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Posted: April 1, 2016 in Awards, Bikramism, Blogging, challenge, Questions, Uncategorized
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This has been Long pending as I have been on and off Blogging.  The A to Z challenge is also started today so I thought what best way then to start it with a Cheer..


It is lucky that the Award comes from a person whose name also starts with an A.. Amira gave this award to me .


According to the Rules I got to answer some of the questions .. Which are as follows ..

1. Describe yourself in seven words…

Seven words are surly too less to describe me 🙂  but here it goes


that is 7 words 🙂

2.What keeps you up at night?

I am a sound sleeper, the moment my head hits the pillow ,  I am Zonked out..

3.Whom would you like to be?

No one really. I feel we are all unique, just be yourself why would we want to be like someone else. God made us all for a purpose lets try to find that and concentrate on that, why do we want to become like somebody else and do what they would do. That will double our work list for sure. 🙂

4. Why do you choose to be that person? (this makes it easier answering doesn’t it?)


5. What scares you?

LIFE. don’t want to sound grumpy or anything like that , but Life does scare me especially with the way things are , the way people are. I sometimes feel I was born too late, should have been born 40 -50 years earlier when people were at least not so much of hypocrites , as they are now.

6. What are the best and worst things about blogging?

Well the best thing is meeting so many people, knowing so many, even if we have not met personally it is a good sense or feeling to know that someone somewhere is thinking of you , or is worried. Like I found out when i was off blogging so many beautiful people asking If I am OK or not.

The worst thing that I feel is this hypocrisy among bloggers , this selfish attitude of a few , this you scratch my back I will scratch yours attitude. People like me get sucked into a false sense of relationship that oh the person on the other side is genuine but alas it does not turn out that way.

7. What was the last blog you looked at?

The last blog I visited was a lovely blog written by Beloo Mam

8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Not be an Idiot any more… 🙂

9.If I want to read only one blog post from your blog, which post should I read?

Oh no, I don’t think I write that well that I  can recommend any of my posts, rather it is the other way round I should be thanking all the lovely people who come over to this blog and spend their precious time reading what I write.

So Thank you Everyone.

10.Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

What can I say THIS PERSON IS THE BEST.. she thought me worth enough of passing an AWARD. Definitely the BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD and a very good blogger too.

11. What is the one question that I should be asking you, instead of all of the above?

Oh boy, Now this has got me thinking. What is it that I want to be asked….



Well I guess the best question we can ask another human being is , Hello How are you doing..

It goes a long way, a simple question.


  1. S says:

    This was very entertaining read….I loved every second of it….those tiresome 5 mins in office passed quite fast. Thank you😇😇


  2. Amira says:

    How are you my dear? 🙂


  3. AdiC says:

    Hahhaha! Nice post! 🙂


  4. Kalpanaa says:

    Very candid and a lot of fun to read. Good luck for the A to Z Challenge.


  5. sm says:

    A to Z nice post


  6. A for amazing and really in synch with your thoughts:)


  7. onkar kedia says:

    very interesting answers


  8. pixie says:

    Wah! That was Amazing! 😀 😀
    A fun read as always Biks 🙂
    how have you been? 🙂


  9. jaishvats says:

    The last answer, the How do you do” topped the list….


  10. Candid expressions – best and worst thing about Blogging!


  11. Bikramjit did you jumpo staright from A to C, skipping B?


  12. matheikal says:

    I am now sure there are quite a few things we share in common. Some consolation 😊


  13. Amit Agarwal says:

    A for Amazing; B for Bikramjit; C for Colourful; D for Daring; E for Entertaining…I can go on till Z 😉


  14. It was like watching a TV celebrity interview 😃loved your answers that came from your heart, it is obviously felt . Congrats on your award and keep sharing . I have been dealing with lack of focus off late, forgive this old soul if I am missing a few posts, but yes, I have a great time while being on your blog, thank you!


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