UK under Attack – AGAIN

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Am I wrong, Angry, Hurt, Mankind, Religion, Terrorism, UK
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Third Terror attack in three months , many around the world all in the name of religion, and the person involved in the latest one says “I am doing this for my Family, Doing it for Islam”.. HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THIS right, killing a innocent man for his family.

The so called DO-GOODERS Politician (who I must say are never ever in the middle of such incidents, because they have there bodyguards and other services safeguarding them)  have never been put under such kind of spotlight and strangely all those who were PRO and talking of Tolerance and human rights etc  have not been heard.  They have gone quiet.

Since the election is just 3 days away the usual political drama is on all time high each political party saying they will do more, but the question is WHY HAVE THEY NOT DONE MORE TILL NOW, why is that only now after innocent people have died that THEY WILL DO MORE.

Tolerance is a must YES we need to tolerate and everyone has basic human rights but Allowing such cowards facilities to do what they are doing,  how can that be justified. All over the world in almost all countries things are in place which may go against a particular religion BUT I personally feel that UK needs to do that , it may hurt some religious sentiments but then so be it .  A Human life is more important irrespective of caste-color-creed-Religion.

20,000 yes that is TWENTY THOUSAND Police cuts, in the last few years supported by our current Prime Minister, she stood there talking about this  and when asked why , she said people asking questions are CRYING wolf, there is no danger .. Well the WOLVES are not only at the DOOR they have stepped inside.. the cuts have not helped and have put the police force under tremendous pressure .. in-spite of all these pressure’s I must applaud the wonderful job done by the Police , within 8 Minutes the three terrorists were SHOT dead. 

A lot of questions need to be answered, in all three incidents the terrorist’s were known to the police , how was it still that a known terrorist still manages to create so much chaos, what about those whom the police DON’T KNOW.

Surly these people could not have done it all alone, someone somewhere has been helping them, or knew of these attacks.  These people need to be found and brought to justice.  BUT IN THE NAME OF GOD not the kind of JUSTICE that UK LAW talks of, giving a couple of years suspended verdicts. Harder-Harsher verdicts need to be given.

Those who are talking against these attacks and feel this is a atrocity against mankind, they need to come out and TELL, if they are not happy in UK then surly they need to go back to the nation they came from , where they think they will be happy and safer. 

Amid all this chaos there are stories that have come out of people who came out and fought these cowards, Among them a Romanian man who did all he could , What a brave man.  The romanian man.. YOU SIR ARE A HERO.. and THANK YOU for being such a LOVELY HUMAN BEING. I have just found that your name is #FlorinMorariu .  Well done SIR.

The Transport police office who took on the Three alone, You sir saved many a life stopping these so called Human beings for a few moments, The off duty police office who did a rugby tackle..  Bravo guys you are Heroes and Lovely human beings.

Lets all prey together for the victims of this stupid ideology, Sadly 7 have died may they rest in peace and may all those injured get well soon. The people who have died are just not from london or uk But from many other countries, Canada-Australia-France.. So this attack is not just on UK but against humanity WorldWide against the Free world.

Maybe time has come where every country in the free world needs to come together, every individual who believes in free world needs to come together to fight this terror.  I don’t know what we can do or should do but I do know this that Lets Not be afraid, lets all get together and make sure we help each other in trying to root out these bad elements from amongst us, I would also plead and humbly request everyone to not categorize everyone in one bracket, because we can all together fight this evil with doing good.

TO fight evil we do need to make some tough decisions which may not be popular and may hurt some sentiments but we must understand time is now to embrace those decisions and stand together with one another and FACE THESE ATROCITIES.

  1. Bikramjit! I understand how you feel and felt the same when Mumbai and Pune were attacked. While we should avoid labelling we must do everything to curb such attacks. Be safe my friend. Respect to the Romanian guy who stood tall and saved lives.

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    • Bikramjit says:

      YEah true.. the world is becoming a dangerous places and it seems everywhere … and indeed the romanian guy does indeed need all the respect and One thing I am quiet proud of people in UK, while at other places during such attacks it was noticed that people RAN away .. in the recent incidents people here have actually RUN towards the incident to HELP and that is good sign, people are becoming less afraid ..

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  2. No place is safe in this world nowadays. How do they brain wash youngsters to become human bombs? Well educated, that too in UK itself, turn into terrorists? Children, fellow muslims also die because of their attitude. Will this ever stop?

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  3. SG says:

    My heart felt sympathies for the affected families. I agree with your thought in this blog post.

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  4. Where the world is heading to! It’s an alarming situation…more so, because, it seems, it has no permanent solution 😦

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  5. Anita says:

    Relevant points & questions, Bikram.
    Thankfully the situation was handled promptly within 8minutes. Great that bravehearts handled the situation well.
    Imagine the threat posed by terrorists… Wish they would just read their “holy” books 📚 Which book teaches to be involved in such unholy & terrible acts?

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  6. sm says:

    this incidents only show that UK security is weak.
    and for these elected politicians are responsbile

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  7. kalpana solsi says:

    I agree with Vishal as we too were at the receiving end of he insane violence . the attacks in whichever part of the world makes us lose faith in mankind. We are attacked by our own people and not aliens.

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  8. onkar kedia says:

    Yes, it is time for tough action. Empty words will not do.

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  9. sujathasathya says:

    topical post.
    relevant to the times. scary to think these guys are so indoctrinated that murder is legit for them

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  10. Obsessivemom says:

    We are living in crazy times. Where on one hand we say technology is bridging people, bringing them closer, what we see around us is increasing intolerance.

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  11. Salute to the civilians and other police officers who fought these terrorists by themselves. We need such brave people everywhere.

    With elections just around the corner, this ‘terrorist attack’ seems to have other motivations that what is being reported. I hope this is false.

    Destination Infinity

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  12. Oh gosh! yes. One attack itself is too much. And three in such a short span? Who would have imagined that. Sickening! Especially so because it is done in the name of religion.
    I feel sad for the many muslims who are now looked at with suspicion. I feel people of the faith should play an active role in condemning all these suicide missions and the killing of innocents.

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  13. Anita says:

    Such killings are really mad, bad & sad. Hope there’s some sense in all & there are no terrorists…
    Good job by the police. Had the situation not been in control in 8 minutes, imagine how many more would have been killed….

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  14. Gray Dawster says:

    The world has gone mad, true, but this doesn’t mean that we as brothers and sisters cannot live together in perfect harmony, after all this is easy, well it is if people want multiculturalism to work as it should work. Terrorism comes to us in many forms, all evil and totally unwanted.
    We need to stick together as our democracy and freedom are paramount, and If there are disputes, then we need to work through them together in our communities, draw on our strengths, and push negativity and ignorance far away.
    Like you have mentioned earlier Bikram, and I agree with you, as a people standing together, whether different in religion, colour or creed we become stronger, aiming towards a better life for all of us. we just need to cast out the doubters, and all those that wish to separate us from our freedom.
    That’s what I think anyway my great friend 🙂

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