I am sure those who regularly visit me know that I become very nostalgic when it comes to friendship, by the grace of god I have made some very good friends all over. I am very proud of that. The following are my views on what I think about friendship, Let me take this opportunity Just want to say I love you all my friends and thanks for always being there .. and to all the new friends I have made here Online , Blogosphere. God bless you all

Internet has been a great tool, I have met so many people over it all over the world and I must say some of them have become very good friends, a few closer than family too. Blogging has helped too in meeting or knowing new people some have been good, some OK, I wont say bad because I think , No one is bad they are good for someone if not you.

I am proud and can honestly say I got friends almost all over the world now , which is GOOD cause I don’t have to stay in Hotels anymore and Spend the money THAT I HAVE NOT EARNED YET or should I say Saved yet. I have been to Chicago, vancouver, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, California , Virginia, Mumbai loads and loads of place and guess what yeah FREE ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD (and psssttt Drink tooo yayyyy)

In this modern world we have become very unforgiving people. It may be an ethnic problem, or a community’s problem or a country’s, or in your relationships, with your wife, children, parents,Girl Friend, Friends, Acquaintances we get very very unforgiving and we hold that against them and sometimes hold that Grudge for a long long time, We wear it as a badge which says‘main tujhe kabhi maaf nahi karoonga’ (I will never forgive you)

Everyone has a hidden agenda behind everything, It was not like this always people use to be so good, caring. The words they said meant something , people stood by there words.

Nowadays people are quick to make a relation, even quicker to spoil or break one. What they say is not what they mean. What would it take to go back to the good old days. I mean how can someone say oh we are friends then at next instant go behind your back , I mean what is friendship…

Dosti karo to Jam ke karo
Dushmani karo to woh bhi Jum ke karo
magar khyal itna rahe , ki fir agar Dosti ho
to Sharamindgi na ho….

We have gotten so busy in our life that we have forgotten or forget what the effects of our actions will have on others, We have become so selfish, I ask god one thing always Please don’t make me so selfish, or careless, uncaring, heartless, Because I don’t know which action of mine might hurt someone, and to those who i have hurt , I am not sure how I will every be able to apologize to. I do hope that some day they can pardon me.



2. Do we respect our FRIENDSHIP/ FRIENDS ?.

3. How do you show respect towards your friend, Or see if they respect you ?

Is SAYING That I RESPECT you same as SHOWING respect ?

To me a friend is who would stand by you, no matter what, right or wrong is something to think about after the need has got over.. A friend in need is a friend indeed that’s how we respect our friendship, Good friends stand by you Right or wrong.. That is not the criteria here at the moment.. The moment is that your friend needs you and You are there..THAT TO ME IS FRIENDSHIP

I feel that you respect it when you can Tell them how you feel and ask them how they feel directly, rather than assuming… Respect is shown when you See the whole world walk out and a few Walk IN FOR YOU.

Do people actually mean they are friends when they say they are, or are just making fun of you. If they are then why do they do it. Would they feel the same if this happened with them, or have they become so heartless that it does not bother them anymore. How can they go to sleep soundly, well now I am being a fool because they don’t even know what hurt they have caused.

People are impulsive and say things that hurt other people, they walk over others especially people whom they say are friends. And in all this process they loose friends, I am a bit of a dumbo it takes a bit of time for me to understand people are trying to ignore me , so it gets difficult to loose me:).


Sometimes I wish I had the Ego or Impulse to severe my contact with people. I do pray to god to make me like them as that is the way of the world it seems Now-a-days.

Also how easy it is to Forget these days but more on that maybe some other day:), All I would say is Please god take care of all my friends, foes, anyone I know .. God bless all and everyone

Here is a little poem i wrote some time back, it is dedicated to everyone all who visit this blog , All who Think of me, All who Thought of me and All who at some stage were my friends:) God bless you all..

PS. – Something for a smile , It is Important to have friends and that too at Important Places.

  1. jaishvats says:

    Wishing for good friends and foes alike is a noble quality Bikram…. Wishing you many more friends and valuable friendships


  2. Little nuggets on friendship there. I liked this one – ‘No one is bad they are good for someone if not for you’. Also It is Important to have friends and that too at Important Places. Nice to see you back in the challenge again. 😀


  3. Vinay Leo R. says:

    I agree with you. I’ve lost so many ‘friendships’ for reasons I don’t even know. Silence and not forgiving, it kills a lot of priceless things, or things which could have become priceless.

    I spoke with a friend today after ages. We’d gotten so busy in our lives that we hadn’t called for long. But the instant we spoke, it was like nothing had changed. The memories, the time, the happiness. all that returned. I think that that’s friendship. Both of us are sorry that we didn’t connect, but once we connected, that was left unsaid and accepted. 🙂

    Loved your thoughts on friendship. 😀


    • Bikramjit says:

      True True I think its this non forgiving we do which makes it harder and sometimes this is over petty things which can be easily ignored.

      and WOW glad you met someone after that long.. as good friends just pick it up from where they left… THank you so much Sir, glad you liked the post


  4. There was a time in life when I lost faith in almost all my friends. And that’s when blogging gave me virtual, but much better, friends. Nowadays I don’t take friendships so seriously. I have learned to forgive and move on.

    Destination Infinity


  5. inquisitivegeet says:

    Friendship holds a very special place in my heart as well. Nothing on earth is as important as friends. When they need me, no matter what, I have to be with them.

    Good to know so much about you 🙂



  6. My Era says:

    Your love for friends and people in general shines bright in all you write (not only this post). To be able to warm up to people enough to accept them as they are, overlooking their mean ways is a great virtue.
    May you meet many more fabulous people, make lasting friendships and be happy just the way you spread cheer all over 🙂


  7. ruchira says:

    Love your take on this, B

    Wishing you many friends and joys in the coming year.

    Your cartoon below was hilarious 🙂


  8. Having lost plenty of friendships to silence and lack of clear communication, I can kind of agree with you…


  9. Padmaja says:

    We think we are friends with someone n for reasons unknown we lose them over a period of time. That is nice in a way , we can stop fooling ourselves n stop believing in those friendships. I recently lost two of them. But real friends are those who with zero expectations continue to be part of our lives in matter where we go. Even if we didn’t put any effort to maintain the friendship, they still will be very much there, caring and loving as ever. One has to get lucky to have such real friendships and for me I can count them on my one hand 🙂 .Your poem is beautiful Bikram!


    • Bikramjit says:

      Oh no.. true true those are the Real friends for sure.. God has been very kind to me I have a couple of such friends who are always there no matter what .. and I know I can count on them for anything..

      Thank you so much I am glad you read the poem


  10. pixie says:

    I agree with you.. I have lost so many friendships because of lack of communication! :-/
    It is sad that most folks agree, nod their heads and then go their own merry way! Ego and silence ruin the best of friendships :-/


  11. Shalzzz says:

    You are lucky to have so many friendships to cherish for. Btw, where are the posts for other letters? #justwondering


  12. cherry saluja says:

    Brilliantly done


  13. ANooP says:

    Very important to have friends!


  14. Great post! One of the great things texhnology has done is got me in touch with a lot of dear school friends and for them i am glad


  15. onkar kedia says:

    Interesting post on friendship


  16. purbaray says:

    We often confuse friends with people who we are friendly with. Friends withstand the test of time, the rest come and go as diversions and sometimes lessons.


    • Bikramjit says:

      hmmm now that is another way of looking at it all. You are very right Friends withstand the test of time.. and yupp others come and go teaching us a important lesson.. but Idiots like me seldom learn that is what makes me more angry 🙂


  17. pins & ashes says:

    Friendship is an investment .. I feel.. I know these days I feel I made thicker friends online than offline.. And as it goes like in any relationship never expect everything from one friend…


  18. Love the way you cherish friendship! You have got so many of them. I don’t have many friends. Even they are not very close. I feel that I have got better friends here, on line!

    Be happy always, Bikram! With so many friends around, you can never be unhappy!


    • Bikramjit says:

      THank you so much.. 🙂 I do have many friends God has been very kind to me and introduced me to some great lovely people. and you are right I too have some lovely online friends ..

      Thank you THank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  19. Meera says:

    I am not in regular touch with my friends lately. but then I know they are always there for me even though we don’t talk for ages. Well, I believe that’s the essence of true friendship.


  20. the little princess says:

    Don’t call yourself dumb, you are just pure of heart. so that’s why you decide to stick to friendships. I guess, it’s the other person’s loss if they are trying to lose you. Nice emotional writeup!

    (Btw, aren’t you doing this challenge every day…? I can’t seem to find your D and E, posts)


    • Bikramjit says:

      🙂 THank you LP for that .. I am who I am..

      Every day Oh boy .. seriously I cant do that , moreover I believe that participation is more important he he he he 🙂 I am cheating for sure. Trying to be good.. I admire those who are doing it everyday .. hats off to them..


  21. Rinks says:

    Well written. #Truth. But I burn the bridges. I do not forgive who fails me or cheats me or uses me. I move ahead and put my energy in other people who deserve my love ,time and energy. There are better things in life than losers. 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thats exactly what I use to be .. but as you say I think its better to put energy into those people who care for you and have the time for you .. Definitely much better things to do for sure

      Liked by 1 person

  22. dNambiar says:

    Friendship — always such an endearing subject, isn’t it.
    Oh yeah, when you are a blogger you seem to have friends everywhere. When are you coming to CA next?

    Love that comic stirp. 😀 😀


  23. Beloo Mehra says:

    Goodwill for all, that’s the best approach. I am somewhat of an introvert, so it takes me a while to make friends. Always had just a small group of friends, most others I think of as good acquaintances 🙂 In this age of social media and online interactions, perhaps the idea of friendship too is evolving/changing. Some for the better, some for not so.


    • Bikramjit says:

      I am getting there myself .. making myself Introvert .. trying to stick to one small group because the bigger group one has the bigger heart breaks one gets , so now I am trying to live life in my own little circle much happier now .. oh yes the idea of Friendship is definitely evolving people are becoming more Clever and Savvy and know exactly who to be friends with and WHEN 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Beparvah !! says:

    “Friends ” we ask are by default strategist, we often talk to friends with so much diplomacy and so effortlessly! Anyone can leave at any moment without any speaking orders just because they don’t want it.. And today’s mantra is to let them go and find another where you can have some temporary benefits…
    There is no selfless love and admiration these days and few who possess those selfless love are the sufferer and that’s tragic….. Often take lives!!

    So the word has lost its importance because of the lack of sensitivity, love and the presence of diplomacy…..
    Am sorry for my words but I hope these posts might reclaim and imbibe the meaning again until it’s too late 🙂
    Thank you!


  25. Hey
    I went through and found it very interesting.
    You could visit my blog too.


  26. Amit Agarwal says:

    F for Friends is so apt Bikram sir 🙂 Great post!


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