70 years have gone since India has become independent, since morning whatsapp has been going bezerk with all the independence day messages, various groups flooded with messages what made me laugh out and smile the most was that we follow the same ritual each year on this day and the very next day all is but forgotten.   I am just curious today what does independence  mean to everyone, 70 years almost two whole generation of citizens who were born in free India are adults and more by now… including me, those who lived through those dark days have almost gone.

People have changed, ideology has changed BUT there is one breed of people that has Not changed OUR DEAR LEADERS the so called Gandhi followers , the little change that has happened is that these leaders have become more intelligent in how to loot the nation, Same old principles.

This is going to be a SHOCK for all reading this , I am a Indian and I think we should stop celebrating the Independence day .. the whole idea of or the reason of the celebration has been lost, In my mind or in my sense we started celebrating this day because the British LEFT us or GAVE us independence , The british went because they could not see any advantage of there stay Had they wanted they could have stayed anyway that’s not the point of this article..

We started to celebrate this day because we became a independent country to be governed by us Indians THAT’S IT.. But its been 70 years of celebration no one celebrates events for ever .. Especially when now we can sit back and think DO WE REALLY DESERVE IT ALL.

The few years in the start may have been good in-spite of the wars we had to fight, for the sole reason that we had Indians ruling us and No white skin to bow down to. There have been some commendable work done by some Indians, I say some because there are only a handful who actually work for the betterment or good of the country, but we as a nation have sidelined them too , Does any one know whats happening with ANNA HAZAARE Ji, he worked so hard but the people around him took advantage , one of them became a political leader won by a huge margin YET look at that same person now A POLITICIAN, the whole ideology lost.

Where are we now..

Were we not better off when we had British rule.. The reason I say is lets compare our nation with the Likes of Germany or Japan.. world war happened which left the state of those countries completely devastated.. Look at them NOW.. Can we compare even a single thing… India was not devastated True it was poor because of the wealth taken away BUT mind you British gave our country a lot, The roads they built then are still standing , Have a look at the road in each locality – in your own locality that were built just DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY, you will get the idea..

Railways was another thing given to us, Some of the narrow gauge rail tracks are still working , have a look at the condition especially in rural places, we have not been able to provide connection to those far away remote areas.

The people who gave their LIVES for the country had the right to say they love their country, How many of the people who have written big articles or commented how they love their country can actually go and give their life, HECK I don’t think I can go and die..

Yes our country is corrupt, Yes its far behind, Yes our country is dirty All this is true so time has come to STOP going GA GA over stupid things and shouting at foreigners who says India is dirty YES IT IS, I say so that does not mean I am not Indian or you love the country more than ME. Time has Come to WORK and FIX IT.. well actually the time was years back BUT never too late to start.  So what if a foreigner said India is dirty SO WHAT.. if it felt bad then maybe you should have gone and cleaned the place .. HECK I would do that I mayn’t have the guts to go and die for the country but I can go and clean the place and I have done it ..

AND FOR THE SAKE OF GOD, what irks me the MOST is the people who say how India is developing, How we are becoming a big economy THIS AND THAT blah BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, the so called people who are living in a dream and have never ever EVER seen what is going on,  Let me give them a little example There is a little village that is next to the one that I belong to , In a Very influential district in Punjab , this district is very very influential now in the political scenario of the country, only this year they got the facility of WATER, filtered clean water.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT after 70 years of  Independence and that too without the help from Government, We all got together the next project is to have proper drains for good sanitation.

What development is that , how is sending people to the moon or satellites going to help the person who has to walk for miles to get fresh water, GO ASK THEM.  Today being independence day why don’t you do one thing and go and ask these people how much they suffer.  We all each and everyone , people Living In or outside India, EACH ONE has to wake up and stop this FARCE.. IF we start now maybe just maybe in a decade or two we can start to celebrate the Independence day again when we again win our freedom this time from our own people, From US , FROM YOU from ME… it is still a maybe but then there is still hope…

I was reading an article where someone mentioned we should celebrate the day to pay respect to freedom fighters, Come on I say to them, Those freedom fighters did not give their life to get this day , they had different ideas, they gave their LIFE for US the new generation who shout at top of our voice when need be how proud we are to be Indians,


The likes of Sardar Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad, Rajguru ,Udham Singh (by the way did anyone know Death anniversary of Sardar Udham Singh was 31st July) and Plenty more whom history AND PEOPLE have forgotten who embraced death in their early age They were all Jewels of the country conveniently forgotten by History Manipulators , they had a dream of a GREAT NATION, of a GOOD NATION they gave the ultimate sacrifice THEIR LIFE, lets not let that sacrifice go to waste furling the national flag, singing the national anthem is not gonna achieve that, (we as a nation have even argued over the names of places in our national anthem, that is the sort of people we are 🙂  ) We have to start to WORK on making it better. We need to face the REALITY, till we do that nothing can be changed the first step to start changing or rectifying a PROBLEM is to Accept there IS A PROBLEM… if there is no problem then what are we rectifying NOTHING

If each of us takes just a couple of hours out  a week it can work wonders. The problem is we will not do anything, but the moment someone says this is wrong , that is wrong we all attack them like a swarm of bees.. What we DON’T Do is try to rectify the wrongness.


bull siyane Jahaan nu mat ditti
teg mehriyaan
ishq na karo nange
na chediye wattan de pooriyaan nu
jihna kapde khak de which range


  1. Bikramjit! You’ve expressed your views in a clear and articulate manner. I agree that all of us must do its bit to make India a better place since we have huge potential as a nation. But, willingness is needed and not arm chair activism.


  2. The British, for all their contributions, have taken more payment than what should have been due to them. Besides, it was their stubborn attitude that led to an unnecessary war with Hitler that cost them ALL their colonies.
    There is no point in too much development if it results in damaging the environment real hard. And that’s exactly what’s happening in the west. All that glitters is not gold.
    Destination Infinity
    PS: There are good as well as bad things happening everywhere. There is no point in generalization.


    • Bikramjit says:

      I agree with you DI, there is good and bad.. and I am not generalizing but in the run for development I am more worried about those that are left behind , the void is increasing day by day ..

      in 1984 riots happened where tens of thousdands people were killed yet till date NOT a single person has been brought to justice.. and according to the news TODAY 17th august.. they have CLOSED 100+ case .. Such is the india we live in ..

      and then other riots .. Do we really want such a india where anyone can kill anyone just because they are from a different culture..


  3. Mona says:

    Whoa..you are too frustrated with our country! While I agree with you that our country is nowhere where I would like it to be right now, I do disagree with you on few points. I don’t think we would have been better under British rule. If they hadn’t enslaved us, our economy would be trillions more than what it is today. There were numerous famines in India during the British rule, which killed millions and millions of people. India hadn’t seen such famines during the rule of the Mughals or even before that. We were always a rich and fertile country. Yes, they did build roads and railways but it was just to drain more wealth out of India. They build roads to places from where they could extract cheaper raw material. Even during ancient times, India had always being an exporter but we mostly exported final goods, not raw materials. The Britishers reduced India to a raw material exporter and forced it to buy costlier finished products from Britain. And who can forget, they were the ones who started the divide and rule policy which is still costing the country a lot. They are the reason we are a broken nation now.
    As for the expenses in Satellites and space mission go. They are equally important too. The remote sensing satellites, communication satellites are a reason we can now deal with natural disasters. I know we still lose a lot in such disasters but without the warning from satellites the loss would be millions ties more. In 2013, several lives were saved on the eastern coast of India when the cyclone Phailin which was one of the fiercest cyclone that hit India in decades. Plus ISRO now days earns millions of dollars by carrying out space missions for several foreign countries. That money could be used for further research and development.
    I know there is a lot which needs to be done for providing basic facilities to citizens but that doesn’t make other things less important. Research for instance doesn’t get the same respect as it gets in foreign countries. I for example was working on a disease which claims several lives in India every year, but what happened. People think you are a loser if you do research in this country, plus the politics, not getting enough money to even buy basic things for lab, no stipend. My classmates are doing the same things in US and europe, oh the respect they get for being in Foreign. I know they are never gonna come back here. They are getting married, giving birth to american nationals but they get more respect than people who choose to stay here.
    And as far as building our country goes, it is the responsibility of not just the leaders but also the citizens. The preamble of our country says.
    “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
    JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

    LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

    EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all

    FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;…………. ”

    Do you see who has the power? Its us, the citizens of India who have been given this power by our own constitution.

    I know there are many problems that we need to deal with, yet I am a proud Indian.

    Oh and I am sorry for writing such a long comment. I got into the flow and didnt realise I have written this much.


    • Bikramjit says:

      And you can truthfully say we have justice..

      I am sure the post says that we .. each one of is has to build the nation ..

      It is my india too just because I spoke something that i feel doesn’t make me a non indian.

      Yes we have the power but things have not changed for those who live in rural india

      Development for a few is not development.

      And no need to be sorry FREE india 😀 at least we shud be able to write what we feel freely.


      • Mona says:

        Hey.. I didn’t mean to disrespect your opinions. I know how difficult it is to live in present times. I agreed with most of your post. Trust me I like to be the least judgemental person and a really tolerant person. I hate that in present times we have to fear to express our dissent to govt policies. I am thankful that you wrote this. 😊
        And I am living in a village right now. We didn’t get water for 3 months. My 70 year old father had to toil everyday to get us water. I slipped one day on the road and hurt myself while bringing a bucket of water. So I know what it is to live in rural India. And the best part, after studying my ass off and getting a master’s degree from one of the best institutes of the country I am still jobless.. haha.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Bikramjit says:

          Oh .. see thats what makes me angry there are still those who have to go and get water.. progress is only for a few and also the jobs are for those who can bribe.. 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      You are doing a good thing keep it up as such we don’t have very many good citizens .. So the few we have like you need to carry on soldiering.. no use expecting rewards or anything that will not happen.


  4. Gobblefunkist says:

    Just curious. Do you live in India?


  5. SG says:

    We should have kicked the British out of India as the Americans did instead of waiting for them to GIVE us independence.

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    • Bikramjit says:

      SG YEsssssssssssssssssssss exactly WE should have… maybe and along with them we should have also kicked out the BROWN SKIN that replaced the WHITE SKIN people .. but we did not listen to those who gave their lives for us and followed the ones who has ulterior motives to gain power once british left … We are reaping what we sowed .. STILLLLLLllllllll


  6. Alok Singhal says:

    No country is better off under any rule. We are doing great, just that there are some areas (like Corruption) where a lot can be done. I have always loved India for our unique cultures and traditions…and no other country can match it.

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    • Bikramjit says:

      Very true no country is better off under a rule , we are under our politicians and the rich class, but Sir corruption is not the ONLY issue , yes we have so much culture and traditions but this same culture and tradition is the reason which has caused so much carnage..

      I was born in india , I have lived all my youth in india I got all my family and friends in india ..

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      • Alok Singhal says:

        True that India is a mess in certain respects, but we are still good than many nations. Just that some more needs to be done.


        • Bikramjit says:

          THat is true, the conditions in places like Africa etc are far worse.. But still we should not compare to them those countries have their own issues, Our issues are different. The problem is we the people are not doing enough to make that change. I mean just heard news that A 12-year-old girl student of a government school in Sector 23 was allegedly waylaid and raped at knife-point by a middle-aged man, suspected to be a drug addict, at Children Traffic Park in Sector 23 on August 15. The incident took place hardly 2 km from the Parade Ground where an Independence Day function was being held.

          how sad has the world become..

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  7. Not sure about independence celebrations….its the carnage before and after that needs to be written up in all history books up and down the world. Displacement, murder, refugee crisis, you name it every sect of India suffered it. We can blame the British for their colonialism as they had done in so many other countries. But, who do we blame for the civil fighting and bloodshed.. Who instructed those mobs on all sides to hack brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons to bits.. Nothing but memory of misery…


    • Bikramjit says:

      TOTALL 100% with you on the carnage, people in the nation seem to have forgotten what happeend 70 years ago and Not just that since then we have had many more carnages and this time we cant blame the british ..

      There is more misery..


  8. sujathasathya says:

    agree with you…the politicians have learnt smarter and quicker ways of looting the country.

    India, like any other country in the world, has its areas of improvement. We have come a long way and we have a long way to go too.

    Proud to be a fellow Indian.
    Jai Hind


  9. KathrinS says:

    Happy independence day, even if you don’t think it should be celebrated. I understand your feelings, but a national holiday is important for a country and its people. The US has been celebrating theirs for over 200 years, and Switzerland’s independence day dates back to the 13th century!!

    Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much and welcome here to this blog.. Please do keep visiting.

      We do need to celebrate for sure .. BUT US and switzerland are far more ahead than my nation but sadly the ploticians in my nation have looted the country


  10. Dew says:

    Frankly with all the attention given to lynching, ignorance leading to child deaths, and lack of communal harmony worries me as to even in this day and age we are stuck with petty things and not rising above to look at more pertinent issues :/ Anyway… personally to me this day is more about a Memorial Day to remember all the sacrifices and not to forget the gazillion lives lost owing to division of the country!!! Sometimes I wonder they are all fighting for what and what will they take back with them?


    • Bikramjit says:

      That I agree , celebrate the Day as a memorial to those who gave the ultimate sacrifise especially in a hope that they are doing so , so the nation grows etc etc but sadly we the people and our leaders have not done what we should have ..

      it is sad sad..


  11. Prajakta says:

    I think I have stopped trying to figure out the right and wrong of it… What I have realized is that somehow a lot of us have turned out to be very fickle about the country and we are just looking to pass the blame to somebody else instead of taking the onus.

    I love our country – but we really need to realign our mindset for the future instead of a bittersweet litany over the past.


  12. sm says:

    well written
    yes one needs to ask question why to celebrate
    i agree with you


  13. purbaray says:

    It’s good to reflect upon the direction we are heading, the mistakes we have committed and then be filled with determination to help change things.


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