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Sporting Memories

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Adrenalin, Awards, challenge, Contest, Win

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Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose, it is everyone’s private literature. I have indeed been blessed with so many things that have happened in my life which are all so important. The sporting enthusiasm, the will to win, succeed had been so much drilled into my system, I was in 4th class when I went to a boarding school. One of the best in India.

The school had a rich heritage of sporting events, the boarding school was divided into 3 houses which each had its own tradition of values, almost all sports were played hockey-cricket-Polo etc. The annual sports day use to be the one everyone looked at all year round , because it was held at a large scale, Old students were invited, parents were invited, it had a certain zing in the air when sports day would be approaching.. The sports competition would go on for two days culminating into the grand finale, it started with the usual taking of the sports torch, lighting the tower which burnt for three days as per the Olympic rules.

I distinctively remember One event which was the 4 * 400 mtrs relay event, For some reason in the 10th class I did not participate in any of the athletic events because of it being the Board year, I wanted to concentrate on my studies as the whole year I had been the most OUTSTANDING student by the OUTSTANDING I mean “STANDING OUT OF CLASS” which had nothing to do with me being a bright student.

In the 400mtrs race 2 students from each house had participated, the first in the race was from PH, the second and third position had gone to students from MH and fourth – fifth went to our house. That night we were all sitting in the hostel preparing for the next day getting our best shirts out, ironing our blazers because so many outsiders were to come.

For the first time in all the years of my schooling my parents also decided to visit that year, prior to that my grandfather use to visit. Now the 4 * 400 relay had a trophy with it which had been with our house for a few years now, that year we were sure to lose since we did not have good runners, going by the 400mtrs race we had the 4th and 5th best.

So the night before we were all sitting discussing what to do, trying to find which two boys to get hold of to make the team. The sports were very fiercely fought over, we had special slogans for cheering up, and everyone sat watching the game and cheering, yelling shouting so much that sometimes we lost our voices.

Soda lemon ginger pop DRH will be on the top

Old gold if the color of ours come on DRH show them starts..

and so on.. We had two names Chandrakant, Rajkumar no one came forward so in the end I and Vivan Singh volunteered to do it.

As I had said earlier I was always very competitive, all four of us sat down to decide who will run against who, The boy who had come second was Kamal, I had once run faster than him practising, I was confident I could defeat him. So we decided that I will run with Kamal when he ran.

Come the Day of the sports day, the Race was called for, we went to the Stadium to warm up, and my parents were there cheering me up, we were called upon to take positions… The first three got ready, the gun went off, the race began…

Next up Kamal went up to take position, I went with him stood next ready for the baton change , but suddenly he shouted at someone else to take his place, I shouted for chandrakant.. Second baton got changed… I had it in my heart that if I ran neck to next with kamal I would defeat him only if there was no lead…

Third exchange Kamal again took position, I with him, you know when you have this feeling Today is your Day… I felt that… But again he jumped away , at almost last moment, I had to shout for Vivan who came running, that cost us a few seconds , MH was a couple of steps ahead , Vivan took the baton and RAN as if his life hung on the race..

Meanwhile the teachers were shouting at us, what are you doing, this is not good, Vivan Singh was good, he was almost running neck and neck with his guy, we took our place for the baton… this time it had to be me and kamal.. We were the last ones… Standing there with the Whole house shouting encouragements, hoarse voices… On the last stretch I could see how Vivan had run, he was just one step behind his guy, giving his all…

Vivan handed me the baton, oh what a feeling it was we ran, for the first 200mts Kamal was ahead of me, slowly at the bend of the 300th I started to gain… First came level with him… I could see some of my classmate girls shouting Cum on Bikram, Come on DRH… the last 100mtrs.

I can remember it still so clearly in my head, I gave it all I had, I could see from the corner of my eye kamal still by my side, I was breathless, legs were giving way, the last 10-20 metres I don’t remember anything, I was just running wild, legs were in motion like on auto pilot, just taking the next step.

I remember my House master Mr. Sharma almost running with me outside the track, just a bit more, a bit more…

What I do remember is passing the line , I had given my all , Trying to stop, I probably tripped I tumbled and fell on the track.. as I hit the track I got a bit bruised , the other three came running , grabbed me , jumping in JOY that’s when they told me We had won.. I had run faster as I had said then Kamal, we attained the trophy for another year.

Someone got me a blanket to cover myself, the Nurse on the track got a glass of glucose for me, everyone was coming congratulating.. Far in the crowd I could see my mother waving her hand in joy… at last her son had done something to win 🙂

From a hopeless situation we ended up winning the race, which felt so good. That evening for the prize distribution I held my house colours flag, and first they called the winners of the race… and then came the Trophy time my teammates were so good they gave me the honour to go and accept it… What a thrill it was…

I always remember that race because of the hopeless position we were in a day earlier, how just the determination, the will to run faster by all four of us got us through. As the saying goes anything can be achieved if you put all your heart into it. I just read a quote today

“The size of  your problem is nothing compared with your ability to solve them……….By over-estimating your problems, you under-estimate yourself!!!!”

What i wrote that day


 Thats me falling down, and look at the faces of the teachers

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Jahaan chaar yaar mil jayen wahin raat ho gulzaar …
jahaan chaar yaar …………

Daur chale dhoom mache ……… jahaan chaar yaaar ……..

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Last Sunday, there was this meeting in the jungle to elect the next national animal for India. It was held in a quiet clearing, deep in the forest. It started with quite a fanfare… Each animal came to the centre and introduced themselves. The irony of it all was so funny that it took all my self control not to let a roar of laughter out. , though my roar was somewhat at lower decibels. I cleared my throat, something was wrong. Ah well, the water at the pond was getting contaminated. The once clear bottom seemed somewhat slimy. Oh jeez, I’ll have to find another water hole even further away. What has the world come to? A tiger can’t find a decent clean water hole these days without suspecting Man to have dirtied it, washed his laundry in it or worse, poisoned it!!

It reminded me of a song that the humans love so much

Kar chale hum fida jaan aur tan Saathiyo
Ab Tuhmare hawale yeh vatan Saathiyo

When the famous singer Lata Mangeshkar sang this song the whole country was crying, though I doubt if anyone will shed a tear as I sing it to you today, my fellow animals. But soon the next national animal will understand … too late for me though!

Kar chale hum fida jaan aur tan Saathiyo
Ab Tuhmare hawale yeh jungle Saathiyo

All good things come to an end, no regrets there. The era of tigers came and is soon going to end. We had a good time, we were magnificent, we were impressive and we carved a niche for ourselves in the memory of all living creatures. The humans even have tales, fables, and portraits of us.

Yes, we had a good time while it lasted. But it all changed in the end. It was not pleasant sight to see my mum and dad butchered. I had to flee as I was hunted all night long in the high grass on my homeland… But by some miracle I survived, just to go back and see the rotting remains of my dead parents… Bare skin, bones, claws It was heart aching. But I am a survivor, I took courage and walked

All who saw me admired my majestic walk. The other juicy animals would run wild trying to hide if they just smelt me… but this puny fur-less animal called MAN did not, he would smirk, he would smile when he found a pugmark. He would follow me like a dog. Trying to get hold of me… But my parents had taught me well, I managed to survive…

Oh so many men made merry when we were in numbers. We were the bread and butter for these men, yet they did not show us any respect. They came in numbers and killed us one by one, never having the guts to fight us like warriors, mano e mano… No my friends no one dared to have a Manly/Tigerly fight with us. None or them dared to challenge us one on one.

I know for a fact that if we went into their lair, we would have defeated them and been Kings of their abode too. We chose to remain in our world, but that did not stop them. They came into our abode in huge numbers and destroyed us. They killed us, captured us, trapped us and maimed us. Truly said, in numbers we have strength.

I ask the people who earned their living by killing us, what will they do now? How are they going to feed their kids once I, the last Tiger have gone.

Why is it that there is a MAN called Tiger woods, he makes millions and I, the real tiger am attacked, hunted and my race finished? It is funny Tiger and Woods…

When we killed an innocent man (who is not all that innocent as he is trespassing our land), we are branded man-eaters, and MAN takes this as a license to kill us….. And yet, when they killed us without any reason they were hailed heroes…

I looked around my lair. It seemed the same as yesterday. The cave walls bore the art I did with my talons whenever I got bored which is pretty often these days. Off course if you were the last tiger on Earth with half of the human population chasing you, you’d try to stay indoors as much as possible too wouldn’t you? I miss Leila, my sweet adorable tigress of 8 years. We had such fun together, going hunting, playing at the water hole with our cubs, watching the sunset. She died a few months ago. The head of the vultures who is a good friend of mine, told me it was an accident. Apparently, she was mauled by the buffalo herd. No buffalo could have killed my magnificent Leila. His words couldn’t fool me. It had murder written all over it. The damn poachers!! Why couldn’t they let us live in peace?

So Last Sunday the meeting did not yield any result as None other wanted the responsibility to be chosen as the next National animal of India. Look what happened to the one they had, I am on verge of extinction. Last One standing …. Don’t know when I will say my good byes to this world.. But mark my word

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There were the best of times and then there were the worst of times.
And all the while, it was because of the love.

Love is such a confusing emotion. At one point of time, it exhilarates us, makes us experience joy, happiness, passion. Yet at another point in time, it is the source of all the misery and bitterness in our life. Still, it’s the feeling of being loved, of being wanted that pulls us on.

Every relationship follows a same pattern from the beginning till the end. It starts with the nervous butterflies flapping away in the depths of the stomach, some coy glances, flirting and talking for hours together on the telephone. Those initial days of young budding love are probably the best. The two are just starting to discover each other. They find delight in interests they share and for the ones they don’t share, they talk about it. The whirlpool of young love sweeps away everyone off their feet.

Love makes us do so many things. It makes us care, makes us concerned about the person in our life. We put the needs of that special someone before our own. We try to help them overcome their sadness and depressions. We share their joys and happiness. We try to inspire and encourage them to do even better in life. It makes us anxious when we don’t get a call or a text from them for long. Hearing about their illness makes us want to rush to the hospital to be with them just holding their hand. Watching other couples walking around in the mall makes us miss our special someone.

Then, why does it all end? The beautiful serene picture one creates of a future with the special person of their dreams, why does that picture fade away? As the relationship matures, either things work out or they don’t. Either understanding seeps in or impatience does. And so the two make it or they break it. And then comes the feeling of depression. The abject loneliness drives us crazy. The weaker at heart try to indulge in self-harm as a way of coping. The more possessive types hatch plans to garner revenge. The egoists scoff off the relation as a bad phase and are ready to move on immediately.

But at the end of day, when they go to bed, they think of the person they were once in a relationship with and they think of all the beautiful moments that they had spent with them. Whether they would like to admit it or not, end of the day they would always love their special someone.

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