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Posted: March 8, 2017 in Am I wrong, Bikramism, emails, Experiences, Humour, Interesting
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I have been trying to book some tickets on-line recently  and realized that it is becoming a real challenge to book tickets on-line or maybe its my age :). People say that on-line booking is very easy , it also is the new trend but there are some aspects of on-line booking I just don’t understand..

The first being What is this new thing you have to do.. Type a PHRASE or what they Call CAPTCHA , it’s like a challenge or  some sort of literacy test that you have to go through before you can actually go on to book your ticket, Look at the pictures and select a few with common themes, or a collection of letters hiding behind each other, as if we are playing hide and seek game. ..

So you have to copy that word in a new text box exactly same, you copy it – you press the OK button – it comes back saying NO .. they don’t match.. TRY AGAIN..  someone like me gets stuck on that page for half an hour , so much waste of time for a damn ticket which is supposed to be on-line the fastest mode of booking tickets.

What gets me more is when it comes up with all these options or Suggestions , especially with a slogan People who bought this also searched for this etc etc, I mean how does it matter to me what people searched on, none of my business. All I want to do is book or buy a product on-line, Why do I need to know about other stuff, If I want than I will go to their website or search for them.

Another thing that makes me cross is the address page,  You have to fill in your name your surname your first line of address etc etc, the fun starts when you reach the last column that says COUNTRY..  You press the drop down button it has hundreds of countries (Have you noticed how many names there are)…

Since I live in England I have a real battle because you go down the line to find the country called England, it’s not there 🙂  I try for Britain or  great Britain that is also not there , I have to scroll down to the bottom to find united kingdom, Why do I need to do that I mean is it not common sense that when I am logging into a website which has a web-address of lets say in the end, then that is a BIG HINT to tell that there is a high chance of me living in UK, so why is that box not auto populated with UNITED KINGDOM, and if I have to change , I can always press that drop down button and change.

The other day I did a search for cinemas in Leicesterit brought me list of cinemas in Leicester, I isolated to a cinema near me Leicester again when I tried booking and putting the address the country drop-down had every country , NOW tell me who in their SANE mind will be coming from  INDIA or Afghanistan to watch a movie in Leicester surely the country in the list should be the local country, I mean I have selected a local cinema in Leicester which is in England and the first country that comes is Angola or Afghanistan so who is sitting in Angola early in the morning and saying  “hmmmmmmmmm  I’m thinking… I am going to watch Kong Skull Island in Leicester today, because I  am so sick of my local multiplex cinemas.. I will go and watch a movie in Leicester and this is for an afternoon show today at 2:30 p.m. Can anyone get there from Angola for 2:30 p.m. Show today ”

Anyway so once you put your address , next thing you have to do is put your e-mail address on the booking form not once but TWICE.. as they want you to confirm the e-mail address that I have typed … HELLLO I know what my e-mail address is, I’ve been using it for the last 15 years why are you testing me on my own e-mail address..

You have not asked me to confirm anything else, You did not ask me to confirm my name, my address but I know why they want you to confirm e-mail address.. More on that in the next post ..


I just wanted to post something its been so many days since I last posted .. How have you guys been



  1. supercalifragilisticxpialidocious says:

    Angola 😁😁
    The CAPTCHA thingy is where everybody gets stuck. Is it 9 or g! That too the letters are in design 😥 the drop down list, I usually press I twice and it selects India 😎, so may be you should press U once. 😉


  2. Mann says:

    Oh yes…it happens. sometimes online booking irritates like hell. 🙄
    Weather in North India is changing… its the few days we have before the sun gets furious.


  3. gobblefunkist says:

    Ha ha. Coincidence. I am trying to book a train ticket online and going nuts.


  4. Good to see your post Bikram! Online booking is a test for one’s patience, the more you have it, the less you get frustrated 😃 but your thoughts were interesting!


  5. Akhila says:

    You will have to play with these captcha every time you book tickets or do something else online… let the country thing be rectified soon by these ticket hosting sites..


  6. When a form asks my country, except for the e-commerce ones, I always select Anguilla. Not sure why or where that country is, but I like the name 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  7. SG says:

    Good points. I hope software geeks fix these problems.


  8. With technology nothing is that simple


  9. doing somethings online can be very tedious


  10. onkar kedia says:

    I share your frustration


  11. sindhoooo says:

    Some websites show very complex captcha and I am allergic to them now.
    I press I key in the country column usually and I find the I list… when I am in hurry, I press I twice to directly select India. Have you tried presing U?
    TC and keep smiling 🙂


  12. sarusinghal says:

    It’s irritating at times. I remember leaving the task in between three or four times. Somehow old school tricks were better and less complicated. We are good. Hope your were good, too.


  13. renu says:

    This CAPTCHA is sometimes irritating to me also..


  14. Sherry says:

    Hahaha I’m literally dying with laughter. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I feel you. People call me old school but I avoid online bookings as much as I can.


  15. Rinks says:

    You are so right Bikram.The worst is when you are in a hurry and you cant get anything right at the first go. So irritating to do it all over again and again.


  16. anisnest says:

    oh my tell me about this captchaa… I literally hate them!! how have you been? long time..


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