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Posted: February 2, 2018 in Bikramism, Celebrations, christmas, Feeling Funny, Festivals, UK
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Wow February is already here , A month has already gone in the new year. Time is definitely flying, so without wasting any more time let me just post this post else it will be Christmas again..  Last Christmas I had put some questions here are the answers to those as they came out of the Crackers 🙂 Hope you like them all

1. What do you call Father Christmas in the beach?
Sandy Clause!

2. What do you get if you cross Santa with a detective?
Santa Clues!

(Rekha , you almost got it 🙂 and Santa Holmes is also a brilliant answer) 🙂

3.  What is the best Christmas Present in the World ?
A broken drum, you just can’t beat it!

4. Did Rudolph go to School ?
No. He was Elf-taught! 

5. What did Adam say to his wife on the day before Christmas?
It’s Christmas, Eve!

6. What did Father Christmas do when he went speed dating ?
He pulled a cracker!

7. What does Santa do with fat elves ?
He sends them to an Elf Farm!

8. What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?
A Christmas Quacker!

9. What do you call a blind dinosaur?
A Do-you-think-he-saur-us.

and the Last One…

10. Where does Santa go when he’s sick?
To the elf centre!

A Bonus one 🙂 

11. What do you call a bankrupt Santa?
Saint Nickel-less!

Hope Everyone has had a Brilliant January, Here’s  wishing the best for the Rest of the 2018.. 

  1. Rekha says:

    Hahaha, that was really funny 😀😀😂


  2. Difficult to guess, but funny 😀

    Destination Infinity


  3. Lovely way to kick off Friday and the weekend. Happy New Year bro 🙂


  4. KP says:

    Liked the witty answers!


  5. SG says:

    Hilarious Bikram. Loved it.


  6. WoW! Bikram so much fun racking the grey cells. Killer mate 🙂


  7. Akhila says:

    😂😂…thanks bikram for giving us a good laugh


  8. Anita says:

    Intelligent answers 🙂 Fun to read, Bikram!


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