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Edited just before pressing the Publish button 🙂 DISCLAIMER:–  I have been thinking should I put a disclaimer lest Karni sena comes after me for writing anything that may be against the Rajputs. But after reading the post a few times I am sure I haven’t written anything to say otherwise, but Nevertheless This Post titled ‘Padmaavat’ is based on my experience watching the movie- and reading about the chaos that took place Because of  Making of the epic ‘Padmaavat’  which according to the makers was based on the EPIC work of fiction by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi. 

I have written this article on what I saw in the movie, I fully believe in the valour-Legacy-Grandeur -Honour and Courage of Rajputs. 

Last night saw the Movie Padmaavat (still can’t figure out why the name change) but anyway , not Very impressed with the movie(will come to that later), BUT Impressed with the way movie is full of honour, valour , the grandeur of Rajput Heritage and off course the obsession of one ruler which brought so much ruthlessness and chaos . Throughout the movie I was looking for any sign that depicted otherwise as I Couldn’t understand all the hoopla that went around in India over the movie by a Sect which thought otherwise so much so that threats were made against the leading Actress.

The obsession shown by Alauddin in the movie has surely been transferred over to this particular sect as they have created so much chaos and ruckus in the country all for some political mileage,  India believes in Dirty politics which brings cheap tricks to gain some sort of mileage, Throughout the movie I just could not figure out WHAT IS IT THAT the KARNI sena had an issue with, why would they send hooligans to rough up the director Mr. Bhansali on the sets of  the movie.  I said Hooligans because no one in the sane mind would do that, especially if there is a movie being made which is based on a bit of history even if it is fiction and a bit of tradition – rituals of those days.

With all this Extracurricular activities involved around the movie it sure had garnered a lot of publicity which has helped in people taking notice of it, hence the house full last night,  it is very rare that a hall is Full here in UK for any movie, maybe on the first couple of days of the release but otherwise I have never been to a movie that would have so many people in the hall.

Coming back to the issue as I was saying I did not see any sign which would put the rich heritage – culture of the Rajput’s to shame or put it in bad light, so what were the people protesting against ?  What’s made me a bit angrier is why would the court or the censor board change the name of the movie, this surely shows that the people protesting have had some sort of Win.

Why do we always bow down to such antics ?

How can a group of people who believe in doing such activities which can never be good for a building nation be allowed or rather why were they allowed , with all the Heritage-culture of Rajputs how can Rajputs themselves do this.

There were so many Dialogues in the movies that made me think REALLY, is this what is the current heritage, go and give threats about beheading the leading actress, Women were respected and it was a matter of AAN-BAAN-SHAAN of the Rajputs culture, as a beacon of courage and sacrifice but obviously the people involved do not believe in all that,  it did not stop the Sena so deeply concerned about the honour of a historical figure, from issuing a threat to the lead actress.. in my mind its called hypocrisy.

The funny part is I did read somewhere that some members had vowed to perform JAUHAR themselves if the movie was released, where are these members. ( I am not saying that they should but HEY HO..)

So much damage has been done, buses –cars – bikes burnt, public property damaged.. WHY and no one questioned about it, Rajput culture does not portray this. The mob even attacked a bus full of KIDs how shameful is that, leave the Rajput culture which religion-caste-culture says that.. Shame on those who were part of the group that terrified the little children SHAME ON YOU..

Padmaavat is all about the Strength, Rajput principles of valour, fair play and aan, baan and shaan BUT sadly all that has been undone by the Modern Day descendants- The organised gang called Karni Sena. All these cowardly threats, violence and dastardly , unreasonable behaviour surely shows it that way for this particular Sect.

I grew up reading the brave stories of Maharana Pratap of Mewar,  Prithvi Raj Chauhan Of Ajmer, just wondering what these brave heroes would have done to the current mob who are protecting the identity of Rajputs in the ways which we have just witnessed.

So much COURT time wasted imagine all the petitions that have been filed , all that time could have been used for something which was more important as such justice takes many many years to be done in our nation adding such stupid petitions only add nightmares to the genuine cases.

I do  think that our leaders, our government has a lot of questions to reply to , they should have made sure such stupidity did not happen in the first place, they do need  to learn how to uphold rights of people who cannot defend themselves from organised gangs like the one that did all this Antics.

The funny thing is all the above happened without anyone seeing the movie or reading the script.. it was all based on baseless Allegations or rumours, I shiver to think what if there was something in the movie which was derogatory.

The movie has shown the Rajputs in such a Great light, all that splendor-grandeur, all that Glory and Honour It just goes to show how utterly despicable we have become and can be as a Society and where we the modern era Indians have come to. I wish we nowadays are able to show such honour and bravery more often.

Coming back to the movie, I must say I did like the movie although I do feel it could have been a bit more epic, when compared to other Bhansali movies this one was not that great,  Not very impressed with the directorship of Mr. Bhansali , some of the computer effects were bad, The character of Alauddin Khilji seemed to be more researched than the others, I felt The three Actors have done such a Brilliant job.

I know everyone is going on about how Ranveer singh (@RanveerOfficial) looks BUT I must say I felt Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) was a force in himself in the movie he looked the part of Maharawal Ratan singh,  he looked Regal and with all the costumes , the ambience the Palace, surroundings  he has delivered a ROYAL performance,  Immaculate and @deepikapadukone Looks so radiant in the last few scenes , amazing Regal , divine.

Padmaavat nevertheless merits to be seen once If for nothing else, as a support against the bullies who created all the Chaos.




  1. ‘So much damage has been done, buses –cars – bikes burnt, public property damaged.. WHY and no one questioned about it, Rajput culture does not portray this. The mob even attacked a bus full of KIDs how shameful is that, leave the Rajput culture which religion-caste-culture says that.. Shame on those who were part of the group that terrified the little children SHAME ON YOU..’ They say they have not yet stopped their war on the movie even after knowing that nothing is there to insult the Rajputs.

    They are just mad men and the vote bank politics/politicians are supporting them. All are keeping mum. More Karni senas will pop up in the future. We are going to watch them and vote them back to power.


  2. Mona says:

    It is just politics dear… Ptanhi karni sena padmavat K peeche apne kaunse bure karam chupa rahi thi. People won’t protest and file petitions for the rapes going on in our country but they they’ll burn buses for the imaginary honour of an imaginary princess. Such is our india….
    I wanted to see the movie just to go against these karni sena fellows but baad mai lga saala kaun paise waste krega…😉😁


    • Bikramjit says:

      Totally agree but I think its gone wrong for the Sena here it has brought more disrepute to them by the way they have behaved, even if they now say it was not them but the bad elements who took advantage of the situation.. yet they are to be blamed they created this situation.


  3. jaishvats says:

    True Bikram ….i am sure many bullies in the mobs were not even aware of why someone was protesting and just had fun in the whole chaos…..Bansali s next movie should be Despicable Us ….we have enough animated characters in the country to draw inspiration from


  4. “The funny thing is all the above happened without anyone seeing the movie or reading the script.. it was all based on baseless Allegations or rumours, I shiver to think what if there was something in the movie which was derogatory.” Agreed.

    Nice review. Haven’t seen the movie yet. The only difference between us and the other animals; we too are animals finally – the answer is, our sense of reason. When it leaves us …. what physically remains is ………….. pretty evident.


  5. Harini says:

    All the hoopla that happened around one movie was ridiculous. I will never understand how burning of a school bus, cars and causing so much damage upholds Rajput valor. In my opinion it just shows the opposite of that. Everything they did was atrocious but for me attacking a school bus just crossed the damm line.
    I haven’t seen the movie yet. But hope to catch it soon.
    Btw, I am back again :P. How have you been?

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  6. sm says:

    movie got 300 cuts, 2nd movie did not show correct history and character of Khilji
    zero stars for movie, waste of money


  7. The Karni Sena has done so much damage to the public property, even they hurt innocent school kids when they attacked a school bus in Gurugram. It’s absolutely despicable and idiotic. There’s no logic behind it, at least I failed to find that out. But it definitely has helped in the publicity of the movie. Housefull even in the UK holds testimony to that… 😀


  8. Deboshree says:

    Didn’t see the movie, don’t intend to. But I had fun reading your take on it! 🙂


  9. I don’t like period dramas. But I will watch it only for the reason you’ve mentioned above.


  10. SG says:

    I don’t approve of burning buses and attacking kids. But had there been no protest, the Director would have had a free hand in depicting whatever he wanted. All pre-release protests made him think twice and so he changed the story line.
    Wanted to give an episode here. There was an atheist anti-hindu leader put a chappal garland to Lord Rama. Some concerned citizens filed a suit in the court saying they were outraged. The judge said he did not believe they were outraged. He said if they were outraged they would have beaten that guy in the street the moment he put that chappal garland to Lord Rama, but did nothing.
    True story. I can give the name and date and city.


    • Bikramjit says:

      I understand what you are saying sir.. But there is a way to protest and do things, maybe the people should have asked to see the movie and if there was something objectionable then done a protest. I have no issues with that but burning damaging, threatening little kids Why,, how is that a protest. Threatening to behead someone that surly is not right. there are far worse things that are happening in our great nation which need a protest no one seems to bother about those. sad situation


  11. dNambiar says:

    I haven’t see the movie yet.
    So all that noise was for nothing, huh?!


  12. Avyukta says:

    As a contrast, I do think this one was one of the best stories directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The aura of the lead actors – Shahid and Deepika was overwhelming – esp at the end when all of them marched towards Jauhar, it was amazing. I didn’t quite like the role of Ranbir, however the character did require mania which was rightly portrayed.
    Watching this movie in fact brings pride and respect for Rajputs in anyone’s heart, that they were (and are) men of their words and wouldn’t bend no matter what, if word is given. And of course the grandeur – I am waiting to visit the locations just to experience the aura.


    • Bikramjit says:

      I do agree with the aura of the actors although Shahid was not given the due he so deserves in the movie all the focus seemed to be on Ranveer and Deepika… yeah the last few scenes were Amazing agree with that , But if we compare the movie with lets say Bajirao Mastaani then this one lacked something … Or maybe its me.

      True it does bring in pride and respect but sadly the same sect had issues with the movie and created all this chaos and look at all that has happened , Now no one is there to hear the plight of those who suffered in this chaos, everyone is talking more about the movie in which the actors and others made tons of money while some harmless people suffered without any fault of theirs.

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  13. Puja says:

    Agreeing to every single word you wrote here.
    Rajputs were a brave clan. Both men and women. While men fought wars with weapons, women had their own share of battle. In that era, during that time, Jauhar made sense. I hear a lot of criticism about romanticizing it on the screen. Yes, it was romanticized. So was the battle. The ugly battle of a man’s obsession and the tragic Jauhar were a reality of that time. So if depiction of Jauhar is bad, so is the glamorized battle scenes.


  14. Rajlakshmi says:

    I Haven’t seen the movie yet, but heard that it’s beautifully made. And like you, everyone is suprised and unable to understand what was all that ruckus about. The incident about a school bus being targetted was extremely shocking. How low can people be, to scare kids for the sake of a movie! It frustrates me to no end.


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