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Posted: April 26, 2017 in Good times, Life, Me, My Thoughts., Reality, Ugly, Why
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The rewind button on the different music apps makes one think if we can have a rewind button in life too.. They do say that Hindsight is a boon, But sometimes the same hindsight also shows us what a prick we have been .. the concept of WHAT IF .. comes into action.

What if 2013 did not come, or what if the decision one took was a different one, BUT then everyone also says Destiny ..What has to happen will happen no matter what we do. So the decisions made would have been made irrespective of what the hindsight tells us now.

Very confusing, recently I was so fed up of everything that was going on around me that I thought of rewinding back the clock , So I went to a couple of places for 2 days only to try to relive the time that has gone back. It was not the same but I did have a smile for a few hours on my face.

Sometimes we make dreadful and very very wrong decisions, the worst thing is those decision can’t be taken back and we have to live our entire life with them, the clocks cant to rewound , whats done is done, friends turn to foes, people we love turn to people who hate us.   I do wish that there is a way in this world where we can make things right after they have been completely destroyed by us only.

If someone else has destroyed those it probably is easy to forget or at least live with the hate we have for them, but what if the one who has destroyed it is you , yourself. What do you do..  I know many people say that they don’t remember or have moved on, But I for one have not been able to forgive myself. I know I have done wrong VERY WRONG, how do we make it right.   If we had the opportunity to tap that Rewind button then I would have surly done it by now.

So I spent a couple of days last week roaming on the streets, trying to freshen up the memory of the not so distant past, it is still as if it was yesterday, God what a fool I would make of myself getting excited over Eating those masala Corn, one gets in cinema halls, or eating the lovely chicken in a restaurant, Riding a auto-rickshaw, looking at a Enfield bike and shouting ohhh “BULLET”…

I have always maintained that if I was to live my life all over again , I would do the same , make the same mistakes because I am what I am — (Good-Bad-Ugly) because of those mistakes or decisions… But as with everything else Exceptions are always there, I too have one which I would not want to repeat, this will probably haunt me for the rest of my life but the damage has been done , I dont see any way how it can be rectified.


The rewind button …………



PS:- My apologies for not answering to the comments on previous post , and also not visiting all the lovely blogs. I will do that Soon.

  1. Aha! 2013 was the year where woes accumulated over 3 years…wrong decisions and wrong people but in a way helped me to refine myself as a person. It’s something that I don’t wish on anyone. But, what fun without the downhill, right?


  2. Nice to see you back, Bikram! Everybody has got some portions in their lives which they want to go back and change! But we can just dream about it. It is not possible. The trick is to ignore the negative things and carryon with our lives. Yes, it is easy to advise …but….try!
    Take care, Bikram!


  3. SG says:

    Bikram, I sympathize with you. I wish we all have a ‘:delete’ button. We cannot change what happened in the past. The prudent thing is not to repeat that mistake. Also, as the Americans say, if life hands you a lemon, make a lemonade out of that.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much SG. i know we cant change anything.. yes agreed trying to grow up i guess now and not repeat .. and oh yes i got a few bottles full of lemonade now 🙂 a little bit of bacardi in it and its amazinggggggggggg 🙂 🙂


  4. renu says:

    All wish for a delete button, but then life would have been so robotic…its worth living because of its up and downs and unpredictability and and our good and bad both.


  5. Bindu says:

    Resonates well with my present condition. Just yesterday I was discussing this with my colleague – how we wish to undo things, or take them away from our head and move on. It’s them thoughts that trouble us. But these days I make deliberate attempts to forgive myself, to tell myself ‘keep calm.’ Not easy, though.


  6. Irfan says:

    I wish we had that “rewind” like something….but again this is what life is all about, doing couple of correct things then a fumble, imagine how boring it will be if its always good….after all there must be some excitement in life, and who can understand this more than you 🙂


  7. onkar kedia says:

    True, it is better to forget about the past and focus on the present. But it is easier said than done.


  8. Fortunately or unfortunately there is no rewind button to life…all we can do is to learn from our mistakes, make avoid making those mistakes in future and make new mistakes instead. 😁 Good to see you back Bikram.


  9. Akhila says:

    What we can do is ensure atleast the varying nature of mistakes..not of the same type


  10. surindernath says:

    ‘To decide’ is ‘divine’
    to be indecisive is a sin.
    What happens…. after….. is God’s will !!
    No regrets.
    Me an actor :
    sometimes a hero,
    sometimes a villain
    and sometimes,
    a spot boy
    an ‘extra’ !!


  11. dNambiar says:

    None of us are perfect, Bikram.
    We all make mistakes. I think, sometimes it’s ok if we’re not able to forgive ourselves. Maybe that will prevent us from making the same mistakes again. 🙂


  12. Jzt says:

    If life was that easy; there would have been no regrets and no pain. Rewind buttons are options that has been disabled from human life by god for a particular reason. “To remember him… ” If we could have rewinded and sorted the things ourself, why would we think of him…. So whenever we wish to rewind our life, think of him and say thanks for what you have and pray for what you would like to have…with a humble heart request him to forgive your mistakes and ask him to help u to rectify those mistakes. And move on…:) This is exactly what I use to console myself whenever I look for a rewind button…


  13. Ashwini CN says:

    We never know what the future beholds so we take our best bet with the situation in hand and a small analysis of what the options would take us through. We never know if things would really work out the way we plan and that’s something completely beyond our control. So I would suggest you avoid beating yourself too much and just accept it was a bad decision and try your best to move on and see how it won’t interfere too much in your life.


  14. Rinks says:

    My life began with 2013 when I purchased a single ticket for myself to US , taking out all my savings with me. I left everyone back home, my husband, my kids, my parents, my brother and my so called friends….6 months of sabbatical from life and my life changed. Unless you want to forget and forgive, no one can help you. I wish you healing and a new life soon. Sending positive vibes….!


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