College .. The word itself is so nostalgic.. we have so many memories attached with it .. I sometimes think of the time and seem to get lost in the huge ocean of memories , makes we want to go back in time to those days, Its been ages since I have left college but the stuff we did , the memories, the history we made .. each time I remember one such episode it lightens me up.. I have that twinkle in the eye, that energy , rush of blood which goes missing otherwise in the normal day to day routine that we call LIFE.

We have left college in search of new adventures, new roads, new ambitions.. but I for one still remember those days.. the 5 year of my life that I spent in college. The friends I made , the way we became friends , the silly things we did , the attitude, The no nonsense way , giving two hoots to life as if we were unbeatable.. nothing could touch us .. Not even KARNAIL SINGH the SHO of sector 11 police station.. 🙂

Or the taunts and abusive language of RAJ KUMAR the new SHO of sector 11 police station.. Going back the very next day to college and almost beating up the same guy because of whom we were taken to police station.

Parents almost going nuts coming to know.. My dad almost threw me out of the house, when he found we had been rounded up and locked up, My grandfather I admire him so much, he stood by me and gave my bail.

The last night looking at the books for next days exams, having your friends stand outside the window to help you with answers and Ravjote singh my Friend standing in the exam hall asking the teacher to Allow me to Cheat.. 🙂

Not attending any classes then having to run after teachers to get the lectures sorted.. MR AGGARWAL my physics teacher swearing No matter what he will not sort them.. then the scheming of stopping the postman on way to college to get the roll numbers .. trying to Patao the clerk to get the roll number.

Come diwali the burning of crackers in Mr GAUBA’s class.. Attaching it to a slow burning thing and 15-20 minutes into the lecture DHAAAAAAMMMMMM and Mr GAUBA (my chemistry professor) .. God bless him.. trying to be philosophical about it trying psychology on us, saying its the bad spirits or demons who are doing this.. and we students are so good ..

Sitting for hours in canteen, asking the guy to get tea and if ask for money throw a cup , and his saying ok ok leave it give it next month , then when he came next month , taking his book of accounts , slashing the days which had most money “IS DIN TO HUM COLLEGE AYE HI NAHIN”… (we did not come to college this day) a bill of 200 Rs slashed to 100 then give him rs 50 “BAAKI AGLE MAHINE MAIN ADJUST” (rest adjust next month)… and when it came to get NO dues signed he trying to be funny, cause it was his time then..

Standing at the gates, any girl passing she is mine.. blah blah trying to find ways to impress girls.. sometimes end up picking a fight.. beating up a guy thinking it would impress girls .. NO LUCK.. 😦

Sitting in canteen and someone coming running “PANGA HO GAYA”.. without asking what , just running for it, shouting “BABBAR” , “CHERRY” ,  “RAVI“, “ONKAR“, “BEDI“, “HANDLE”  come on and they in turn coming folding there shirt arms up to elbows..

End of year Standing in Queue to get the Roll numbers only to find out that I cant get the Roll number as I have Lectures shortage in almost every subject.

Going to Punjabi Mam, she was so beautiful who smiles when I ask “Mam Lecture poore kar deo Please” (Mam please complete my lectures).. awww blesss she did ..

Then walking to English Teacher Mr. Nijhawan who I find out today of all the days When I go home in evening sitting with my DAD.. They are class mate’s…  “OH £$%£”..  what do I do now, Dad will know and it will be chaos.. Phewwww he smiled, did not say a word.

Next day I went to him, I only had to say “Sir”..

“Tun dasiya nahin tun Mann da munda hain”.. (you did not say you are Mann’s son) .. He completed all my lectures, you see  I was good in english and represented college few times

Going to another professor who for some reason was having a bad day, “Jo karna hai kar le ” .. (do what you want to ) .. Not Poora Karoing (could not find the english word he he he:) ) .. your lectures .. and I have 75 short..

Ravjote Walks in the Lecture Room, “Oh sir , Kar deo poore .. Tuhada ki jaanda ” .. (sir please do, whats it to you) ..

He refuses, what was worst was 1st year students are having their practicals and it had to be all GIRLS.. The silly girls burst out laughing on hearing Ravi..  Which makes the professor more mad..

“Iske lecture poore nahin karne “.. Not completing this guys lectures .. he says pointing to me …

Ah well I tried the good way ..

Finding a way how to get roll numbers .. Get hold of a guy who is responsible of posting Roll numbers to college from the university:) .   don’t need to go to the other Two teachers  🙂  sorteddddddd

End of year Viva Exam , my Physics lecturer asking Am I sure I am a student of that class , He has not seen me the whole year in any of the lectures.

Sector 11 Inspector who is known for talking with his DANDA, He would without any reason beat up students or who he did not like.. He is walking through the college Suddenly a Voice echoes

“Karnail Singh Kuteeee” …  (karnail singh you dog)….

Pin drop silence .. sudden hustle bustle .. corridor empty …

finding myself in LT1 (lecture theatre).. with  Onkar panting and exciting he says .. “I said it.. bloody hell .. first reaction is to slap him .. then having a hearty laugh.


I have so many memories of those years , If I start writing it will take years to put all of them down.. Those were the good old days , beautiful days..

  1. jaishvats says:

    Hey Bikram

    College days – not a care in the world, filled with youthful energy.. They do leave evergreen memories


  2. College days are the most wonderful period in our lives.. the sad thing is we realise it only later.. W

    @yenforblue from
    Spice of Life!


    • Bikramjit says:

      Welcome here to this Blog, Thank you so much for visiting.
      College dats are indeed the best .. yeah that is the sad part.. I would love to go back to college for another 5 years 🙂


  3. Shalzzz says:

    Haha! Brought back so many memories! Awesome write! Happy AtoZ 🙂


  4. Alok Singhal says:

    Hahaha, mazaa aa gaya dost. Those were quite the days – i used to wear my father’s bell bottom pant on a few days and used to get quite pretty comments 🙂


  5. Rajlakshmi says:

    hahaha you sure had an adventure back in those days. I was so studious that all I was missing was a pair of big round glasses.


  6. Good old memories of college days. Panga ho gaya was quite a popular phrase in Delhi too. Wish you the very best for the A-Z Challenge. 🙂


  7. I wish my college days were half as good as yours. We were good disciplined students!! Trying to compensate for them now 🙂

    Destination Infinity


    • Bikramjit says:

      DI you need to come to punjab when i am in india or come to UK here I will help you compensate Perfectly..
      to punjab you can drive on that lovely bike you have … I will tell you when i am visiting india…


  8. the little princess says:

    ahhh! so you are doing the April challenge too! Great!

    It was fun reading the post..esp..karnail singh kuteee!! brought back fond memories of my days!


  9. Yaar, reading this post, has indeed, brought back memories of my time at University. Nothing in the world can beat those memories, nothing can replace them and for sure these memories will stay with us throughout life.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Hey TBAB, How are you my friend, I had the best time in college thanks to the lovely people around me. you are right nothing can replace those memories …


  10. SG says:

    Those were the days. Memories.


  11. Shilpa Garg says:

    Those were the days!! Some fond memories you have of college. 🙂


  12. Fatima says:

    Reminded me of my college memories too. But none as hilarious as yours 😀


  13. anisnest says:

    haaa college days are evergreen in memory.. how naive I was on those days.. good luck with the AtoZ challenge Bik..


  14. I’m still smiling reading your memories from the good old college days. Truly, we all miss those carefree days… 🙂

    Wish you all the best with the A-Z challenge, Bikram… 🙂


  15. Kalpanaa says:

    Your nostalgic post about college was such fun to read. All the best for the A to Z Challenge.


  16. Wow ! You are also Writing for A-Z challenge ! All the best.


  17. ‘ Ravjote singh my Friend standing in the exam hall asking the teacher to Allow me to Cheat..:)’…Lifetime memories!


  18. Greenboochi says:

    I was laughing hard for every sentence, Bik 🙂 From those college days to now…….


  19. Your post makes me smile! That reminds me of my college days too 🙂 😀


  20. Those college days makes it feel as if it was yesterday only. What thrilling time! You refreshed my college days:)


  21. dNambiar says:

    Haha! Good old days. huh?!
    A friend tried to get you permission to cheat? Hahaha! Gosh! and lighting crackers and all. Have those evil spirits left you yet? 😀

    That was such a fun read, Bik. 🙂


  22. elixired says:

    Haha after reading it all I want to conclude it in one sentence- ‘boys will be boys’ 😀


  23. sm says:

    college days best days


  24. Rajesh says:

    Bik yaar best moments of life it was ….you missed the chole wala , bante wala and juice wala along with rides of Sportif in evenings


  25. Rajesh Sharma says:

    Bittu. I m luving it. Muaahhaaa. 🙂


  26. Prajakta says:

    Oh my!! You have had some seriously good times during your college days 🙂 How has it been since then?


  27. wordcoiner says:

    Wonderful memories! My school days were like this. You should write a book about all those incidences 😀


  28. D says:

    what a beautiful post…you should write more about your college days..we would love to read…:)


  29. College is awesome, but it’s hard to think about future nostalgia with the present stress sometimes.


  30. Amit Agarwal says:

    Aah..those were the days! 😉
    There’s a striking similarity between your memories and mine 🙂
    A lovely post, Bikram sir!


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