11-11-16 – Day 11

Posted: November 11, 2016 in Aging, Bikramism, Birthdays, Blogathon, Blogging, Celebrations, Family
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Yes.. it’s that day again today , when I was born, and the world had to be put in turmoil to endure me till I Live, whatever anyone might say I do feel that November is the best day and the 11th is the best day.. Plus it has a nice ring to it 11th of the 11th ..

The day started as usual till I saw my phone with so many messages , people wishing me and to read all that first thing in the morning is always a good feeling, Pity it was a Friday and I had work else I could have spent the day sleeping a bit more.

Thank you all for all the wishes, god bless you all.

With each passing year it seems the good old days are being left behind, the last I had a good birthday was in 2012, many good human beings were writing posts for me on this day then , BUT sadly as they say all good things come to an END..  and since then its been chaos.. 🙂 But at least I can remember all.

This is a Short and Sweet Post for all who emailed me and texted me and Called me .. Love you all.. God bless you all. You all are the most beautiful people on this Earth not sure what have I done to deserve such good human beings around me ….

AND THOSE WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN .. well what can I say  🙂 …  Love you all.. God bless you all too . don’t worry 11-11-2017 is only 365 days away make sure you remember it then.  You too are the most beautiful people on this Earth not sure what have I done to deserve such good human beings around me, Stay blessed.

This is the first year in more than a Decade that I will be not working , so I guess that is a birthday blessing in itself. 🙂  Back in India friends have already started the celebrations and are now making me jealous .. 😦   GOD I MISS YOU ALL…




Ps:- Sorry people on this NabloPomo blogathon , I am just unable to keep up. There is a LOT going on around this side of the world. But I will continue to persevere and post as and when I can.





  1. Akhila says:

    happy birthday Bikram..


  2. Varsh says:

    Happy Birthday Bikram! I didn’t know your birthdate…and also that you are a Scorpio like Angel. 😊😀


  3. Vicky says:

    A very happy bday to you
    Stay happy, healthy and blessed always


  4. scorpria says:

    Happppy Buuurday Buddy! Yay you’re a fellow November born! 😀


  5. jaishvats says:

    Happy Birthday Bikram……keep your sense of humor going…. Many of us need these laughter moments and smiles


  6. Saritha says:

    Happy birthday bikram. Now I will remember your bday. Hope you had a wonderful day.


  7. SG says:

    Very Happy Birthday Bikram.


  8. Sherry says:

    Birthday wishes to you Bikram 🙂 Have a wonderful year ahead! 11 is a master number.


  9. Smitha says:

    Belated birthday wishes to you! Hope you had a good day!


  10. Deeps says:

    Happy happy bday Bik! Hope you had a fabulous start to the year. Have a rocking year ahead,friend 🙂


  11. LG says:

    Happy birthday, belated.
    Have a great year ahead.


  12. Amira says:

    I hope the day was awesome.
    Wish you a very blessed year ahead.


  13. anisnest says:

    Happy happy birthday Bikram.. May God bless you.. take care!


  14. Trish says:

    Belated birthday wishes, Bik! And 11/11 is a cool birthday! Sorry I am late this time, won’t forget next year ! Hope you had an awesome birthday!


  15. onkar kedia says:

    belated happy birthday.


  16. Belated happy birthday Bikram, hope you had a great day !


  17. S says:

    Happy belated birthday😊. I hope you had a great day (though you had to work)


  18. renu says:

    Belated happy bday Bikram !. I am really bad at remembering dates.


  19. Swaram says:

    Happy happy birthday Bik. Yay to persevering. 😉 😀


  20. My Era says:

    Belated birthday wishes Bikram 🙂
    I too have been struggling with posting everyday, but I guess as long you’ve been trying your best, that’s what really matters.
    Stay blessed and have a fantastic year ahead!


  21. wordcoiner says:

    Belated happy birthday Simba! Now I know why you liked my post on Elevenses tag so much. I have wished you some years back but forget the exact date. Next year I’ll remember…pakka. I am so glad there is someone like me who wants to write but cannot find time however much he/she tries. We are in the same boat. Here’s wishing we get enough time to write! Have a super duper year ahead!


  22. sindhoooo says:

    Hey, belated birthday wishes! May God bless you with happiness always! November 10th is my daughter’s birthday, she is an year old now 🙂
    TC, keep smiling 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much and Another Scorpio yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy … 🙂 Excellent

      Many many happy returns of the day to your daughter a bit late I know .. 🙂 and One year old , you got your hands full then …


  23. Shilpa Garg says:

    Belated birthday wishes, Bikram. Wishing you the year ahead that’s fantastic in every way! Stay blessed and keep smiling! Cheers 🙂


  24. Rinks says:

    Happy birthday Bikram, sorry for late wishes. I hope you enjoyed your day thoroughly. You are a fantastic writer and a dedicated reader. You observe very closely and your thoughts are priceless , I must say. I thank you for visiting my blog every single time that I write. You are a genuine and loving person Im sure 🙂 and precisely that’s why people love you and do not forget to remember you on your special day.


  25. I’ve been shockingly busy and I’m only 13 days late, so fair do’s as they say. Happy birthday! 🙂


  26. Parul Thakur says:

    I missed your birthday but here’s wishing you the best. Hope you could sleep over the weekend 🙂
    btw – November is my favorite month too 🙂


  27. Sukhi says:

    I am sure I wished you .. ik wari fer Happy birthday .. do you remember college times and the celebrations


  28. supercalifragilisticxpialidocious says:

    Where is my piece of cake? 😑😑 I wished you, I remember. 😀😀


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