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Posted: March 19, 2011 in Bucket List, Life, My Thoughts., Soch

Ok before you guys read , let me tell you One thing I am not dieing or anything :), I am just accident prone i think so the last few days with the usual upheaves of day to day life, I have been thinking ( Yes here we are again , me Thinking I know , I know these both (me and thinking)  Dont go together at all ), but still for the sake of it lets say .. I have been thinking .. What if we knew or I know I am gonna die say in a months time or two weeks time ..

Would we get a chance to do what we would want to, So if you have a list of things that I would love to do one last time, will the angel or devil who has come all the way to take me give me enough time .. If there is god is he listening to what Iam typing here .. is he thinking hmmmm

“Isko Ek mahina de dete hain , jo karna hai kar le ”

But then the question comes how will i know if this is it .. 30 days left . Anyhow what will I have in my Bucket list .. The first one would be

1.  Walk with the Lions (yes weird thought, But I am in awe of this beast, its beauty, If man had not been cruel we would have these beautiful animals in abundance, Not that the lifestyle of this animal helps, but we humans have made it worse )

2. I want to meet all my friends, Each and everyone of the beautiful people who have been in my life one way or the other. Right from the time I went to my first class in the KG or LKG ( it was called)  to the Post Graduation, then at work , Blog, Orkut etc etc, It would be such a blast to meet them all, some faces have faded away but they are all here still in my heart – head, Imagine the excitement  , the laughters , the tears all those emotions in one big room, Some would only know of a person Bikram (hopefully 🙂 ) meeting me for the first time, Some wont know me But I would know them , For some I would have faded off..

3. I want to meet all those people whom I have hurt someway or the other and say Sorry to them, Say Thank you to all those who have somehow managed to make me what I am today.

4. Go to the gym for a week or two and have a SIX pack… instead of the ONE PACK I got now.. Oh cum on, girls love it .. ha ha ha .. have a stroll on a beach without my Tee.. ha ha ha ha ( I am thinking like salman khan now )

5. Visit My village.

6. If I could reverse the time 3 years back, meet my Dad and say sorry to him for all the times I have hurt him.

7. Fly a jet.

8. Swim in the two rivers that run along the boundary of our village , back home .. along with the rest of the guys , whom i have not met for 20 odd years.. Meet the Men at that times with whom i loved visiting the town, to show off that I had grown ups as friends, Village where the young men were all MAMA’s  ( the village to which my mum belonged) and CHACHA’s (village to which my dad belonged) . I dont know where have they all settled since most left the village to settle in cities.

9.  Am I becoming greedy now .. 🙂

I was hoping to make it to 10 but I have run out of thoughts .. and maybe Time too , I am sure there would not be this much time to do all the above, After doing all above would love to just fade away from everyones memory whishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zaaaaaaaappppppppppppp GONE!!!!!!

This article has turned out to be a bit of senty thing, which i did not want .. Anyway Anyone reading lets hear your bucket list.. say if you know you got 30 days left…

PS:- I took out the previous article cause my friends found it rude and I did not want to upset anyone , it was to be humour but i guess my humour not good he he he Will put something else later .. thank you everyone

I am again going to attempt the pointers on how life is/was going/went I am new to this so I will start from what went on ..

1. Went to do what I used to do , before I left on 28th February.. so a WOWOWOWWO for that , am sure a lot of people would have guessed it what that was, I can’t write it on Open space. The conditions of the Job.

2. Heating is back on . its gone cold again .. predicting snow tomorrow…

3. Not done anything worth mentioning the whole week

4. Haven’t seen any episode of Lost/24 and I love those programs.. 😦

5. Punjab XI the team I support is getting hammered left-right and centre, planning to desert them… Lets see what they do today..

6. Saurav Ganguly the cricketer I am a fan is not doing anything worthwhile.

7. Heard Mum’s knees are giving way 😦

8. Garden needs a overhaul after the winters mess.

9. I have made it worse by chopping off the big tree , its lying in the garden, rotting , rain.

10. Two fishes died yesterday, the pond needs a clean..

11. Have a intruder in the pond , two frogs have made home in there..

12. Daffodils , crocus have come out.. look lovely in the mess.. Need to take some more days off to sort it out..

13. Family has come over, for something that may happen at weekend .. so be ready

14. Vikram / Cherry my friends say they might come to see me WOWOWOWOW…

15. My car is BACK.. ,mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thats all I could think of BUT I managed 15 so WOWOW