Punjab Synonym for Farmers & Suicides

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Farmers, Mankind, Mera Punjab, My Thoughts., Punjab, Questions, Uncategorized
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Please carry on reading this article if you are ready to think logically and understand.
1. If you are one of those people who will not listen to One wrong word against the country PLEASE STOP NOW, I am sorry.. This article is not for you, or for those who have one single track mind..
2. All those who think our country has nothing wrong ALSO STOP READING NOW.
3. All those who can only TALK and do nothing also STOP READING.
4. Please do read the whole of it before commenting

Zara Dholiya Dhol ute Daga lain oye
Hath rakh kan ute boli tun pain oye
Ful khidiya sab de man bhaunda

(Hey the man with the DHOL(drum), beat it , and sing the song, that as a flower is loved by everyone same way let my PUNJAB be loved to , let it live forever)

I remember the time when Punjab state was one of the most rich state, it was supposedly the state which fed the whole of the country .. But over the years things have changed drastically.. first the terrorism and now the political .. Actually hold on let me rephrase that.. The state of Punjab was always given a Step motherly treatment by the centre govt. I am sure no one can deny that.. look what that has done to this state.. (carved three states from one state),  then terrorism happened which took us so many years behind , A whole generation of Punjabi youth was finished , disintegrated in those years.. the after math of that we are still feeling and some of us are living the horror.

The Government as usual is only busy in filling their own coffers, no one has time for that man, The man who gets up early morning no matter what the weather is like rainy,chilly, hot … He gets up to go and tend to his farmland, his animals.. a Typical day in the life of a farmer .. I know because I have done it .. been there ..worn the tee 🙂

Get up at the first light of about 4:30/5 in morning , It a different story that if you did not get up the village Gurudwara’s granthi made sure you get up when he started with his daily routine on the Speakers..

Go to the fields to take a round , by the time you got back the ladies in the house had the fire burning, stoves ready .. getting the food ready .. Breakfast would be a Big Mug full of Lassi, with Paranthas… and off to fields .. Tilling the land, sowing the seeds, watering the fields , etc etc a non stop day of work .. work and more work.. with little respite from weather.. sun shining hard and mighty .. or the winter chill going right inside to the bones .. Feet went numb when watering the fields in the middle of the night …

But all that was worth  the hardship, when the first green leaf appeared from the soil .. It also meant the start of problems –  not one but so many of them …

Typically it is like either the Motor to the tube well burnt cause of the fluctuations in electricity, you get that fixed then there would be a problem with the tubewell itself.. Sometimes the water level would go down , with no water or there was  draught like situation… OR it would rain so much that there is excess of water  and we get floods…

The farmer has no other way then to go and get a loan from the bank, and hope that next season things will be different, with a bumper crop he can get rid of the loan, and earn some money.. the whole life cycle starts all over again .. but its the same outcome and this time he has not been able to pay the instalment also… So now he has no crop, plus a defaulter with the bank.. he sleeps hungry the one who feeds the whole nation. Farmers have a bad life, they are going to die one day struggling..

The loan gets passed on to family members who are left behind after the death of the person who took the loan.

If the crop gets a decent start then the new age diseases take over, Nature plays havoc.. Chet Singh says the rent of the land was Rs 50,000 per acre and Gurjeet had sown cotton there. “Weeks after Gurjeet’s death, whitefly ate up the cotton crop; Rs 14,000 per acre were spent to raise the crop and Rs 8,000 per acre has come as compensation. The debt still stands.” 

His son is jobless, no work .. and daughters are grown now. they have to be married soon .. Which well can he throw himself down to die, that’s why they think that its better to die than live like this every day, Why did this Farmer kill himself Hour before his daughter was to get Married

What is going to happen to our farmers, not just in Punjab but everywhere its the same story.. We who live in the cities take everything for granted, do we sit for once and think about those who are actually providing for us, We go to a shop and buy the stuff with our money, the money which we MAY have earned after working hard.. but just imagine the plight of that farmer who is working so much harder than us, so we can eat, Yet he does not get what is due to them.

We the people of a great nations are arguing over stupid things , spending hours on useless things, We need to Wake up, All this development that we keep barking about, is not good if the backbone of our country is broken and FARMERS are those backbone of our great nation.

So many farmers are committing suicides these days because of the intense pressure they are living under, it is sad. Every day there is a new story that gets published which tells a horrific story.

The Tribune is doing one such series, I have put links to some of there posts and it is heart rendering. The Tribune series on suffering families of farmers in Punjab who have committed suicide has evoked tremendous response from readers, many of who have expressed a wish to extend help. To facilitate contact with the families, they have given the names and phone numbers of the persons mentioned in the stories, or contacts in their families. 



The SGPC which is a SIKH Religious body has so much money in its account , yet I have never heard any of it being used to save a life of a farmer.

The last time I visited my village we had a game of cricket at 5am in morning some pics..

  1. amira says:

    I love the way you root for your people.
    If everyone put in enough energy in whichever way we could, our lives would be so much better.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much .. Every one is my own people 🙂 I know more about punjab hence I write more about punjab thats all .. I see how my family struggles tried to make ends meet.. and without boasting we are fairly ok so the plight of those who are unable to is visible quite openly …

      and yes as you said if everyone worked together then surly things will be much more better


  2. Seriously, the struggle has been so troublesome, I still don’t what to say.

    Only thing, like you said, I’d like to request to everyone that go and contact the person directly for help. Never go through charities.

    nicely written 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much … yes charities and political organisations are only filling their own banks … else how can a charity have office bearers who are millionaires …


  3. This breaks my heart in million pieces. Thanks for sharing the link to names of the families. It’s our time to do our bit.


  4. The plight of the farmers that you’ve described is so tragic. It’s the same in parts of Maharashtra too. Lack of infrastructure leaves the farmers completely dependent on the rains.The intent, it seems, is missing to improve the conditions of those who feed the country.


    • Bikramjit says:

      ITs not as much as the lack of infrastructure , if we only go back 50 years there was nothing in the name of infrastructure but the farmers of the nations were not in the situation they are now, majority were happy and earning descent enough, roads were not there , communication was not there yet states were doing good especially punjab with the white revolution and then the green revolution but then the leaders after the british left us because the WHITE people who wanted to control everything and slowly BUT Steadily the decline started ..

      I mean are we living in the era where a mere 1 Lakh 40 thousand rupees LOAN never gets paid off inspite of all the hard work.. how is it a possible , in one of the stories the family lost the father as he could not bear the hardship he had to go through to pay the mere sum and then the son did the same after a few years as he could not pay the loan.

      Why is the govt not stopping these loan sharks one of the reason is they are themselves loan sharks …

      It is a plight and that too a veyr bad one


      • Do they charge a very high interest on the loan? Or the productivity falls below the expectation.? Both ways it will be a problem.


        • Bikramjit says:

          I am not sure .. thankfully by the grace of God we have not had to take loans.

          But the problem is to get money quickly people go to moneylenders who charge anything from 40% +.. it is the same as we saw in old black and white movie;s .. the only difference is the money lender now comes in a CAR probably.

          THe Govt has made getting loans from a bank so hard.. I mean one has so much trouble in Insuring the CROP too.. THe govt needs to give a subsidy in insurance at least.

          If crops fails then at least the farmer can make a claim and get something in return.

          I can understand life is hard but there are some ethics One needs to protect the people who feed the nation , land holdings are becoming smaller and smaller .. land mafia is taking control I mean what will we do having a house on every inch of land or a mall .. THEN what ..

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Parul Thakur says:

    This is all so sad and unfortunately no body is talking about it. Every Indian state is suffering one way or the other. The time to change things is now. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Alok Singhal says:

    Hearty wrenching. I have so read about suicides in Maharashtra (yes, Modi’s lace)…and nobody did or does anything!
    Saddening to read all this happening in Punjab also, which i consider as so dear to me!

    Don’t know what is the solution here, as our Govt will never do anything!


  7. The central Government’s step-motherly attitude is not only for Punjab, but for the whole eastern and north-eastern states as well. Thanks for coming up with the issue, I think at least somewhere, someone, should raise the voice.


    • Bikramjit says:

      It is right but when india got indepeandance and you see the map at that time punjab was all of harayana and most of himachal too .. it was so big but the govt in all its wisdom thought otherwise and divided into three states and a union territory .. and then left the issue of the capital of the state also on knife edge . I mean we really need to ask those people all these cuts were they good for the nation or for the Political parties .. it is such a sad state that every political party has kept its own advancing as priority at the cost of the nation and still we the people call these people our leaders …

      and as you see nort eastern states they almost dont exist in the plans of the political agenda otherwise how can one state be so rich and the other so poor.. as a country and as a bigger picture I am sure we can help each other …

      but sadly the political parties never want that to happen and we are where we are now

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Priya says:

    I so agree with you – development needs to be from the ground up – slapping technology on to a country where the majority are poor and struggling and living in unfair conditions and not given opportunities to succeed is unhelpful – it’s not going to fix the core problems.


    • Bikramjit says:

      definitely.. I am not sure where we are rushing too now the gap between development is so much that it will take years to make sure those who are left behind get there toooo … and yes fixing of core is the issue here one needs to look at it .. I mean we are having to import sugar and import other things when our nation is capable of reaping those in the country itself …

      Liked by 1 person

  9. onkar kedia says:

    You have raised a very pertinent issue. Alas, no one cares.


  10. jaishvats says:

    This is the plight of the farmers in many states Bikram…. I think measures should be taken to scientifically educate these people on how to overcome the challenges they face be it pests or unfavourable weather
    ….knowledge that would help them to reap profits some way or the other….


    • Bikramjit says:

      YEs indeed it is , I talk of punjab because I know more about it. measures should be taken for sure , to at least make sure no body commits suicide because he cant pay some loan .. that is what makes it so sad.. crops can fail , nature works in mysterious ways .. but the other problem is when there is a bumper crop the prices go down. WHY it should be other way round prices need to be fixed irrespective of yield so if there is a bumper crop them the farmers make a PROFIT .. Not another losss because prices have gone down.. because GOVT always sell the same on a higher price .. they never put the prices down …


  11. Beloo Mehra says:

    I agree terrorism did a huge damage to the state of Punjab and its growth story. (Speaking on a personal level, in fact just yesterday, I was reminiscing about how my grandmother lost her home because of terrorism and how we children lost our nani’s home.) Some say that if it hadn’t been for the terrorism problem and all that accompanied that problem Punjab had the ideal conditions to become an IT hub but because of its situation all that tech boom came to south India. But farmers’ problems are just as severe in southern India, and the other problem you speak of – indebtedness – that too is a big one here in TN also. I suppose nothing short of a deeply researched, well thought and comprehensive agricultural reform policy can save the situation. No short-term, patchup measures can work when the problem is so severe – be it irrigation, prices, size of the farm, etc etc. And all that gets worsened when there is no political will to solve any of it. Rather these terrible conditions are exploited by politicians for their cheap votebanks and by terrorists for their own sinister agenda.


    • Bikramjit says:

      You are 100% right , punjab was one state that had everything , such fertile land and hard working people and it had LOTS of money too, very rich state it used to be at one stage but now look at it , it is importing grains , in debt while the leaders are multi billionaires. and the drug menance has taken over there are whole villages that have the entire populating under drug abuse.. can you beleive that .. the youth of punjab is just dieing… such a shame


      • Beloo Mehra says:

        Yes, I too have read a few things about the drug menace in Punjab. And another scary thing I keep hearing from some people is that some political parties are now in sympathy with some of the separatist/terrorist elements, which could make things even worse. As an Indian and as a Punjabi I hope that doesn’t happen.


        • Bikramjit says:

          Well it is a hard fact that terrorism started with help of politicians. . The real agenda of the demands was completely different.

          The leaders in punjab for their own benefit did what they did.. and things went out of hand.. resulting in the bloodshed. . I bet if politicians had not interfered things would not have been as they were.

          Strangely enough none of the politician got killed or whatever in all that bloodshed.. somethig to think about and only one party came out stronger from all that happened.

          And now when people are starting to ask questions again.. and losing patience naturally things are getting to same old same old..


  12. Sia says:

    I never knew the scene was so bad 😦 Its so unfortunate!! Sadly these things never get talked about!!


  13. raju070 says:

    Very heartfelt Bikram paaji… I could feel all your pain, anger and anguish. It is indeed a very sad state of life for the farmers who work so hard and with so much dedication and passion. Yet they rarely see the fruits of their hard work. And you are right.. a lot should be done to change that and quite a bit of that is in our hands too. I will try my best to be of help as much as I can.

    A very potent and eye opening post.


  14. sm says:

    no one cares for farmers in India situation is nearly same in every state


  15. vidishakaushik says:

    You have captured the plight of these farmers so precisely. It’s heart wrenching. I really hope we can do something about this. An Enlightening read. Thanks for sharing.
    Here’s hoping you’ll visit my blog too at http://www.thewhimsicalandwanderingsoul.wordpress.com


  16. Being from a land of farmers myself, I can relate to this post


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