Friday the 13th November- Cowards.

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Am I wrong, Angry, Coward, Racism
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Terrorist have struck again, Killing so many innocent people.  Again this day freedom and everything else along with it came under attack from fanatic people. I am still wondering what religion teaches all this hatred and killing of people. Who is that person who is spreading these teachings.  The people of Paris once again had to face an atrocity after the January attack.

Paris is known to be a Romantic city , a name that brings a feeling of Romance , But today they had to see the brunt of fanaticism. I do wish human beings where-ever they are get together and Join hands to get rid of this all and do a favour to mankind.  I think time has come when ALL governments need to forget their petty issues and work on a bigger factor.

Everyone needs to be very clear who they support and not sounding arrogant but They need to pick up sides are they with the Terrorists or are they against them, if they are against them then they need to speak up , otherwise HOW is it possible that no one knows about the detailed planning that goes on for these acts.  Someone somewhere knows and if they are quiet then they are with those who are killing innocent people.

What a cowardly act, shooting those who are unarmed and without any intimation. These are the same type of people who attacked humanity in Mumbai a few years back.  I am not sure where will humanity get together to face these people and maybe stop them once and for all, It seems no one is safe anymore.

My heart goes out for those who have suffered,  and those who have lost their loved ones to this madness, nothing ever can justify the murders. No doubt this act has been religiously motivated I can’t see any other reason behind it ,

Which GOD has ever preached that killing of innocent is right.

Which God has ever preached that shooting of people who are minding their own business , have a good time , sitting with friends and family at a restaurant having Food , is justifiable.  Even for a minute if we consider these fanatics are fighting or retaliating because of the way foreign governments have treated them, STILL killing the innocent is not right, If they have an issue then target those who are making the decisions , those who are actually doing the damage.




The Gurudwara sahib at Smethwick In Birmingham put the lights on in Solidarity with FRANCE and people of Paris.



A terrible day for free world .. I hope and wish all bloggers speak against this evil that has happened. In today’s day and age one can die if they criticise one religion but killing of innocent people, hijacking , murdering innocent  is STILL RIGHT… Such a barbaric attack which is a threat to the values and freedom of human beings.

Reminds me and brings memories of 26/11 in mumbai, the 7/7 attacks in London and the 9/11 in usa, this is nothing but ANTIHUMAN terrorism

I have a few requests that i want to make and ask  first is kindly do let me know why are you people hell-bent on killing innocent humans, people whom you don’t know, people who you have never seen in your life , what in the world have they done to be treated by you like that, that you don’t give two hoots about them ..

I am sure you have your own reasons or whatever Evil thrill you guys get in killing an innocent human..








  1. It’s a great gesture by Sikh community in Paris to accommodate people who might be in need.

    Destination Infinity


  2. Rinks says:

    Well expressed Bikram. Im numb and cannot imagine what has happened to innocent people just out for a good time. A spine chilling feeling to imagine myself going through something like this when out on a Friday evening.I already am apolitical and now turning into an atheist…! Peace for everyone affected in this tragedy.


  3. Kalpanaa says:

    Agreed. I love the photos of places lit in the French flag’s colours. Bombay tried but they used the Dutch flag by mistake, lol.


  4. shanayatales says:

    These terror attacks have left me shocked and at a complete loss. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and the devastation the victims’ families will have to deal with. I can only pray for them, and that I do.


  5. They just don’t think that their own people are there among the dead people…people from their religion, who have no inclination about the thoughts of the terrorists. Innocent people have to face hatred all around them for no fault of theirs. In every way, these are cowardly acts. Don’t they think that their own god will punish them for this?


  6. The problem with these groups are, their acts bring shame to whole religion and humanity.
    Still I’d say, root of all evils is CIA. CIA built Al-Qyeda. CIA helped in building ISIS. Results are in front of you now.


  7. Bikram, I sometimes wonder if I’ve punished my kid by bringing him into such a cruel world. I want him to have a beautiful life, but one can only be horrified imagining what kind of future this world is going to have. Whatever happened to ‘live and let live’!


  8. pixie says:

    such a sad day 😦
    unthinkable acts of terror against humanity… sigh!


  9. Rachna says:

    So very sad. Don’t know what to say about the cowardice of these terrorists. As usual the goodness in people comes to the fore as they open their hearts.


  10. Felt bad after seeing the news.. Good to know about the help offered


  11. Locomente says:

    It was really bad… Its time for all the countries to join as one and start fighting terrorism… Thats the only solution… At the end of the day, I dont understand what can be achieved by killing random people !


  12. SG says:

    Just nuke them.


  13. A sad brutal reality we all are facing…with no idea where we will go from here……


  14. sm says:

    yes agree with you cowardly act


  15. I am losing faith in humanity. There is so much negativity around. I hope things and people change for better.


  16. Deeps says:

    It has been so heartwarming to learn of that offer of help from the Sikh community. When there’s so much of hatred and negativity around, its gestures like this that make you believe that all is not lost after all, there’s still some hope of humanity alive. Bless those kind souls.


  17. VS says:

    It is difficult to understand the logic behind such violence. When it seems that we are becoming so hostile towards each other, it’s a relief to see the outpouring of compassionate gestures.


  18. Ashwini says:

    A wonderful gesture by the Sikh community and loved how people all over the world stood for Paris in its time of distress. Humanity wins!


  19. onkar kedia says:

    Very true. Words are incapable of denouncing this act.


  20. Really sad to see this happening 😦 I saw that tweet on Facebook earlier. Somebody had shared it. It’s really a great gesture from their side.

    Btw I changed my blog URL. I have linked the new url to this comment.


  21. Terrorism at its peak. I am wondering if we are heading to WW3 or what? I have read many articles on this, and there are so many people who have offered for food and shelter. Feels good.

    Someone is Special


  22. surindernath says:

    गर सिर्फ़ मुसलसल क़तलोगारद ही मज़हब है
    तो ऐसे मज़हब से ‘इनकार’ ही……..मज़हब है !!

    ( If bloodshed has to continue endlessly in the name of religion

    Then being religious is, to put a permanent full stop to religion ) !!


  23. […] Terror attack in three months , many around the world all in the name of religion, and the person involved in the latest one says “I am doing this […]


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