Wordless Wednesday (63) :- Two hoots

Posted: August 30, 2017 in Abuse, Experiences, My Thoughts., Unlikely things, Wednesday, Wordless
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WE ARE THE POLICE … WE WILL PARK ANYWHERE WE WANT.. public put to a bit of inconvenience  SO WHAT…



  1. I guess the police have some special privileges reg. parking, don’t they? Here, even the public have those privileges 😛

    Destination Infinity


  2. SG says:

    What you see may deceive you. There could be several legit reasons for the police to park there.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Nope it was not so, I went the other way they were still there and the cars that are parked on the left Two of them were not there.. Then I came back after some time and it was still there, Surly the car can be parked properly.

      IF it was something serious the road would have been closed and traffic changed, but the traffic was actually getting on the footpath as I did both ways .. 🙂


  3. Mann says:

    I thought…it happens only in INDIA!!!


  4. jaishvats says:

    Have you seen the movie Miss Congeniality ? Sandra Bullock uses her police id to get to the beginning of a queue at a coffee shop

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    • Bikramjit says:

      ha ha ha I have used it too a couple time .. but then I was in a hurry to reach a incident ha ha ha ha 🙂 you know had to reach a emergency just had a few minutes to grab a coffee before reaching it 🙂 🙂


  5. Prajakta says:

    Of course… they apparently run this “kingdom” that apparently they are kings of!


  6. Shalzzz says:

    Whoa! I had this song in mind while seeing the pictures, ‘It happens only in India’ 😛


  7. I hope he has a good reason. Maybe he lost his car keys somehow and was waiting to get towed. 😆 lol


  8. I have seen cars with diplomatic car plate numbers also parked whenever they like 😀 – these people are out of reach somehow. Although for police issue, sometimes, I can imagine that they have to stop in sudden or in unusual public places in order to secure public issues and situations…


  9. Haha seriously… police can park anywhere… lovely satire you used here


  10. sm says:

    happens in India but hope they were parking for their for legal reasons.


  11. onkar kedia says:

    I think, everywhere, there are policemen who get carried away


  12. alkagurha says:

    I thought this was exclusive to India. Wrong parking, driving on the wrongs side- just a display of arrogance of power.


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