Fool.. MOI.. am I – Day 3

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Bikramism, Experiences, My Thoughts., Questions, random
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I think people do take me for a Fool sometimes, here is an example of something like that, I need some money desperately so I planned to sell My bike, put it on selling websites and got funny offers which have left me surprised, I somehow dont trust myself anymore the more I think about myself

The Ad. for the bike says


Got a few offers  and one came from Italy and here is what the person had to say, he offered to do a private sale via email 🙂 , I sent him a email saying it is available..  The response came

for the bike the offer price is € 900.
the offer reason is because I live in Italy, and the bike should be sent in my city, so the shipping costs around 500 €.
I want to know, the bike has engine problems? Abuto has problems in
I Await your kind reply. Yours sincerely.

I was pretty happy for that Offer 🙂 so Replied back ..


I have no idea how to ship it to italy. There were no problems with the engine , I been driving it around .. but this year its just been sitting in the garage .. hence selling it

I have tons of spare parts also along with it , almost everything .



The reply came ..

So you accept my offer of € 900?
For shipment I inform me and I’ll let you know.
In the event that I agree to buy your bike, after seeing her in Italy and above all it checked by the mechanic, if you have problems we should feel.
It is a sign of assurance that I ask you, why
motorcycle goes first checked and then paid. I think even you would agree ..

This made me a bit curious, I wrote back


so you want me to send the motorcycle to Italy.. You will get it checked by a garage. and then pay me ..
What happens if you dont like the bike .. Who sends it BACK.. and What happens if you do not pay me after getting the bike in italy ..



And the funniest was the reply.. have a read of this .. first the MATHS does not fit at all and I am a bit bamboozled

Just what you say!
So I pay 50% deposit then shipping in Italy I checked by a mechanic. If there are problems I pay less according to the work that will have to carry the bike.
For example: the bike costs 900 € you pay at the beginning € 450 in Italy to the port there will be work to do than controlling costs 200/300 €, you pay the difference at the end ie 150/200 €.
I hope you understand.


I don’t understand the Maths as I said , I get 450 .. I pay 450 to port, then 200/300 for something .. so that makes 750.. he has offered 900 Euros.. which means I get 150 euros for the BIKE and that is also up in air .. once the bike lands in Italy I may not get anything 🙂

So basically I am selling the bike for 150 and doing all the exporting etc .. 🙂 BARGAINnnnnnnnnnnn

Or am I reading something Wrong here …


  1. Prajakta says:

    this italian guy is mad…


  2. Varsh says:

    You do the math…I will just laugh 😂😂😂😂


  3. Sia says:

    hahaha 😀


  4. Akhila says:

    Brain teasers…😂😂


  5. Swaram says:

    Oh God! I just can’t stop laughing. Sorry Bik. 😛


  6. Saritha says:

    Lol…he is very good in English language. He confused you..but why the hell he wants to buy it from U.K, is there any ban in Italy that he can’t buy there..he is just wasting your time.😝😝😝😝


  7. manchitra says:

    Bikram I think that person was getting bored and wanted to while away his/her time. Probably missed there sentence, ‘no time wasters please ‘


  8. SG says:

    If you believe that, I have a huge land for sale at cheap price for you west of San Francisco. (West of San Francisco is Pacific Ocean).


  9. O.M.G….seriously, do they you are a fool or what? Ship it to Italy?? LOL


  10. i cant do so much math but you should continue this conversation for our benefit


  11. KP says:

    Hilarious I would say,the entire correspondence and the bargain!


  12. pixie says:

    huh?! I lost the thread! :-/
    Did you sell him the buy? Personally, I would have given it to someone less complicated!! 😀


  13. RGB says:

    Ha ha… So eventually, he’s asking you to pay for your bike to be shipped to Italy? Too much of math & English to take from an Italian! But was at least worth a few laughs 😉


  14. wordcoiner says:

    He made an offer you cannot refuse. 😐


  15. Shilpa Garg says:

    That’s so funny! Deal or no deal, the whole thing gave you a blog post and all of us some laughs and smiles! 🙂


  16. UmaS says:

    Oh GOD !! How do they even think that ppl will sell their bike like that ?? !!
    But laughing at the same time 😀


  17. jaishvats says:

    Is this real or imaginary humour that you came up with?


  18. sm says:

    experience of life time , you made no mistake, may be some poor soul wanted to buy that bike as cheap as possible.


  19. Adarsh Badri says:

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  20. sindhoooo says:

    Probably he wanted to get you out out of all the stress you had 😀 😀 😀
    He he he 😀


  21. Sukhi says:


    bai rakhna si yaar.. gedi maarni si SOHO ROAD TE…


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