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Posted: November 25, 2016 in Am I wrong, Experiences, Headlines, India, indians, Politics, Proud to be indian.
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So this demonetization process is going on, The funny things is as always the so-called nationalists and people Who love the country.. Especially those who have been crying out loud their love for the nation have started crying out loud again.

As always the APATHY of the nation starts, our nation has always been unlucky due to the leaders we have chosen, ever since independence there has been NO LEADER who is actually interested in the goodness of the nation, their own personal interests were a priority be it Nehru-Gandhi or any other leader.  Which is such a shame that our nation has been taken over by the DIRTY politics.

Anyway I did not want to put this post on these dirty politicians , I wanted to talk about the PEOPLE of the nation who in a vast number are still in love with the country, BUT what makes me angry is that we the people of the nation are still not one.

Since this demonetizationhas started So many stupid messages , videos have been making the rounds,  what FILTH is being distributed videos where Prime Minister Modi is being abused all over, Videos talking of national pride.. IS THIS PRIDE where we are openly abusing a chosen Prime Minister.

I hear a lot of LEADERS and People talking how a Common man is in a problem, how they are having to face so many problems.. WELL my question to these Samaritans who are sending all these whatsapp messages, emails and what not..

“HELLO”… instead of sending messages and wasting time, WHY don’t you get up your arse and do something about it.. If you think old people are being made to stand in a Queue .. Then why don’t you pick up a JUG of water and a glass and go and give some Water to this OLD MAN.

What is Funny is that even NRI’s who are sitting so far away from the nation and are undr no pressure or PAIN to stand in the QUEUE are circulating such message, LET ME ASK YOU PEOPLE are you afraid that next time when you go back to the nation you wont be able to bribe your way, or are you afraid that the famous JUGAAD wont work.  You idiots stand in a queue for hours here abroad , SO WHY CANT YOU STAND IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY.

And to the Rest of the people what is YOUR PROBLEM with this demonetization, Have you NOT worked hard to Earn that Money.. Have you used unlawful ways to earn that money, NO ONE is questioning you if you have worked hard and earned the money through proper channels.

Instead of wasting time why don’t you do something, why dont you work harder, In Punjab the SIKH organisations have been distributing Langar to those who have been standing in the QUEUE for hours to get their Money exchanged, HAS ANYONE who is harping on and on about the problems of the people gone and helped a SINGLE person.

In this WHOLE episode has anyone taken a second to think of that SOLDIER who is standing at the border, ready to give his life for you all what is going in his mind now, thinking that his wife-parents-or other family members are going through all this turmoil trying to exchange their money.. What if HE LEAVES his POST and comes home..

Yet IDIOTS and MORONS are making stupid videos wasting TIME and MONEY in bringing more disharmony in the nation, Why don’t you people get up and just go and help the families of the soldiers.

If you can’t see the issues being faced by the people DO SOMETHING, I have been blessed by a group of people who are very active in the region of Punjab helping all the needy, recently we bought a truckFull of Grain and distributed among people who are having a problem with money, It’s Not we are rich and bought.. All we did was Pool in some money, bought and then Went around asking if someone wanted to buy it off us, WE have then written the names of the people who did not have the Money and given them stuff, So when they do have the Money they will come and Give it back.

This way no one is out-of-pocket, some of the people have actually returned money back in the current denomination.

Almost every Religious place is getting into Business, Why don’t these religious places Open their Trunks full of Legal denomination and exchange it for the people, Why don’t they give the money to the local shopkeepers etc, So these shopkeepers can give food etc to those who don’t have the legal tender or even to the POOR, who are the worst hit with this demonetization.

No one will do anything but instead make idiotic videos.. Now that the demonetization  is in process it can’t be Stopped.. so STOP this nonsense and help the other country men.

YES there could have been more thought put in this , I already wrote in the previous post about it , but that does not mean I start writing post after post how it is effecting , how the poor are suffering YES THEY ARE .. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.. 

Write posts sitting in your posh rooms, AC rooms, Make whatsapp VIDEOS, messages and flood the market, ABUSE the PM of the nation, Take Political MILEAGE..  for GOD SAKE and for once in your life spend just 5 Minutes for the Good of the nation.. 

IF Each citizen spent just 5 minutes for the Good of the nation each day IMAGINE how many hours it will be EACH day. We don’t have that many hours or minutes in the DAY to even think of it .. JUST IMAGINE..   do something for god sake .. instead of crying at every little bit. 


PS:- Please dont start to Comment, oh how I did a good thing etc etc.. THE POST IS NOT TO GET PRAISE OR ANYTHING OF THAT SORT.  this is purly against the Idiots in our nation, who themselves wont ever do anything for the good , but if anyone does anything they will start to shout hoarse. 

Especially the POLITICAL LEADERS…. 







  1. LG says:

    Amen to that young man. You put into words the thoughts that I have been struggling with.

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  2. SG says:

    Boy, you are angry. Rightly so.

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  3. onkar kedia says:

    Thought provoking

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Irrespective of whether we agree or disagree, we should do something as citizens to help each other in times of need and make a difference to lives.

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  5. I Love Strong Worded Posts. Cheers to You Dude !! People today, only want to gossip on Whatsapp and take the credit of spreading the news or joke or prank first. A Simple way people could help was buying provisions for their maid, driver by swiping card.

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  6. Balram says:

    SSA Bhaji,,
    Main samjh sakda thode jazbaat !!

    Gal aini k hai ke debate bhawe jinni marji krlo koi farak ni paina kisey te.

    Je kise nu chajj di gal samjha do ta oh aggey tou gal pai janda hai .

    Baki asi milde hai apne group ch

    Rabb Rakha !!

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  7. surindernath says:

    India is a nation of Critics. An average Indian may not be available for his / her professional duties at odd hours. But every ( well almost) Indian is unconditionally available for Criticism.

    Drugs are a threat in our society but Whats a’pp has already become a bigger and more vicious menace and threat.

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  8. It is heartening to know that organizations have been distributing Langar to those who have been standing in the queue to get their Money exchanged, Though it is too early to say if the move will really bring about a lasting change or not, or if it is the most effective thing to do, but at least an attempt has been made to change the status quo. Each passing day throws up new surprises as well, in terms of declarations of huge amount of unaccounted income, fake notes, criticisms etc.


  9. Only time can tell whether this demonetization move has served its purpose rightly or not. Currently, it’s true that people are facing problems…


  10. Sukhi says:

    paaji i hope tusing aapne paise excange karwa laye 🙂

    India is a country with DIRTY politics , all these people are from the same streets and cant be trusted .. they will sell their own mothers if need be in the name of politics…

    this process was done in a hurry and without a proper thought… maybe help in the longer run.. lets see time will tell

    BUT what is worst is the PEOPLE themselves, we love being treated the way we get, and have got used to it otherwise why will a corrupt politician win the election every time ..


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