Posted: March 24, 2017 in Angry, Religion, Shame, Sikhs, Ugly, UK
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Terrorist have struck again, Killing so many innocent people.  Again this day freedom and everything else along with it came under attack from fanatic people. I am still wondering what religion teaches all this hatred and killing of people. Who is that person who is spreading these teachings.  This time people in London had to face an atrocity which cant be defined,  I hope and wish all bloggers speak against this evil that has happened. In today’s day and age one can die if they criticize one religion but killing of innocent people, hijacking , murdering innocent KIDS who are supposed to be God’s face is STILL RIGHT… Such a barbaric attack which is a threat to the values and freedom of human beings.

My heart goes out to the victims,  No religion teaches killing of innocent people yet time and again in the name of religion so many innocent have been killed.

My heart goes out for those who have suffered,  and those who have lost their loved ones to this madness, nothing ever can justify the murders. No doubt this act has been religiously motivated I can’t see any other reason behind it ,

Which GOD has ever preached that killing of innocent is right.

In the after math I found some disturbing events, Media which is supposed to be responsible does this look like responsible, before the terrorist was identified they put up this tweet, to which i replied… 


@nieuwsblog could not even bother to reply back or take back the words, its all marked under one ASIANS. ()

Let me tell you @nieuwsblog  I am a SIKH and an ASIAN but I am not a TERRORIST…

Well done to  for the way they reacted. I just hope and pray that we can live in a world where there is  Love for all, hatred for none  .

Instead of focusing on things that did not happen let us try to learn from what happened, It was great to see people rushing towards the victims to help them or give first aid, the response from the armed police and other agencies was commendable, make me feel safer.   Let us get together and praise those who did there best to help others in a crisis. If we all combine and get together defeating Terrorism will be so much easier.

Media needs to be more responsible and not put up tweets etc like the one above, without making sure what the truth is , the moment that Tweet by @nieuwsblog came out there were so many to follow, This in turn causes more issue’s because Every ASIAN is viewed with suspicious eyes which can never help in building up a stronger nation.

It is a shame that some out there are trying to take some mileage and usual pointing fingers which is not going to solve anything, hopefully the UK Govt. will take some hard steps to make sure such incidents are not repeated again.

We who have left our own countries and come to settle abroad need to make sure that we respect the ways of the nation , the nation that is providing for us given us opportunities to have a comfortable life, if we have our own personal problems than yes maybe we should go back to the countries where we think we will be better of.

  1. Stay safe. Stay positive.


  2. Exactly Bikramjit. The world needs love and not such hatred where the media need to be more responsible for avoiding labeling of humans. No religious book contain hate and high time those idiots learn it. Be safe.


  3. SG says:

    It is a big tragedy. I am very sorry. Your last line said it all. If you don’t like it here, just get out.


  4. Saritha says:

    Exactly bikram people who are not comfortable should live that place. Too much freedom to media. The paper which wrote is for sure doesn’t want other nationalities in U.K. This spreads racism and attacks on Asians and other nationalities. Till the latest attack in UK, U.K. was the only country which is safest in Europe. Stay safe bikram.


  5. sarusinghal says:

    I hate when news outlets are not careful with words. They are spreading more hatred. Why not present the news as it is? Some people don’t learn. There are enough boundaries, we shouldn’t divide the world anymore.


  6. terrorism it seems has become an organized profession these days and the media, most of the time only messes the things up to up their TRPs


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  8. Rinks says:

    Very well said Bikram. Media has a huge role to play in putting up positive news instead of cashing on rumors and hatred.


  9. sindhoooo says:

    One can easily harm other, but its difficult to safeguard. People are afraid of bad people but not of good people. May all be safe!


  10. Prajakta says:

    It is really sad how quick we have become to jump to conclusions – our biases have acquired a blanket hold now.


  11. onkar kedia says:

    When will this senseless killing of innocent people stop?


  12. These days, media is doing much harm while it comes to terrorism! Irresponsible journalism is the way of the day…sigh. We really need some sane voices …

    Stay safe, Bikram…


  13. its sad.. seems like your own personal safety is in your own hands.. rest is destined ..otherwise no place is safe..
    India my recent visit I was scared all the time might be crushed by a vehicle .. if not by a terrorist.. dunno what to say !!


  14. irfan uddin says:

    Hello Paa ji….
    Just dropped here to say you hello and let you know that i am alive( ALHAMDULILLAH )
    I know its a long absence from my side, brother in between I got ur mail also, thanks for all those, it shows ur concern for me….from my side a big sorry for that…..
    will mail you in detail regarding m absence and being in hibernation…
    Once again i big sorry for for keeping mum…..
    Regards, Irfan.


  15. ramananth says:

    Hello Bikram.
    It was indeed very shocking. Things are really changing very rapidly all over the world, suddenly we hear: my country, my job you have stolen, you do not belong here, go back to your own country etc.
    There is so much hatred everywhere. I think for most of the problems it is the government that is the culprit, it pits one against another.
    My son is in the US and my daughter is in UK, and I am worried about both of them always.


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