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Hello Everyone .. Yes I am back from India. The trip to Bangalore was exciting and I am feeling the after effects of the visit now .. But thankfully while I was there it was without hiccups, I ate like a pig , visited a few places and met up with some very special people ..

One of them I could not meet as I had something come up which could not be avoided , But was important as it could mean a Ray of hope or something , maybe just maybe .. anyway without going into the rigmarole of events I would like to thank everyone who took out time for me ..

I met a beautiful little girl Called Tanvi.. she was adorable and we walked along the Brigade road which was so chaotic at that time , We also went for a joy ride on the new metro (here I would like to shout out to Ashwini whom put this post on metro and i told her i will do it too soon.. Ashwini you listening ) from Mg road to Indira nagar and what fun that was , IT seemed it was not just us who went for a joy ride it was the whole of Bangalore that had turned up to enjoy the ride.. The bogey was so jam packed and I am positive that 99% of the people in there were not the normal commuters. The excitement on the faces , as the door opened the mad rush of people to rush inside to grab that exclusive Seat pushing, jostling each other to get to it.

The laughter and the shrieks as the metro pulled off with a jerk .. It was a funny moment for me .. although the little lady Tanvi seemed a bit lost and afraid.. holding on to her mother’s hand .. Tanvi is daughter of my blogger friend Sujatha.. Thank you Sujatha for coming all the way to meet up with me …

Also met with Punam of DreamZ forever, she took me to a beautiful restaurant RUH it was lovely, The food I fell in love with , finished the whole of the chicken bowl alone , she probably thinks how much I eat now ..

Next I met Mr. Chowla and It was an honour meeting up with him, we had some serious talks over that cup of coffee at coffee day in front of branton place on MG Road, Soon Bindu turned up, the discussions continued… for some reason I wanted to shout to both that I am hungry, I had not had lunch but the conversations we were having was so interesting that it got lost.

Mr. Chowla has promised to come over to UK in 2012 and visit me here .. Looking forward to that ..  Next day had Lunch at a restaurant called 13th floor , I liked the food in there also .. I seem to like food everywhere 🙂 Chowla sir has published a book of his blogposts , I got a copy of it and Guess what it is autographed by him .. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

A restaurant called Tamarind was the venue for Dinner where Bindu and Mr. Velu treated me to lovely food once again ..

On the last day met an old friend who happened to get hold of my phone number ,called me up, It was lovely meeting up even if it was for less than an hour..

Did some shopping in the huge malls out there, But I felt they were a bit expensive as compared to UK.. yeah I know some wont believe but I found it was expensive , I can get the same stuff here in uk cheaper and exactly same brands. I also found that the Auto/Cab guys were bad, they charged me so much all the time , Sad part was they would tell a price but when we reached the destination the price suddently changed , I was told he would take 250 from Whitefield to MG Road when we reached there .. he demanded 350 and said Sir “yahi bola tha, aapko sunai nahin diya”.. I know I am duhh but I am not that stupid ..

Then from a FORUM MALL to come to a mall called Cosmo the auto guy says 250 again but when i reached it again was the case of he had said 400.. not 250 Now how can 250 sound like 400. .so I guess I was nicely ripped by these people maybe its written on my face I am a fool…

The Cab company Easy car something, booked a cab around 2pm to pick me up at 4PM, at first I was impressed as I got a txt immediately with a Reference number of the booking , then another one of the Drivers phone number who will pick me .. But at 3:55PM i got another Txt saying due to the technical problem they cant make it .. That made me ANGRY.. How can they do that .. wish it was in UK or Punjab I would have slapped the Taxi people..

Apart from these little silly hiccups it was altogether a lovely trip..

It was good to meet everyone, maybe next time can plan it in advance and meet more, Talked to a few on phone.

Had a day trip to Mysore where we went around to see a few places like the Mysore Palace and the one of the places that I always had in my list Tipu Sultan’s  fort .. sadly the fort is not there the Britishers destroyed it all, So saw the place where his body was found, his summer palace and where he was put to rest.

Bandipur Safari park.. I was not happy as I felt this was rip off by the Govt. since we did not see any animals other than an elephant and deer.. The promised tiger was not seen and it seemed the Driver of the bus also did not have any clue as to where to look for.. he took the bus on a set route .. some VIP was in the bus so his attention was all towards this VIP lady telling her stuff while the rest of the bus passengers did not get any input what so ever.


Pug marks (dont know if true)


Then Came the Bird sanctuary.. where again We went on a boat for a 20 minute ride saw a few birds far away , saw some Crocodiles having a siesta ..

Having a siesta

Saw some historic places to do with the Tiger of indian history the Mighty Tipu sultan.. Who fought the british valiantly but was killed because of some traitors in his palace ..

Tipu sultan rests here along with his Mother and Father

Cannon at the Summer palace of Tipu sultan

Tipu sultan's Body was found at this place

In evening saw the Mysore palace lightening up. While visiting the palace we had a guide who was hilarious and he was definitely in love with the king who he thought was fat and was quiet amused at all the expenditure being done for one person .. The palace was built only at the price of 42 lakh Rs. Maybe I am mistaken and don’t remember properly.

A funny incident happened we had to take the shoes off to go inside the Palace, So deposited the shoes got the token, I put it in my pocket .. came out and asked my friend where is the token, could not find it , I was 100% sure that the token was not with me , we emptied our pockets looked everywhere NO TOKEN.. so had to go to an office Write an application , this is what was hilarious it reminded me of school days when we were taught how to write ..


the Director …

blah blah blah .. and had to pay 50Rs to get the permission of the lady director so we could have our shoes back.. On the way back I happened to put my hand in my pocket and VOILA the token was in there 🙂

Mysore Palace

Lighted up

Thats Me 🙂

another Me

PS:- Now you know I have been away for a more than a week , so please dont mind if you dont see me on your blog, I am trying ot catch up to all..

Shilpa sharma tagged me with the following tag, So thanks to her i got something to put 🙂 and I added a few things in the end too to make it a whole Set A to Z 🙂
Here we go:
A. Make a list of 5 things that are in reach.
Laptop, Mobile phone, Hockey stick , Walkers Crisp and a Jar full of sweets 🙂
B. What is your favourite holiday?
All of them.  
C. What is your fashion style?
Ah ha here i go .. I am self styled guru which works only for me .. you get what you see is the mantra 🙂 Please dont copy me and try it at home ..  my style comes with discalimer and at own risk.. 🙂
D. What’s your occupation?
Lok SEVA it seems all i am left to be doing especially people back home who think money grows on the tree in the backyard…
E. What do you hear right now?
My colleuge listening to this english number and all I can make out of it is a racquet of noise.
F. Who was the last person you hugged?
The one who i love ..

G. What random song just popped in your head now?

Ha ha ha ha I DONT BELEIVE IT .. the song that came to mind is
GUD NALON ISHQ MITHA .. oh my oh my what world am I living in
H. What did you do today?
Finishing the paperwork..
I. What was the last text message you received?
A joke from a friend..
A women on her deathbed called her husband and asked him to open a box from under the bed. Inside he finds 3 eggs and 7000 pound in cash, “what are the eggs for”.. he asked..
“Everytime we had a fight I would put one egg in the box”..
“Not Bad ” says the husband  “3 eggs in 35 year. and the cash”..
she replies “Everytime i had a a dozen i sold them…….” 🙂
J. What websites do you always visit when you go online?

K. What is your next big planned purchase?
A Ducati motorbike

L. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Florida.. DisneyLand 🙂
M. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
hmmm retired back home in india 🙂  

N. Where’s your tattoo/Where would you like a tattoo?
I want one on my back or shoulder .. have none so far. 

O. What are you doing this weekend?
Clubbing my cousins are coming.

P. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
Flute 🙂

Q. What’s the one thing you need the most now? 
A JACKPOT win in the national lottery ..
R. Are you a creeper? 
I hope not .. you all reading do let me know if i am one ..
S. What is your dream job?
Nothing I want to retire now …
T. What’s the last good movie you saw?
Hindi :- Bheja Fry
English :- Unthinkable..
U.  What’s your favourite quote?
Stand Tall. Face your enemies Bring it on
When the going gets tough the Tough gets going…
V. What is your favourite colour?
W. Give us three styling tips that always work for you:
I don’t believe in it, you cant hide the heart, the evil or beautiful heart by having all those false stuff over you..
end of the day it comes out.. so be natural and be good and be honest… and love the person you love with your heart cause i believe that Once you get old and all this false beauty goes away you will need those who love you.. the others will use you and leave you MARK MY WORDS …

X. Coffee or tea?

Y. What do you love to do when it is drizzling?
get wet, have some paper boats…
Drink hot coffee, eat maal pue.. :)  
love to be at my village standing under the roof… watching it fall
pitter patter pitter patter …

smell the fresh smell of earth….

Z. What inspires you?
Friends, Honour, Truth, Love.

Please do take up the Tag and lets hear what you have to say ….


If you go for a dinner somewhere especially at a restaurant or even to someones house .. After you finish your meal .. Traditionally it is asked would you like to have something sweet , I must say I never say NO to that .. bring it on…

OR would u like a coffee after food.. 

My question is that isn’t this the Same drink they are referring to that most of us use to get us out of bed in the mornings .. ?

A dose of High caffeine that fuels our system for the rest of the day … 🙂

So why have it after dinner, so that we can remain awake for the rest of the NIGHT…. Seems a bit stupid to me .. But then my thoughts .. What do you think……….