I know its past that date now, But nevertheless I like to think about it , as it reminds me of Home..  India and My dad   He would celebrate my birthday every year , I was a grown up man but that did not stop him, he always made sure that on 11th Nov he had a few of my friends invited a few of his friends to celebrate, I remember his craze for Poori Cholle , he would always order them from Sindhi’s sector 17 Chandigarh) as my dad’s office was on top of their shop :),  that was one  dish Always on the menu on my birthdays.. along with  Samosa’s , Jalebi’s , and off course the CAKE.

One of my friends had an Aunt who made cakes on special orders, so the cake use to come from the aunt in Sector 18 Every-year, A BIG FRESH CREAM CAKE.

I remember the last time we had a celebration,  there was a guy playing the DHOL a few houses down the road and My uncle went and brought him over to play the Dhol suddenly it became a Dance party with everyone dancing to the Tune of the DHOL. What a beautiful HAPPY day it was ..

Sadly since I came to uk it never happened and I miss it, I guess we will never be able to get rid of that little kid in our hearts ever and now that my Dad is no more I doubt anyone will have the time or the energy to organize all that, so a Big Big Thank you to Dad for being so good and kind to me always, even though we sometimes did not meet eye to eye.

So this year too the 11th of the 11th came 🙂   Yes.. it was that day again today , when I was born, and the world had to be put in turmoil to endure me till I Live, whatever anyone might say I do feel that November is the best Month and the 11th is the best day.. Plus it has a nice ring to it 11th of the 11th ..

Although this year a little celebration happened from the 10th itself, I was meeting someone in the lovely buzzing city of London for lunch, it took a bit of an effort to find a restaurant at The SHARD, The name suggested it was a Chinese place , the name being “Shangri-La” but it was not :), although the views on the 35th floor were just awesome.

I was not impressed much with the food though but the company was lovely and I loved that ..  and I Got a gift too 🙂

11th started as usual till I saw my phone with so many messages , people wishing me and to read all that first thing in the morning is always a good feeling,  The only thing letting the day down was I was working 🙂  but hey ho it was not as if there was going to be a party in the evening 🙂

Thank you all for all the wishes, god bless you all.

With each passing year it seems the good old days are being left behind, fewer and fewer people remember each other but I guess that’s the way of the world these days..

This is a Short and Sweet Post for all who emailed me and texted me and Called me .. Love you all.. God bless you all. You all are the most beautiful people on this Earth not sure what have I done to deserve such good human beings around me ….

AND THOSE WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN .. well what can I say  🙂 …  Love you all.. God bless you all too . don’t worry 11-11-2018 is only 361 days away make sure you remember it then.  You too are the most beautiful people on this Earth not sure what have I done to deserve such good human beings around me, Stay blessed.

  1. Bingo's Mom says:

    Happy Birthday, Bik!! Better late than never… hehe.

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  2. Belated birthday wishes Bikram, retain that kids heart in you for ever… Your parents blessings will be there for you always.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tharani says:

    Belated birthday wishes Bikram.

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  4. Happy birthday, belated!


  5. Creepy Indian Men says:

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  6. Mona says:

    Happy birthday. 😊🎂 I am glad you enjoyed your birthday…I loved reading about your dad. Our beautiful childhood days can’t come back but at least we have these lovely memories.


  7. SG says:

    You can go back to home. But cannot go back to the time. That is the way this world is.
    Happy Birthday. May this year and coming years bring you lot of happiness and peace of mind.


  8. Happy belated birthday my friend. With blessings a million for good health and happiness in your life. 🙏


  9. Gobblefunkist says:

    Happy birthday my stranger friend!


  10. G says:

    Happy Birthday, my friend! It’s a very happy coincidence because I have my birthday on 11 Nov, as well 😀


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much… Yours toooo .. well Many many happy returns of the day and wish you a belated happy birthday.. I know a tad bit late Sorry about that .. .. so what did you do on your day.


  11. catwhiskers says:

    Happy birthday dear Bikramjit. Parents are our life’s true treasures and nothing can ever replace them or the fond memories they leave behind. Old friends and a couple of drinks over big parties anytime. Enjoyed reading about your memories.


  12. onkar kedia says:

    Nice post. Belated happy birthday.


  13. uhhooo….how did I miss it? so sorryy…Belated Happy Birthday! Yes, there is a child in all of us and let’s keep celebrating!


  14. Too late to wish you belated, but here are some hearty wishes for a brilliant year ahead. A very touching mention of how your father made sure to celebrate your birthday


  15. I DID remember B, I was just testing to see if you remembered first!


  16. Novroz says:

    A very late happy birthday Bikram 🙂
    Hope you have amazing years ahead


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