers house always be blessed
                                                       mothers dance with beautiful daughters

Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,
Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,

Mittran Di Tolli Vich Pyaar Nachda,
Changa Lagge Yaaran Vich Yaar Nachda,
Mittran Di Tolli Vich Pyaar Nachda,
Changa Lagge Yaaran Vich Yaar Nachda,
Maari Jaan Gidde Vich Chuniyan Uddarian,
                                                      In a group of friends its Love that dances
                                                     My friends looks great dancing in friends
                                                     The dupattas are flying in the Gidha

Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,
Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,

Eh Riste Kachi Tand Varge,
Kise Nazuk Saul Umang Varge,

                                                  Friendship is very delicate relation

Eh Kidrey Kaintha Ban Jaande,
Eh Kidrey Baaju Band Varge,

                                                    Sometimes they are like the Gold Kaintha in our neck
                                                    and Sometimes they become our ARMS.. like the Bazu Band

Rabb Kare Eh Rishte Rahan Sada,
Kite Hasde Vasde Ghar Varge,

                                                    May god bless the friendship..

Jazzy-Shinda Khair Manaunde,
Sukar Manaunde Rab Da,
Hass-Hass Sabhna Naal,
Nibhje Rista Sabh Da,
Hass-Hass Sabhna Naal,
Nibhje Rista Sabh Da,
                                                 Jazzy B- Shinda Thank the Lord and wish the relations
                                                 work out with everyone laughing and dancing 

Pakkian Ne Baapu ate Puttan Diyaan Yaarian,
Puttan Naal Saah Lain Ammiyan Pyaarian,
Ho, Pakkian Ne Baapu ate Puttan Diyaan Yaarian,
Puttan Naal Saah Lain Ammiyan Pyaarian,

                                              Father and SON the friendship is SOLID
                                              With sons Mothers take there breadth

Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian,
Yaarian Banayi Rakhi Yaarian

Update:- 6th August :- Anups Mum wrote this to me :- bikram .ajay was always my strength and anup was my weakness.but after going to canada he slowly became my strength too.every morning starts with his thoughts and every evening ends like that.when he was in australia he might have been going through rough times financially or emotionally but when asked how r u son he w…ould always say ;chardi kala;that was anup never cribbing about common sentence every one said on his passing was that he had no mean bone in him.even to the servant he would not like if anyone said servant,no he would say domestic help.To his seniors he was never rude or reply back.he may be very upset by their behaviour maximum he would say mom it is okay status quo has to be maintained.That was my son and am proud that i gave birth to such a good human being who was such a puritan in deeds and thoughts.icould go on and on but i will finish here with these lines

na haath hi pakar sake na pakar sake daaman
itne karib se uth kar chala gaya koi.

This post is in response to the Blogadda Contest on friendship day titled ‘Friends Forever’ in association with Pringoo

Wherever I see, I find my friends everywhere. Visibly or indirectly, I see them all around me

Its the international friendship day.. what a day to remember our friends

To me a friend is who would stand by you, no matter what, right or wrong is something to think about after the need has got over.. A friend in need is a friend indeed that’s how we respect our friendship, Good friends stand by you, Right or wrong.. That is not the criteria here at the moment.. The moment is that your friend needs you and You are there.. THAT TO ME IS FRIENDSHIP…

How many people do we come across in our life, who we can ask directly how they feel rather then assume OR How many times does it happen what we See the whole world walk out and a few Walk IN FOR YOU. The people who do this are Friends.

Friends are someone who accept you the way you are, who know all your good-bad things but still are with you, They are the people who would rather be with you then be somewhere else.. and even though i think every day is friendship day.

I am proud and can honestly say I got friends almost all over the world now, I got friends with whom i have grown up , some are people whom i have not met for years gone by but I know in my heart that if need be they will be there with me. Then over the time i started to blog and now I got so many friends over blogging too, Not sure if they consider me as there friend but i surly do consider them one.  I believe in one thing that we may earn millions, become rich or poor, or be someone well known.. but we are remembered by the Company we kept, and by the Grace of God I have a very beautiful company.. Each of my friends are a Jewel  and I can’t live without any of them .. I sincerely believe in the saying that

Dosti karo to jam ke karo
Dushmani Karo to Woh bhi Khoob karo
Magar khyal itna rahe KI FIR AGAR DOST BANO
to Sharmindagi na ho


Today on this Day I remember my best friend The first one I had. The only good thing to have happened to me during my school days (which were not very pretty), his name was Anup…. I can’t remember how we met, but we were in the same class and use to sit together. In our Xth class we sat in the second row, Gaganjit, Me, Anupinder, Vinney Partap Brar, Bhupi virk.
I remember the lovely days we had , driving on the Brown Vijay Super scooter on the roads of Patiala.. Him driving, me behind him, Vinney partap as third person on the poor scooter. Sometimes We had Ajay too, ajay was Anup’s younger brother. It was Mad days… The Clutch wire or the accelerator wire broke, one person held it behind.. He would shout Pull to accelerate or slow down to change the gear.. The guy behind would be doing the needful. Hilarious situations now that I think of At that Time it was weird.

The day we did not have the scooter it was the trusted ATLAS cycle, me sitting on the Danda in front and him paddling.. catching hold of the trolley behind a tractor to take a lift .. I would spend a lot of my holidays with them in patiala, sometimes he would come to stay with us in Chandigarh.
Aunty ji would make us jugs of milk shakes and Aloo paranthas..
Anup was funny if he got engrossed into reading a novel he would not move, and Me and ajay would do things to him he he he put his legs around , and stuff like that but Anup would be so busy and concentrating in the novel he would not mind. He use to be a very good basketball player.
The trips to the 22 number phatak where all the Patiala girls would come and us ogling over them.. the going to Pick a chick fast food place for a pizza or a burger, Order the food then finishing a bottle of ketchup eating it up.
I remember we had gone to Jammu and kashmir tour with our school, bad luck for Anup he was stuck with me , there were other guys who use to pick on me bullied me a lot, i use to be in hostel for some odd reason these guys challenged us to come ot there room in evening. I was a scary cat But I still remember to this Day Anup telling me We have to go , its the question of Sardari, honour we have been challenged so no matter what we have to go, i was trying to dissuade Anup into not going but he was adamant. We did go both of us against the 7 or 8 of the gang, though we got beaten up but I am really happy we made that, and thanks to Anup I also had the courage to stand up to these bully’s.
The first time we had a drink together, The time when his grandparents had gone to Canada and we painted the village Red, loud music , dancing the whole night drinking.. it was awesome. It was terrorism days, we were super humans no care in the world. Ajay our younger brother was the scapegoat when the drinks finished we would tie a turban on him, send him off to the liquor store to get some more. Dancing to some silly songs ALIBABA, Queen and stuff I bet the villagers felt what the hell was happening in the village.
My dad was quiet strict, but when I use to tell him I am going for a few days to patiala to stay with Anup he would never say no, then I would overstay without informing parents or telling them whats going on, and dad would drive all the way to patiala to look for me .
He would eat a lot, I remember once I landed in Patiala, Anup and Ajay were getting ready to go to some wedding, He was telling me to come along, I did not have a change of clothes so i was arguing with him over that, He gave me a some of his, the whole family left together but me and Anup had different ideas we had to go for a Gedi Yes on the famous Vijay super scooter, reached when it was time for food. We had our plates full.. it seemed when ever they served fresh bowl of chicken it all landed on our plates.
After my Xth class I came to Chandigarh , he stayed in Patiala,Then he went to Australia for higher studies , stayed there for six years meantime I had come to college in Chandigarh, my group of friends changed.. a lot happened in those year.. But then I heard Anup was coming back and we met after so many years .. It was back to where we had left.. Nothing had changed between us, he had just become a bit Sophisticated, Drank Scotch on the rocks,  used the word MATE a lot..  🙂
I came to UK to settle here .. A few years later Anup came to UK on way to Canada, he had got engaged there and was going there to get married and settle, We spent some beautiful days here in UK, going to London , Glouscester did some sight seeing, the usual getting drunk and all.
He was so knowledgeable knew a lot about World war stories, He would read so many books , I would envy him how he could manage..And the Shayari he did , he had a SHER for any occasion.. he could recite couplets from heer-ranjha , Mirza ghalib. He took so much pride in the surname MANN, He was Fond of classical and jazz music, when he had come to UK i had trouble finding a nice Jazz place .. and Yeah STEAK he loved it , I took him to a pub here to have steak his words were “This is not Steak”.. The day i landed in Vancouver for his wedding, we hired a car and he took me straight to this place where they made STEAKS “This is a STEAK” he said ..
A funny incident happened at the restaurant we had hired a two seater car, automatic, I was driving one for the first time in my life, I don’t know what it was but for some reason we could not get the key to start the engine, we fiddled around for ages, in the end we rung the company we hired from, I bet the girl at reception had a hearty laugh when she told us you have to put the car in parking and then it will start.. Made us look dumb.
He was very outgoing, each time we talked on phone he would tell me he had gone for mountain climbing or sky diving.
I got invited to his wedding, Went to Canada,  for his stag do we went to a club the hilarious thing was he was so tired for some reason, he went to sleep in the club while we drank our self senseless and danced around 🙂 But when the time came to come home I have no recollection of how we managed to get home, Anup brought us back somehow, I met his beautiful wife.. The wedding party was Good I remember Dancing all the evening with him and bhabhi ji.. The highlight of the evening was when it was announced on Mic while introducing the guests and all, I was introduced as Anup’s Best friend who had come all the way from England.
One of the finest moments of my life I still remember that beautiful day…
This article is dedicated to my Best friend Anupinder Singh Mann, he is missed and will be missed always and ever.. Sadly In August 2007 My best friend passed away due to an accident while sky diving. Anup where ever you are I love you my friend, and I miss you.. there is a lot of me that was made because of you and I am very thankful to you for that. I am a better person because of you Anup.
Thank you for being there all the time, Thank you a lot.. and Happy Friendship day I prey to god that everyone has a friend like you.. Everyone deserves a good friend in there life, and you were the BEST.

Mainu Yaar mere Jaapde
Khuda Warge
Kisse Allah de Fakeer di
Dua warge…
(Anup and me just after passing out of 10th class)