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Thursday Challenge LEISURE (Vacation, Sports, Fun, Rest, Relaxation,…)

It seems this blog is turning into a PHOTO blog now , I promise to write something soon 🙂 bear with me please..

Here we go.. Lets change clothes

Lets get the Gun loaded

Fun Time

The end

Paint Balling Any-oneeeeeee… come on lets have some fun.. It hurt a lot though got a lot of bruises to prove 🙂

Thursday Challenge : “STYLE” (Hair, Makeup, Perfume bottles, Mirrors, Formal Wear, Dresses,…)



Tain tain tain…. yoooo hoooooooooooooo.. I put the previous picture so people don’t run away …


BOOOOOO hoooooooooooooooooooo



Hair today .. Gone tomorrow 🙂

The topic says Hair.. Hair or No Hair is the same thing.. isn’t it 🙂

Although the moustache has enough HAIR…. for a STYLE toooo ….

Ok now stop laughing all of you …


And Tell me how Stupid I loook 🙂 he he he he he

Guess who


Try again

UPDATE:- oooopsssssssssss I have been informed Just now that a 8 year old also helped his brother the 10 year old to write this lovely poem….

Written in the Stars (Hulk Version)

Written in the Stars
A million miles away
A message sent to earth
For everyone to run away
Oh because of the Hulk
Who needs serious Health Care
Who leaves the world crashing down
And he has Hideous Hair
It is almost Christmas
And the hulk is nearly Dead
All of the newspapers
He has already read
Yesterday he robbed the bank
And stole all of the Dosh
Because he always stank
He was never Posh
Now it is his funeral
And all who was there has a dog
His name was creath
Because he had Stinky Breadth
Now its the End of Our song
Don’t leave it with a Pong
Now we are going to Pass