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Posted: August 25, 2016 in Bikramism, Experiences, Hilarious, Humour, Interesting, Mobile Phones
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I had this post earlier .. Got nothing else to write so i thought I shall re-write it , hope I gets more views this time:) just being greedy ..

I was watching a program and heard a few nice tit-bits, imagine what u can do with your mobile phones. Here are a few ideas or tricks one can play on friends 🙂 ..

You are all sitting in a pub and send some messages to , someone from the phone of a person who has gone to the loo. Just imagine the reaction of this guy, the hell he is in, if you send a text to the wife or girl friend of the person who left the phone

“Dont worry it’s ok, she will never find out X X X X” (XX is for kiss kiss:) )

oooh he is gonna have fun when he reaches home:) or meets her…

or or or how about, you know how a text can be sent to everyone in the contacts , send a text to everyone in your phonebook saying


“I found out your secret Cant talk now, text me … ”

I did that I got a few text back but one my friend replied one Word …

“HOW” …:)


Two friends got very upset over the fact, that they had to pay a lot of money, for the pay as you go phones so they decided to get two homing pigeons, use them for sending messages to each other .. they started doing that but one day one of them got a note from other with nothing written on it .. this makes him mad, so he used his PHONE to call the other to asks whats that for ..

Oh that was a missed call… the friend replied.:)

And oh yeah have you ever by mistake changed the language on the phone .. here is a idea what you can do … get your mates phone and change the language to Chinece or russian .. anything other that what he uses:) he he he he .. that would be funny .. How does he change it back ..

So people who read this lets hear whats the funny thing you have done on your or your friends phone ….

  1. Beat About The Book says:

    Ha ha.. that was crazy!!! The things you can do with your phone! I had a friend whose husband changed his name in her phone to ‘Pati Parameshwar’ and then when he called she was like ‘Who on earth is this?’ We had a big laugh later.


  2. That pigeon missed call idea should get into the guinness records for creativity! 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  3. ha ha… the naughty side of Bikram. 🙂 Those were some hilarious ideas. The one I loved the most was that pigeon delivering the missed call. That was gold!


  4. Parul Thakur says:

    Ha ha! Crazy things and I’ve never tried anything like that. You have got some tricks there, huh? 😉


  5. hehe…Pigeon delivering missed call..LOL…I don’t remember doing anything funny on my ph. My kids do though…take a picture and then add mustache, glasses, hats and all kinds of silly things to it 🙂


  6. sm says:

    M for Money
    M for Master
    nice post


  7. AdiC says:

    We changed a few contact names on our friend’s phone list! 😉


  8. surindernath says:

    A very useful gadget this mobile…. a revolution of sorts especially for H.R.L.M.F ( Husbands’ Revolutionary Liberty Movement Front ).

    If your voice is not heard….You can make the ‘oppressor’ listen by sending her SMS sitting on the same bed with… ‘HER’… and the missile hits the target every time…my personal experience that !!


  9. Prajakta says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine how some of these ideas would work 😛 I am laughing so much!


  10. SG says:

    Bikram, please write to my email. I want to tell you a real story just between the two of us. Thanks.


  11. Akhila says:

    ha ha…interesting…


  12. Any one of these would be some real fun 😀 Never tried this type of practical prank, though, but I’m tempted…:-P


  13. I remember changing the language and I freaked out! What a pain to get it back to the original. Did quite a few phone pranks by changing sim cards, pretending to be a call centre guy looking for recruit or a modelling agency. Some of my friends bit the bait to my sheer delight!


  14. TalkaholicMe says:

    I haven’t done funny actually but tricked a friend.. hacked his WhatsApp and read out his chats at home… whoa.. The End was very bad, I must conclude..


  15. Not on friend’s phone, but I did insert Marathi language for Mom. I also routinely answer on her behalf on certain whatsapp groups where I don’t want to participate on a daily basis, but like an occasional post she shows me 🙂


  16. If the spouse is a suspicious one ..the poor guy would have a real bad day. No wonder so many people lock their cellphones with passwords!


  17. jaishvats says:

    Nice bunch of pranks there …


  18. Deepa says:

    Funny….its a good test for trust in a relationship 😉


  19. Shailaja V says:

    Wow I can’t believe the number of pranks you’ve played 😀 I doubt I’d be easily forgiving if it was ever played on me though 😉


  20. Pooja says:

    And now this makes me want to play a prank on friends


  21. girlandworld says:

    U said everything about this little device


  22. Shilpa Garg says:

    I would love to do such pranks with phones, but nobody leaves their phones unattended or without passwords here. *SIGH*


  23. ANITA says:

    I have never really fooled around with other people’s phones 🙂
    Use their phones only after they have requested or permitted.


  24. Oh gosh..I had experience once, someone change the time of my alarm on my mobilephone..I usually put at 6am, but then it was ringing at 4:30am!!


  25. Rachna says:

    haha I haven’t really played pranks on my friends’ phone so far but you are giving me some great ideas. 😉


  26. Purba Ray says:

    I have so many pigeons in my balcony, I could easily replace Airtel. And why drop calls, when you can drop bird-poop!


  27. Alok Singhal says:

    Nice tips, i have never been that crazy!


  28. Okay, I’ll give you the ‘missed call’ one. It was smirkingly funny. I can see that you need to be watched though ‘cos you’re a trickster. I used to pull some good tricks in my time – I don’t do it so much now. Shame!


    • Bikramjit says:

      he he he .. well let us share those tricks then.. Go on 🙂


      • Oh gosh…let me think. It’s been such a while…
        I once told someone they were going shopping with me and flew them out of the country…what else…let me see…

        I walked past a class when I was at school and the teachers back was facing the large window and the class was facing the window. So I stripped behind the teacher in full view of the class who I could see were suffocating trying not to laugh…
        oh I know I have better ones – I just can’t think!

        I took someone to meet their favourite popstar once – again they thought they were going to do something quite mundane and got the shock of their life when the popstar walked in….

        Clearly I need to do update my tricks as I can’t remember my best classic ones.


  29. Rajlakshmi says:

    hahaha you guys are evil 😛 Gosh imagine the scolding the guy would get once home 😛 And I know friends who change the settings of the phone 😛


  30. B k chowla says:

    When one has nothing to,write is the time one comes with good ones…


  31. AKIRAA says:

    Hey there!
    You’ve such a nice blog! Keep it up..😀

    Keep Smiling! 🙂


  32. alkagurha says:

    I have never played phone pranks. Now that you mention, some wicked ideas hitting my head. Absolute mayhem!


  33. sujathasathya says:

    liked the change the language idea 🙂 must try 🙂


  34. joe says:

    I wonder if playing phone pranks will get you into trouble …… r maybe it depends upon whom you are playing with.


  35. pixie says:


    I haven’t done anything like that with someone else’s phone.. 😀
    I don’t give my phone to anyone else and I don’t touch theirs. heh.


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