Valentines – IDIOTS -English Lessons

Posted: February 15, 2018 in Angry, Bikramism, Experiences, funnies, indians, Martyrs, My Thoughts., Ugly, Wake up
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This one is completely on a tangent post 🙂 So sorry about that, nothing to do with Valentines day,  but nevertheless everyone  I Hope you all had a great day , so Happy Valentines day to you all yesterday – today and always  🙂

Right.. Early morning on our Whats-app group yesterday I got the Following Pic by a Patriotic citizen of India.



Which is obviously wrong info since it was not 14th the martyrs were hanged it was on 23rd march , So me being me replied ( I need to stop doing this , I know) to this message, which brought a bit of argument as you all can read  🙂  ( I have had to whiten out some messages as they are not related to this chat. )



The Green ones are obviously ME as always getting myself into trouble, But this just goes to show what we are becoming, I don’t even know this guy never ever met him,  yet they have audacity to first spread such false information, then instead of just apologizing ( OK apology is a big word maybe for them) or  just making an excuse that a mistake is done they are ready to have a stupid argument not forgetting sending me to hell…   (Where I am sure I am heading but its a good thing I wont have to bear such idiots in hell at least, at least in hell we will all know what or who we all are )  ..   It’s the so-called GOOD people we need to be wary of because they are the ones who always Stab you.. 🙂

Anyway I am digressing again So I am being asked to mind my language by a person who is sending me to hell.. and who things its insulting that I used the word Shame.  Maybe I do need English lessons.

It is really a shame, first of all to that person who made the above pic and circulated , No wonder it is so easy to spread rumour’s these days, the bigger Idiots are the ones who just circulate stuff without giving it a thought. What sort of nation are we becoming where we know what day is Valentines but Don’t know about our hero’s, the freedom fighters ,  how the brave fought for us , so we could live in a Free nation. 

Ah well..

  1. Rekha says:

    I once got a message with link to a video which said “this boy confirms that he’s an alien from Mars” 🙄 i ignored. I know more than to believe alien boys from Mars 😂. The sender sent another image a couple of days later. The image was that of a flower known as Passion flower. The text below the image read “this is Vishnu flower, it blooms once in 300 years. Please forward this to everybody so that everybody can take blessings of the lord”. I was angry this time, so I replied ” this flower is called Passion flower and in my neighbor’s house, it blooms everyday” 😂😂😂 no reply at all from the other side. I don’t understand how people blindly believe some photoshopped image/fake news! Schools should start teaching common sense as a compulsory subject! 🙄🙄


    • Bikramjit says:

      🙂 I like that reply its passion flower and blooms every day … ha ha ha ha … Oh i hate those chain messages , send to so many and god will do this I have not heard of anyone who has actually had all that promised after sending the messages ..
      Surely god has better things to do then ask people to send such messages on his/her name …


  2. Gobblefunkist says:

    You take Whatsapp messages seriously? I use it for my daily laugh!

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  3. Sometimes messages are becoming a menace. Sometimes so insensitive. By pointing out the mistake, you did the right thing.


  4. shail says:

    Bikram, I have lost count of the number of times I have done this. There’s nothing wrong with your language. I for one applaud you for doing what you did! You go, man!


  5. SG says:

    You did the right thing in correcting him. “It’s a shame” is not a bad language. Probably that gentleman has to take some English lessons.


  6. Oh my god! I quit ALL family groups, for this reason. I have also pointed out how fake my mom’s forward was. And since then she has cut down. At least my parents dont send out good mornings.


    • Bikramjit says:

      🙂 ooops oh no .. I get umpteen good mornings one and pics of Gods etc etc I have set my whatsapp to NOT download anything , I manually download the ones i want to 🙂


  7. Cherry Saluja says:

    Thats what generally people do on whatsapp… Forward msg without giving a thought the argue to justify… I lately learnt to ignore such people… They disturb our peace….


  8. It’s just impolite and some people get offended by impoliteness. Try to forgive such people, it helps restore your own peace too 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  9. Tarang Sinha says:

    I’m glad I don’t use WhatsApp unless it’s something important & I’m not in any group. It’s really shameful (& irritating) that people forward things without knowing the facts.They don’t even feel like checking once.These facts are NOT frivolous!

    Don’t understand why the person asked you to mind your language.


  10. Radha says:

    You should just block the person who sent it if he cannot take a reasonable comment in the right spirit.


  11. Jaspreet says:

    Hi Bikram,

    I think the key is not to believe everything you receive on watsap. Many stupid throries/fake news are being circulated these days, I don’t trust those but I find it hard to convince my family not to trust those either.

    Very true post!


  12. TM says:

    Hey Bik

    Seems like pointing out he was wrong in front of the whole WhatsApp group must have hurt his ego even though he probably realized that he got it wrong or could’ve researched. It’s good to know your history but I’d forgive him for it since we forget sometimes or don’t pay as much attention.
    Now you could have ignored it but your ego could not have it either. So you had to jump in with your self righteousness and show your superior knowledge or the way every citizen ‘should ‘ know about history.
    At the end of the day we can only change ourselves. Maybe you could have worded it differently but who knows if that could’ve made a difference. Ciao


    • Bikramjit says:

      Well If you knew the reason the group was established and the name of the group you would not say that, I cant share it here also.. But yeah I do agree with your point although I am not sure if I pointed or said directly to this person I made a general comment that it is shame these days ..

      Well I believe that any any nation who forgets its heroes and martyrs is running downhill, to get to the heights and be successful one must remember what it took and who helped and the sacrifices they made to get us here , else one day we will be down there once again .

      But yeah point taken maybe next time I should be word my statement differently , will keep that in mind, Thank you so much for visiting please do keep visiting .. and welcome here to this blog.


  13. Onkar Kedia says:

    I can empathise with you. It is easier to indulge in mindless argument than accepting one’s mistake.


  14. purbaray says:

    It’s fine to call out friends who share forwards without verifying them

    But I wouldn’t use ‘shame’


  15. CRD says:

    Good job for calling out his ignorance. A lot of garbage is being circulated these days over Whatsapp and FB, and people believe everything blindly. People ought to take some time off to verify facts.


  16. Hilarious, Bikram. I got this message last year (it became viral on Facebook too by some political groups) and said the same 😀 a bit sarcastically though. What I said in Bengali could be translated as “OMG! All the way they taught us such wrong information in the history books! Even wiki doesn’t know this fact” 😛 😛


  17. Prajakta says:

    I bite my tongue a lot with the forwards that come. By the end of the year, I have a feeling I would have completely bitten it off and I can speak no more.

    God! Idiots everywhere…


  18. Obsessivemom says:

    These forwards will be the end of me! People blindly send across anything they receive and then think it is their moral obligation to fight for it, right or wrong. I’m glad you called him out.


  19. Rajlakshmi says:

    Oh dear oh dear. That turned ugly. And you were only trying to pass on correct information. There’s nothing wrong with that.
    Well, people don’t like to be corrected you see… They either become defensive or very offensive. I have blocked automatic downloads, so the only pictures I open are the ones when we are having serious discussion on which lipstick color to wear 😅 it’s superficial but keeps me sane 😊


    • Bikramjit says:

      yeah it did turn ugly.. BUt I am used to such people now, you look for one you will find hundreds 🙂 I have also blocked automatic downloads Now and download only 🙂 saves seeing such stupid forwards 🙂 ..


  20. Sindhu says:

    I don’t understand why people create such fake news without checking the reality… Some of them don’t think before forwarding them. It seems that you didn’t convey it in polite way but we don’t know how many such fake post sharing the person did. All I understand is that your intent is right.


  21. leendadll says:

    wow…. there’s a HUGE difference between “it’s a shame” and “shame on you”, which still is not any kind of “mind your language” type statement. whereas ‘go to hell’ is seriously offensive. props to you for remaining calm and questioning both their original post and subsequent comments.


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